MMSW #14 This is the Day Foretold

Happy Monday! I haven't been active all weekend and maybe you're expecting me to update on weekends as well, I want to keep you all coming back for more and sometimes it's not easy!

Anyway, this week's song hit me while I was doing some extra homework to get ahead, that way I don't have to do too many assignments when finals roll around. They're coming faster than I thought.

I got up from my desk and looked out the window, and then it hit me, this song hits me every time I look outside and realize that that time of year is coming. So this week's metal song is:

That's right, yesterday we had our first snowfall to indicate winter is coming. I usually don't mind the snow, up until after Christmas, and that's when I start to despise winter to the point where I just want to run away to the Caribbean for a few months if I had the money.

This song always starts playing in my mind when it snows outside. It makes me think of either the music video, or my own version of it which I will talk about in just a second.

The original video, what I've always liked is Lordi is known to feature a girl or two in their music videos. Back in the day from between Get Heavy and The Arockalypse they had a girl star in each of their music videos. Am I jealous? Duh. But the best part was that the girls were treated with more respect and their roles were more based on their personalities and how they would face what was in front of them, rather than their sexuality. They were all fully dressed and not all slutty looking, and one of my first few posts about Lordi was how I ranted about how they decided to make the girl in "The Riff" music video dress half naked.

The girl in this video did a good job, and it is revealed she and Mr. Lordi seem to know each other when he saves her from those witches, but the relationship is unknown. The letter she wrote was for him. Perhaps she knew they were coming for her and this was the only way she could reach him. At least she manages to send off the letter somehow just before she is captured.

When I'm not thinking about the song's original video, I'm thinking of my own version of what happens. I am asleep and I hear the gang outside my front door, they believe that if they burn the one true love that the Lord of Lapland (Mr. Lordi) wishes to claim, they will stop the monster invasion.

This all ties to a Lordi fanfiction I wrote almost three years ago. I escape out the back door and climb over the fence into the park. They eventually find me in there and just as they are about to take me away, I scream out for Mr. Lordi.

When they're about to light the torch to the pyre it starts to snow, Mr. Lordi appears and scares away the gang and kills the leader. I smile at him, and then he leans in to kiss me, I close my eyes but then he vanishes and all that remains is, I'm standing in the park in the sunlight and must make the choice of going after him into his world to bond with him, or leave it behind.

Yes I wrote that story years ago and it's still on Wattpad. Go track it down if you like, it's called The Monsterman's One True Love. There's a prequel and a sequel as well. It's really lame and romantic, because I was obsessed back then.

Well, that's it for now, might as well publish this in the morning, as I've got an evening lecture today and there's nothing I hate more than evening lectures in school.

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