Is this Kaleesh Worth It?

We've all had those moments where we bought something online and found out it didn't arrive as we thought it would.

I find myself in this very situation right now regarding my most recent arrival. I wanted a more upgraded action figure of General Grievous, and this Elite Series die cast figure, exclusively available on Disney Store arrived yesterday.

Bask in the glory:

There he is in mint condition and at first I thought there would be hope. Pity I had no choice but to go to eBay to get my hands on this guy. I really wanted him badly enough to do so. He presents himself well in this box, I'll give you that, but he has some serious flaws that do not make him perfect, and that does not fully make him the ideal figure of Grievous that I have sought.

Here he is outside of the box:

As I have said, he presents himself well, and he looks really awesome but he's not perfect as he seems. There are quite a few issues I have with this figure and the first is that he nearly broke apart when I was taking him out of the box.

I have never liked parts of action figures to be snap-on such as ball and socket joints on the arms and legs. Bionicle figures have those all the time, and that's one thing because, they're meant to be taken apart and put back together. It can be infuriating at first to attach these types of joints together, and with this figure of Grievous, it's even worse.

As I was taking him out of the box, I discovered that his left leg was not even in its socket; I had so much trouble re-attaching it, and once it was on, it was so stiff I had to use a lubricant. Both of his legs are way out of whack, his right leg is fine, but his left one (once re-attached) has a thicker hip, that it rubs against the paint of the side of his crotch plate and chips it there. You can barely see it, but still, it's there, and it's unpleasant to know that it is.

His arms easily loosen unfortunately, and they too have the same type of joints. They easily came off as I took him out of the box; I found myself re-attaching them at different angles, just to make sure they would not slip off once they were both on, and when I tried to spread them out so it looks like he's battle ready. It's hard to keep both of them in place on each side, especially once you add the cape, it just causes the two left ones droop down like spaghetti and it makes him look lazy with his lightsabers, rather than badass as it should be. It's also tricky to get him to hold them too, just like with my Jul Mdama figure, who sometimes won't hold his energy sword!

On the positive side about this figure, I love the detail they put in it, especially his face and his cape. Once I put him on my shelf on the stand, he stands up quite well on his base, and his cape also provides support for that as well. I love how the inside of his cape has the exact same texture in the movie and not everyone notices this, but on the back of his cape, you can see the design better on it, which isn't as faded as it is seen in the clone wars.

It's also easy to look at his face and instantly think of him in the movies first, since that was the first time I saw him, and became familiar with him through there. I swear his eyes are almost identical to those of my Didact figure, it's strange but that face of his just makes me imagine he's glaring at me.

Basically, when I look at him on my shelf, he looks like the real deal of what I first saw of him in the movies, and I get a sudden flashback of when I was first smitten with him when I was 12 years old. Any type of nostalgic feeling like that prevents me from giving this figure too low of a grade due to the joint problems.

He's awesome to display once you get him there, but not meant to be pose-able; unless you're willing to endure that of his arms dropping low or falling off when you try to adjust them in any way. Your best options are to either keep him in the box, take him out but not pose him at all, or use a type of glue that keeps him in the desired pose you want. What am I going to do? I don't know yet, I have been debating as to whether I should keep him as he is, return him, or glue his arms and legs in place so I never have to worry about his arms dragging or falling off again.

I mean, if I return him, I still have that smaller figure of him tucked away in my bedside drawer for safekeeping. I was going to give that one away, but I wanted to make sure I was totally satisfied with this new figure first before considering that. Plus I will always have my Grievous necklace as well, so whenever I wear it, he is always with me.

In conclusion, this Elite Series figure is really awesome looking to display and brings me the nostalgia of when I first discovered Grievous and was smitten for him when I was 12, but unfortunately, it's not meant to be posed around much due to the (in my opinion) poor quality of the joints that keep him together. It makes him rather delicate and that can be frustrating if you like to change your figures' poses from time to time, like me. I mean, he's quite close to being the ideal action figure of Grievous that I have wanted, but the joint problems should have been more securely made in order for him to meet all of my expectations.

So, I think I'm going to give this figure a B- (I was originally planning to give it a C, but then I decided it deserved a slight boost due to the nostalgic thoughts and feelings it brought into my heart)

Anyone else bought any of the Elite series figures yet? It doesn't have to be Grievous, it can be any of the figures in the series. I hope you don't regret any of your purchases, because right now I am trying really hard to not feel like I regret buying this one.

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