Intergalactic Apparel

I haven't had a chance to share with you some new clothes I got my hands on for Christmas in this universe. I have been occupied with other things to write, then recovering from surgery and with school around the corner, that's why I didn't get to this right away.

So it's better late than never so I'll start with the two shirts I got for Christmas

I've wanted a shirt that says this for years, and the alien face is a bonus
I told my brother I wanted two custom shirts from the T-Shirt Time store, with one of them saying that, and the other to be a surprise so...

Doesn't even need to have a picture of Yoda below it to know where that phrase comes from, but it's a good motto to live by

Just before I went away for the holidays, I went back to Her Universe because there was one last thing I wanted. Lesson learned: Do NOT pick Fedex International Priority to ship what you order from this site, I think you know why. So this item didn't come in the mail until the day before the surgery.

J is for Jedi

So that cardigan was definitely a must have. I almost thought about buying the X-wing cardigan, until I saw this one.

And the other side
Have to show you the back as well because it's perfect:

Yes and proud of it!
I wonder if I should go to Hot Topic next, I've seen some cool dresses on there, and one of them is a Darth Vader cape style dress which is pretty cool. 

Ah, my wardrobe is turning into just what I want it to be, and I'm proud of it.



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