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Torn Asunder

I wasn't planning to write anything tonight because I felt like today was hard to get through, and I just needed to do something that doesn't require a lot of thinking.

But I changed my mind, I feel the need to write now because it's something that keeps me going.

Today was a difficult day at college. I had my institutional lab this morning, and since I'm still learning how to do it, it's overwhelming, I get very emotional at times like this, it's as if I have crying spells, when in reality what's happening is I'm trying to learn something new.

Lady on the Dauntless, Prisoner on the Dutchman

I don't have many dreams based on any of the fantasy series that I like, and certainly not Disney that much. Well, that changed last night.

One of my favourite live action Disney movie series is Pirates of the Caribbean and I don't know how many times I've watched the movies, but it's been a long time since the last. Maybe I should do that this weekend.

I'm surprised this dream didn't take place on the Black Pearl, isn't that where everyone wants to be when they dream about these movies?

My Dream ME Relationships

I can imagine myself on the Normandy with the diverse crew just wanting to be related to me. But one thing I've never talked about is what kind of relationship would I want with those on my Femshep's crew?

Well.....besides romance, unfortunately I don't know what kind of relationship would be for every ME character that joins the Normandy so I narrowed it down to the top 5 I am most likely to be close to in the Mass Effect universe.

Paul Stanley 1978 Track by Track Review

Well it's Paul Stanley's birthday, and I apologize if this review is a few days late, I have been really busy and trying to squeeze in spare time to write this and other planned entries.

This blog is my number one priority in my leisure time.

Anyway, I did this with Gene's album when it was his birthday so why not Paul as well?

Track by track was what you wanted so you'll get it?

Guarding Ancient Relics

I am starting to have more Star Trek dreams, and I think it's because I'm getting into the universe more.

I haven't watched another episode in a while because I prefer to settle in to school first. Sometimes doing so takes a 1 - 3 weeks, my stress symptoms are still there and slowly wearing off.

Anyway, this is yet another dream article.

I was working for security under the Enterprise, and then Riker came up to me and said I had to guard this ancient relic that the away team had uncovered on a planet. I was new to the job, so no wonder he gave me a task that would be considered easy.

Worf was there to help me guard it, and I kept asking him what the point of guarding it was, since no one was coming for it, and the relic wasn't doing anything.

He said it had something to do with Q, and we know who that is. All I wanted to do was just listen with a heavy heart when he told me the story of the crew's last encounter with Q.

Then, when I was dismissed, I went back to my…

Grow Up and Be Accepting: 5 Things Star Wars "Fans" Need to Stop Complaining About

The KISS fandom is bad enough to suffer grown up men (and in some cases, women as well) that just do not know how to move on. Star Wars unfortunately suffers the same thing. What do both of these things have in common besides the fact that I'm passionate about them? The answer is, they have been around for 40+ years, and older fans are blinded by nostalgia to accept change and the newer generation. It seems that those who started off as fans when these two things were found in the 70's...I thought that fans like these would be more mature to this day.

They are supposed to be the mentors of the younger generation of fans who most likely have inherited being a fan from their parents, yet they act mature in public, but on the Internet, they whine like babies, sometimes racism and sexism are used. How are people my age and children supposed to learn more from their parents who have been around since these things started? Yet some of these issues they are upset about are over ten y…


It's been too long since I walked into the record store.

The nearest one in the mall closed down and I was a regular customer there. They knew me, and they knew what my taste was. You could say I felt special there, until they closed their doors.
However, I decided to tag along with my mom and brother, who were going into the neighboring town to go shopping, because it was my brother's birthday. I had not been to the mall in that town in ages, but hey any excuse to go to the record store they have there right? 
Ah it's been too long. My music is so precious to me. I think I overspent a little......

Sweating Bullets

Well yesterday was really stressful, I felt like my brain was once again fighting to stop me from crying because of the overwhelming feeling of how much work I might have to do in this new semester.

But I realized that it's normal for everyone to go through that. You get your syllabuses and course outlines, the professor goes over them with you, and you see all those assessments and assignments you have to do in the next 4 months of your life. Once you do, it's like a feeling of instant desire to assume you'll have no social life and leisure time anymore. Sometimes I bite my fist to prevent tears.

However, I feel better the next day when I start writing every due date and test in my agenda, and start making boxes of when I'm going to study and what. Anything I leave blank is free time, and I get better at telling myself when it's time to call it a day after working. When things get really stressful, sometimes I talk to myself about it and feel better. My positive a…

MMSW #21 Heaven Today is but a Way

It's Monday and you know what that means!

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, mainly because it's the first day of a new semester. You see the amount of work you're going to have to do and you think it's the end of the world. But then you settle in, and it's not as bad as you thought it was. The weekly tasks take you less than an hour to complete and you feel great knowing that once you actually start working.

But I'll talk about that in another post. I haven't done a song by this band in a while, and I know who's going to jump for joy upon reading this. So this week's song is:

Rightful Masters

You know, one of the very first things that made me want to pursue Star Trek as part of my interests was when some things were released to add a bit more intensity to the franchise.

I was used to fast sci-fi with a lot of action, but I try to keep an open mind to parts of the genre that seem to have more talking and less shooting if you know what I mean. I've seen a few episodes of each of the Star Trek series that exist, except for Deep Space Nine, but that'll be subject to change soon. Then I started watching one of the series on Netflix to really commit to getting into this stuff.

But somewhere deep down, there was something in the past that existed as part of what made me want to get into this universe and it was there on the shelf next to our old PS1.

Intergalactic Apparel

I haven't had a chance to share with you some new clothes I got my hands on for Christmas in this universe. I have been occupied with other things to write, then recovering from surgery and with school around the corner, that's why I didn't get to this right away.

So it's better late than never so I'll start with the two shirts I got for Christmas

My Forerunner Love with Flying Powers

This place is turning into a "Dream Diary" can actually buy those I heard. It's so strange, I feel the need to write about my dreams so much because I want to preserve them in this place.

Anyway, I told myself I wasn't going to write about any dreams tonight from last night, because I figured that I wouldn't have one as good as the last, or the one where I flew high in the sky till dawn.

But whether it's flying high, or a character I love makes a special appearance, I gotta write about it because how else can I preserve it?

Helping the Bloody Horror Chicks

Some dreams motivate me to watch certain movies that I have not watched in a long time.

But those movies often leave an impact on me because I really like the story, be it the tragedy, love, or anything.

This time it was horror, and shoot I have not talked about that kind of stuff since my review of Dark Floors years ago.

You Are Not Saren, or Are You a Klingon?

I never really talk about the other universes that I love or am just starting to love.

The last time and the only time I wrote about Mass Effect, was in 2013 when I was getting fed up with some of my friends choosing to boycott the game because of the ending. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill, there are tons of other things in ME that make you forget about the part that you hate.

Oh and Star Trek, I do like that as well. I mean, I don't love it as much as Star Wars, I'll give you that, but there are things that catch my eye in it. I reviewed Star Trek: Into Darkness a couple of years ago on here. But that's about it. I'm sure I'll come to love it more eventually.

I'm Addicted.......Addicted to GOH!

I never thought I pick it up again.

I've went through many mobile and simulation games on Facebook and mobile from Candy Crush to Farmville and It Girl.

Have I regretted some of them? Yes I have, especially Candy Crush. I ending up quitting that one when I realized I was not getting anywhere and the game wasn't as rewarding as I thought it was.

Have I ever spent actual money on games like these? Yes, but kept to a minimum. If you're going to use your money for microtransactions, that's your call, but set a limit. Like for me, I don't spend more than thirty dollars on virtual items, unless it's got something I really really REALLY want. Therefore, if I am dying to own something in the game that is overpriced.....I use gift cards and save up that way instead of forking over fifty bucks all at once that could have been used for something else.

To The Sky

Happy New Year!

I normally do not stay up until midnight because I'm chilling at home and get too tired. I slept late this morning and I rarely do that either. Didn't get up until 9:30am, figured the more rest I get, the quicker I recover.

Nothing like starting off 2016 with a really strange dream, and with parts of that dream being memorable and things that have happened before. I didn't want to wake up from it, perhaps that's why I slept in.

It started with I was going to the Shoppers Drug Mart that is a five minute walk from my house. When I walked inside, the place had completely expanded into a huge department store, It was like Wal-Mart almost, it even had outdoor decor and structures too.