MMSW #22 All Those Things That You Desire

Metal Monday incoming!

I really wanted to do something from some of the new albums I bought last time I was at the mall, but forgot because they're not on my iPod yet. So I once again let shuffle be the judge this morning.

But the good news is that since I have been getting some new music, expect some newer stuff.

This week's song was a turn-on and didn't start to grow on me until today.

It's been a while since we did a Ghost song, so good thing my iPod decided to play one of their newer songs. They delivered their promise to have a heavier sounding album, that was more music than vocal focused.

I still don't know much about the new Papa but he seems to pull off the vocals well. It's safe to say now that if I ever see them live again, I want to hear this one and Cirice, as both the melodies and solos in the songs are my favourites on the album. I love the chorus the most, it makes me think of the band rising above their fans who are bowing down before them, myself included. 

This song makes me want to belt it out once I learn and memorize the lyrics. Remind me to do some singing when reading week comes in February, because I feel like I haven't seriously done a lot of that since......well in a very long time!

Put your hands up and reach for the sky....cry for absolution!

Alright for the last time, I DO TAKE REQUESTS, so I hope some of you eventually come with me with some as I continue to write, and I hope you subscribe as world.

Good evening primitives!



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