The General is Coming Home Again?!

Good evening everyone!

Don't you just love exclusive stuff? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Well you're probably wondering about the title? Back in the spring I took the chance and finally brought home General Grievous to my shelf.

Sometimes my action figures need upgrades and my original plan was to get a more badass high quality figure of him since he's been in my heart for 10 years. But since there was no other option, due to all the other cool ones being overpriced, I went right ahead and picked something cheap and basic. I can be very impatient.

Yes as impatient as Grievous was when talking to Jar Jar at that time. Another one of my favourite moments from Season 4. I love how Matthew Wood pulled off Grievous's growing impatience in that episode. He does a good job with GG's voice just as well as the previous actors did.

Disney store is releasing exclusive Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast action figures, one memorable character per episode and for ROTS, they picked Grievous. I've seen the figure, it looks badass and I went to the Disney store website with hopes held high, only to find it not available there and no exact date given as to when any of these figures would be available.

Meanwhile, people in the US are already getting their hands on it. (most of them are too pussy to take him out of the box) I mean, I can understand the value in keeping your figures in there, but I like to take mine out and pose them differently when they are on display. I even play with them sometimes! There are still ways to keep them nice for display and in one piece when you're moving and have to pack them up, or you're doing a full dusting of your room,

Now I could have just waited like a normal person would, but I can't if there's no exact date. Which can mean it can take months to a year before it's available in Canada, or in some cases, never, especially if it's exclusively only on one place. How long did it take Spotify to be available in Canada? (even though I don't use it)

Due to my critical level of impatience, I went to eBay and found someone selling the Elite series DC figure of Grievous unopened from the original box at a decent price so I splurged. He should be here sometime between the 17th and the 27th.

I look at it online and I think that this the action figure of Grievous that I was meant to have rather than the small one I have right now.

I know that once he arrives, I'm going to love him.



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