Guarding Ancient Relics

I am starting to have more Star Trek dreams, and I think it's because I'm getting into the universe more.

I haven't watched another episode in a while because I prefer to settle in to school first. Sometimes doing so takes a 1 - 3 weeks, my stress symptoms are still there and slowly wearing off.

Anyway, this is yet another dream article.

I was working for security under the Enterprise, and then Riker came up to me and said I had to guard this ancient relic that the away team had uncovered on a planet. I was new to the job, so no wonder he gave me a task that would be considered easy.

Worf was there to help me guard it, and I kept asking him what the point of guarding it was, since no one was coming for it, and the relic wasn't doing anything.

He said it had something to do with Q, and we know who that is. All I wanted to do was just listen with a heavy heart when he told me the story of the crew's last encounter with Q.

Then, when I was dismissed, I went back to my quarters on the ship and called up some girlfriends back on Earth with a computer I had brought along. No one knew I had it, but the girls kept asking me about Worf, they were like, "Oh my god, Emily you like a Klingon? Does he have a temper? Have you flirted yet?" blah blah blah...that sort of thing.

I told them I hadn't yet, I wanted to get to know him first, but I did say he was cute!

After that the dream is sort of a blur, but I feel much better when I come on here just to write about anything after a long day at school, even my dreams.

Let's hope this dream continues this story that is unfolding.



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