Hello? Anyone Home? Yes it's Me

Where have I been all weekend? It's so strange, I lose track of this blog when the weekend comes. I have all this time to write but I don't do it!

What have I been doing all weekend? Watching Spider Riders, catching up on extra homework to minimize the amount to do when finals come, listening to Kamelot, playing Star Wars Battlefront, and waiting for the grass to grow.

But just so you know, I'm not dead yet, and I hope to never be on this place. I have quite a few things planned. I sat down earlier this evening to start writing the story of my Star Wars OC, wrote tomorrow's weekly metal song and some other shite.

Still alive and kickin' you could say. Now I think it's time I crash, or try to crash because I can sense that horrible Sunday night insomnia ready to destroy my brain.



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