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2016 Life Lessons

I was inspired to write this thanks to a fellow blogger, and I thought now was a good time to let this one out.

We all admit that 2016 has been a rough year for all of us, and it was a rough year for me personally as well.

We lost a lot of good people, the US elected a monster for their new president, and well yeah you get it.

I feel like 2016 has taught me a lot of important things that I will carry on for the rest of my life. We never stop learning as we move forward. It doesn't just happen in the classroom or the workplace. Some of these things I have learned from my parents, or I learned them myself through trial and error.

Yours and Yours Alone

I knew that this dream was going to happen eventually. If the one of me being a child in the Notre Dame would happen twice only darker, then this dream would definitely have a darker sequel to it as well.

I wanted to keep this one private because I thought that it would be creepy AF to share on this blog. Well no matter, it's just a fictional crush after all. It's not like I'm going to go out and go looking for a man like that!

Back in September I had a dream around the start of the semester that Brayden and I were in Paris, and we were in the shoes of Esmeralda and Quasimodo. Then Claude Frollo tried to stir things up by expressing lust for me. Hence I decided to stay within the Notre Dame to prevent myself from falling into his grasp.

Well, now that I've somehow fallen for him, this dream is a similar setting to that one, where I am my own age only I succumb to him and he changes his ways. I always seem to have stories in my head about redemption love.

This dream sta…

Molten Fireball

Throughout the course of the semester, I had some pretty interesting dreams, but I had to sacrifice writing about most of them due to school commitments. When exams were around the corner, I would turn in early and found myself having many strange dreams.

But, this dream, oh man this feeds my nostalgia that led to my love for dragons by the time I was 14, so I have to share it.

Sometimes I think that I've loved dragons all along despite denying it in earlier years before I was that age.

Last night, it was about this one:

The Black Skull dragon, combined with the Red Eyes Black Dragon and the Summoned Skull. I first saw this one in the Yu-Gi-Oh episode when Yugi and Joey duel in the tournament semi-final. Joey brings back Yugi's Summoned Skull, copies Yugi's fusion card that can be used to fuse two compatible monsters together, and combines him with his Red Eyes. 
My lord, how do I even remember this? What can I say? It's one of my many talents!
Anyway, the dream starte…

My Favourite Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Nothing like having some hot tea/coffee by the fire with your family as you open your presents, go ice-skating and have turkey dinner.
Or happy to whatever celebration you have at this time of year! 
I'll be talking about what I got in another article but this one is pretty important in my eyes so it comes first!
There are many iconic Christmas movies out there that everyone loves. Some of them I have seen countless times, while others I still only know a little bit. Last year (I think it was last year) I talked about my favourite iconic Christmas character: Rudolph. I always seem to love movies in general about characters who are different than others and want to prove themselves. Probably because I'm different too. Note to self: write about that in the future.

The Best Time of the Year

Good morning pyjaks. Well, here I am writing here on Christmas Eve as I sip my Earl Grey tea with maple syrup in the silence of the kitchen.

I've always been a morning person; the sooner you wake up, the more time you have to do the things you want to do. Therefore, the sooner you get the important stuff done, the sooner you can relax.

Where have I been all week?

Well, I finished my exams on Friday but unfortunately had to go back to the campus on Monday to write that supplemental for that ridiculous exam I have repeated throughout this semester. But, guess what. I kicked its ass this time like Gipsy Danger kills a Kaiju category 5!

So I accomplished both goals I had this semester so to celebrate, I went to see Rogue One with my friends. I'll eventually reveal my thoughts of the movie here, but maybe it's better to wait until January so everyone has a chance to see it! Until then, I will leave you with this; I liked it. It's not what I'm used to in a Star Wars film…

The Versatile Blogger Award

So, this is what fellow bloggers do together; they nominate other bloggers for these awards and now the nominees re-post.

I've never been nominated for any of these things before, but I suppose that now I am, it's a good sign that this site is growing!

I had to track down the rules for posting things like these....

Thank you +Mike Senczyszak  for the nomination, much appreciated. I am grateful that you took the time to do this for me and I also thank you for all the likes, comments, and general support you have given me with my blog this year.

Mike and I met in some blog communities on G+, he started reading my stuff regularly and then I reached out to him. He said he really enjoyed how enthusiastic I was with my writing, how I chose to write about everything I love rather than fixating on one subject, and how I didn't give a damn if things weren't perfect no matter the platform.
You can follow his blog here
To return the favor, I have started reading his blog more oft…

Let's Be Happy!

Hi everyone,

I don't think you saw my previous rant before I took it down around noon. If not, then you're lucky you're only seeing this.

That rant was originally published as a means to address the fact that I will not accept such personal insults from someone who disagrees with me. But then I realized what do I get out of this on the long run? They're not going to change no matter what I do.

Yes, it hurt what they said but dwelling eventually leaves a scar on yourself. Then you spend your waking moments worrying about when they will strike again.

So, you don't have to worry anymore because next time shit like that happens, instead I'm just going to block a person like that and get on with my life for good. I shouldn't waste my time, especially on here complaining about someone who thinks I'm a feminazi SJW who is immature AF. If that's how someone sees me, then that's their problem, not mine.

Now, it's time to be happy and focus on what re…

Not My Optimus Prime

You know your heart is truly broken when you see him right before you, the one that made you who you are today. Without him you wouldn't have a sense of kindness and compassion to other people. You wouldn't have chosen to follow your own path in what makes you happy. You wouldn't have chosen to stand out rather than blend in with the crowd.

I know that feeling, and every year it gets worse that I cannot believe someone I admire, fictional or real, has become this ruthless monster.....this......machine. But I can't bring myself to abandon him because of this, that would be something I would regret forever.

I know what you're thinking, this is absolutely delusional of me because he isn't real. But let me tell you, there are many ways a fictional character can be influential to a person depending on what they stand for.

Sadly, Hollywood does not want him to stand for that anymore.

Why am I saying this? Behold:

My heart broke when I saw this, and despite Transforme…

Crime-Stopper Dragon Master

It's been such a long time since I had a dream worthy writing about, or at least remembered to write about it.

This one I had to share because it was just too awesome to NOT write about!

I've gone by many mottoes in life and one of them is women can fight the forces of evil just as well as men. It's just like Elastic-Girl said about leaving the saving of the world to the men! I don't think so!

This dream started on a nice summer where I was sitting on the deck reading a good book and then I heard the loud rumble of a helicopter from above. It was surprisingly louder than usual which only made me think that it was too close to the ground.

Then, there it was a large black chopper flew over the backyard and just as it was about to pass over the fence and into the park, suddenly it spun around and its engine stopped. The propellers stopped turning and it crash landed in the backyard. All I could do was sit in awe and shock as it happened before running over to see if the p…

Citadel DLC Ramble Part 2: Shore Leave

Greetings everyone, now I'm going to talk about the fun interactions and features of the Citadel DLC that we get after the main mission.

Since there are so many things you can do and the interactions vary based on your choices, romance option, etc. I'm going to be sharing my thoughts based on what I chose to do while playing this DLC. There are so many things I could say to start this off with; do I talk about interactions or attractions first?

I don't think I'll be able to cover everything, so just the main points, here we go!

I'll talk about the attractions first. So the Silver Sun Strip in general is like Vegas in space don't you think? I love all the neon colours and whatnot, but other than that nothing really has changed if you compare it to the part of the Citadel that you can explore in the 2nd game.

5 Reasons Why I Shop Online So Much

I’m pretty sure some people wonder why I shop a lot online. I can’t seem to go through a month without receiving packages in the mail from what I ordered online. At any stage in life, people will worry about what you spend your money on no matter what it is. When you have money left over after paying for your needs, you want to spend some on entertainment. So why do I spend so much money shopping online? Well I’ve come up with 5 reasons why that is:
1. I’m too lazy to go to the store
I try to avoid doing this; however, it can still happen sometimes. I might see something I want online, even if there is a nearby store that has it in stock for sure. But I’m not always in the mood to haul myself to where I can buy it no matter how close by the store is. Maybe it’s because of the time I realized I wanted it, or I’m too impatient to get it. (which is ridiculous because I still have to wait regardless)

Smite the Wicked

After a long delay, due to some issues I had with the sizes and printing, here are the remaining three rings I designed with Shapeways and Wizegem.

The previous ring was something basic to get used to this kind of digital work; however, these three are the main event. I was inspired by a cosplayer I met on Instagram who did the exact same thing for her creation. They were related to the first one I made. Well, no matter.... time to let it out.
I once said, when I love a certain character, I would like to have a piece of them such as something they wear; without it being too impractical to wear during my everyday life to make myself feel close to them. So, what did I go with? Well, ever since I got into The Hunchback of Notre Dame and not only became an avid fan of the Disney film but also begun reading the novel by Victor Hugo, it wasn't long before Claude Frollo became my favourite character. I love Quasimodo and Esmeralda too, but Frollo definitely tops the list due to his compl…

Citadel DLC Ramble Part 1: Identity Theft

Well, this is it, the final ramble of the Mass Effect trilogy's fun DLCs. I decided to save this one for last being the most recent one that was added to ME3 and probably the most enjoyable in many ways. Whether it's the story, or the new area you get to explore with all the fun things you can do with new interactions, this DLC is something no Mass Effect fan should be missing out on!

So, what am I going to cover? Well the main mission obviously, and for everything else, there are so many options for the way things can occur that I won't be talking about all of them. I was never the Mass Effect fan who tried to experiment a lot with interactions and dialogue so I'm going to be very straightforward with this based on who I took with me on each mission.

Since there's a lot to talk about, I'm going to divide this ramble in to two parts, starting with the main mission.

Right Here Right Now Before the Devil

Due to preoccupations with other interests over the summer, I did not remember that I was going for my second ritual with Ghost until school started again and the band released their EP.

Nevertheless I am so happy that I went to see them this week. I felt like I needed a night out due to how busy I've been this semester, and Ghost is one of those bands where I can sing my heart out that night and forget about everything, including all the pressure this semester is putting on me.

It was a busy day as I had to rush home from school after an hour long class so I could have enough time to eat something and do my makeup. An egg and toast would have to do.

I put on my tour shirt from the last ritual as well as my Grucifix necklace and earrings. I actually got a few compliments for those since other fans had the double Grucifix on. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the double Grucifix logo the band has come out with, so now fans like myself who prefer the classic Grucifix like on th…

Comedic Disney Sidekicks We Shouldn't Hate On

This subject recently came up to me upon browsing a few negative comments on YouTube for Disney movie clips.

I can't help but notice how hateful people can be towards characters that are meant to be the comic relief for whatever film they're in, no matter its theme. I've ranted before how sick I am of people hating on Jar Jar Binks, but in this case I'm talking about comedic characters from animatedDisney movies.

With autism, one might struggle recognizing humor and responding to it appropriately. But when I see this on the Internet about how people think the comic relief clashes with the mood of the film's tone: I can't help but think that I thought I was going to be the one with the lack of sense of humor. I tend to recognize and enjoy humor in movies but society does not for some reason.

For example a Disney movie could be about royalty and romance like Cinderella and you get comedy on the sidelines like the mice. It doesn't interfere too much, we're…

You Dare Judge the Lady?

So, if you're wondering what I've secretly been up to when I'm not doing my usual, well here's where you get the answer!

I wanted to try an experiment and that was create my own 3D printed jewelry which idea came in to mind when I saw a cosplayer make hers that way. There have been many side projects I've considered besides writing, but I was never serious about them, until now.

I can survive without makeup, but not my accessories! Plus I like to have my own creations based on the things I love.

I went to look for ideal places to do this and came across Shapeways; a quite reputable company as well as Wizegem where I could experiment more with designs.

I knew exactly what I wanted to make and I didn't want to go with anything too detailed or expensive. So here down below is my first creation made directly from Shapeways.

Metal and Make Up

Today was a difficult day, and I was hoping that it would be better. Nothing is worse than finding out that you put all your effort in to something only to fail it.

I wanted to spend some quiet time in the sleep lounge on campus but of course it's so tiny that it's always occupied. It's impossible to find a private place when feel down. However, I shouldn't let that discourage me from giving something my best effort even more when I'm given another chance to do it.

But the good news is that some band merch and tour announcements just made this day not so bad after all.

My pre-ordered copy of HammerFall's new album due to be released this Friday arrived today. It's nice to see Napalm tries to be more punctual with pre-order shipping. So, I get the sweet pleasure of enjoying the album two days earlier and since this is my first Hammerfall purchase, this'll definitely increase my liking of them since I'm a newbie. I also ordered a T-shirt to go with it…

How Can I Protect You Unless You Always Stay In Here?

Several months ago, I wrote about a dream foreshadowing my discovery of another Disney movie to love, and a new fictional crush. That article was known as Escape from the Bell Tower

I concluded that article off with the possibility that that dream could have been a lot darker. Well, it looks like that thought became true last night.

It seems that my most recent Disney dreams are two different stories; each of them are originated from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The first set is where I live in the Notre Dame cathedral as a child and have been taken in by Frollo who raises me as his daughter.

The second set is where I am a singer who captivates the crowds of Paris (like Esmeralda does by dancing) and Frollo develops lust for me where things go almost as the same in the movie until after Frollo expresses that lust.

This dream is like a darker version of the one I had where I was his daughter; just a little girl in the Notre Dame but not restricted to just the bell tower. I haven't …

Mythbusting The Musician M&Gs

Sometimes people I speak with who follow the mainstream society, or are just not big music followers just don't seem to understand the purpose of attending a meet and greet with a band/artist I love.

Even though I haven't met any musicians I idolize yet....and that is yet to change come February 22nd, I still understand why it would be so important for big music fans to take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Some people just don't see the point because they have these common beliefs about what happens in them based on what the media pays most attention to. Despite my lack of experience with these kinds of things, I'm still smart enough to understand why people like myself invest on this when they can. So here are some myths with meet and greets that I'm going to bust for you, because they don't apply to every famous person on this planet. It all comes down to how big they are.

1. It's expensive

Not always, this greatly depends on who you're going …

Uptight Saturday Night

I'm spending tonight having some well-deserved relaxation while I still can. The next two weeks are going to be really busy since I have my one and only midterm next Friday, followed by a mandatory math exam that everyone in the program has to pass to graduate.
Well not to worry, I've been approaching this semester with this kind of attitude:

Once everything calms down again, I'll get back to working on my major writing projects. Oh wait......I'm gonna have to work around two group projects as well. I'll find a way! 
As I write this, this is the third time I'm listening to The Holographic Priniciple, and honestly this album is amazing. Of all the Epica albums I have purchased, this one actually has more than 4 songs on it that I like. 
I'm drawing tonight, and it's already done! Just needs color, and you know when I drew Shan Yu earlier this year and showed it to my family, they thought I traced it. No I do not trace, what I like to do is put up a picture…

MDAS: Memory Denial Acceptance Smitten The Four Stages of Developing a New Fictional Crush

Have you ever wondered how you develop sudden feelings for a fictional character out of the blue? I have many times, it's like there's stages to it. You are exposed to them in and thoughts appear where you imagine yourself with that character, you try to resist it when others think you like him, then you come to the realization that it's true, and the next thing you know you're going crazy over them.

You might ask me why I'm writing this other than to share how it goes? Well, turns out, a new fictional crush has recently breached my heart, but I'm reluctant to share him with you on my page of fictional crushes. Why? Because he's well.......he's......not the ideal sort of character that someone like me would fall for due to his reputation where he's from and his views would clash with my own in real life. Shan Yu was one thing, a ruthless warlord and all, but this guy is WAY different.

You'd think after reading this that I'd become like him w…

Take Back the Rock

So, up next in the Mass Effect DLC rambles is Omega. Thank goodness I have found the time to write this; I've been extremely busy with college and sorting out some other issues in my life right now.

The truth is I was really excited for this one to be released when I first heard of it. Somehow I knew exactly what was going to be happening. Aria taking back Omega from Cerberus, that was all I wanted to know.

I never paid much attention to the trailers or any new weapons or characters, but I'll tell you this; playing through this DLC was just edge-of-my-seat sort of fun.

So the story is pretty simple. We meet Aria on the Citadel and she tells us how Cerberus took over Omega but let her leave freely, and she plans to get it back. I always find myself doing this DLC after Leviathan and before Citadel. Call it an obsessive routine, I'm not sure why. 
The station is now occupied by Cerberus General Oleg Petrovsky and right away you can tell he means business the moment he knows …

Politically or Musically You Decide

This has been something I've wanted to let out for a while and since the presidential election is next month, I have to say it.
This isn't a rant about my own political views. You know me, I like to keep that to myself on all social media platforms, because all it does is stir the pot. Then the aftermath leaves everyone upset, infuriated and unfriending/blocking people for something as little as a disagreement in who they're voting for, if black lives should matter as much as whites (and I think yes they should matter as equally), or what government on the planet is the worst. You want to know what my stance is on the election or my beliefs of gender equality? Then talk to me about it in person or send me a message because I won't be sharing it online on your feed to trigger a war with the people who might disagree with me. That is also another thing my mom taught me; don't engage because it will only start a fire.
It seems that the problem with society is that we ar…


Helloooo!!!! *voice echoes from inside a giant bell*

Yes it's me again, been a while since I blogged due to college commitments once again. However, the next two days are study days so there are no classes for me in order for them to align with Canadian Thanksgiving.

I don't think it really counts as a reading week in my books yet. The last two days have been really good for me and it's a sign that this semester is going well compared to the last.

Yesterday I aced my prescription orders that I had to dispense in Institutional dispensing lab due to all the time I put in to modifying them, and I am pretty much done the ones for next week. I still find myself checking them everyday for errors. Accuracy is a must! If I find any more issues within the next 24 hours I might have to use one of my study days to go up to the campus and fix them.

Today is Joakim Brodén's birthday so I went to school in my sparkly Sabaton shirt with the camo pants I bought weeks ago. My signature…

Irreplaceable Specimens

It's been a while since I've had a good nightmare worthy of writing. If it's got something to do with some sci-fi, horror or fantasy universe that I love, then sure yeah I'll definitely write about it!

However, if I had a nightmare about something representing what's going on in real life, I'd keep that to myself.

Nothing is more horrifying than being chased around by weird creatures that are very hard to kill. They were in cryo-stasis for a long time after studies on them were terminated. They were monitored as they grew, so they could learn the effects of imulsion in hopes of achieving a way to perhaps resist mutation from it.

The first of Lambent humans studied during the Pendulum Wars said to be the forefathers of the Locust they say.

If you don't know what this is, you're living under a rock......just kidding! No, I'm serious you are!

Every time I have dreams related to Gears of War, it's always something life-threatening, terrifying, and m…

3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me

This trend on the Internet has been going on for about a week now and I kept telling myself, "What are those three characters that describe you the most?" I delayed in sharing my own results because I thought that I would never be able to pick three.

Finally I have my results based how I am. Behold:

So why did I go with Optimus Prime, the Didact, and Atomic Betty? Well at first I didn't think I was going to be able to do this one right since part of me just wanted to choose characters I am in love with. That of course wouldn't do because what if the character's personality is nothing like my own?
So first off, no surprise it's Optimus. I'm compassionate to living things, I want peace in this world, and I believe in diversity. Optimus no doubt believes that as well, he doesn't want war no matter what kind of war that is. War doesn't always mean shooting and killing; it can also mean discrimination and harassment to a specific race or group with cer…

Creeping By

Ever since the semester started, there's been quite a big lack of posts here from me. It's always such a big surprise because when you have a long period of time off, you have so much time to write, you just want to write your daily life all on your HQ on the Internet.

I used to keep a diary for my daily life but when I looked back at it 95% of it was just complaining about school and classmates I had issues with, and family drama.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and well two weeks into the semester. I'll probably check up with a post like this again later on.

I spend most of my school work time committed to entering hospital prescription orders at any free computer I can find on campus. You have no idea how much I wish I could just use the software to enter these orders at home, it would make my life so much easier since the campus is a 2 hour bus ride away.

When I'm not doing that, I'm doing work in my online course and every semester so f…

Breach the Darkness

Continuing on with the ME3 DLC's, up next is Leviathan.

I was really excited to play this one when it was released because I knew that it would reveal to us more about the Reapers and the kind that came before them.
They considered themselves to be the only apex race in the galaxy; seeing themselves as more superior than other races. Eventually they hid and preserved themselves deep underwater to observe the Reapers' harvest cycle. They would also erase all evidence of their existence too and even brainwash people to prevent anyone from discovering them.
There's so much deep lore in here and since I'm juggling my writing and school, I don't have much time to go deep into all of it, so just my own thoughts of the story will have to do.

Upon first playing this DLC I was a bit confused with the story because anything to do with Reapers is very deep and sometimes hard to follow. I had to read articles and watch videos just to understand what. I wasn't expecting Bry…