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Fangirl of the Day....ME!!!!

Good evening! I don't usually publish two things in one Monday but for now I am.

As I have stated before, I don't always like it when websites do featured fan of the day or week, because the chances being picked are one to a million (if that's how you say it). Some people do it just for the sake of getting more followers by picking someone considered attractive by society, while others choose to do it to raise awareness and not pick based on appearance, that way it is likely that everyone will get a chance.

Love, Kisses and Kel Dor Wishes

Today's been a laid back kind of Saturday.

We put up our Christmas tree today, and I made up my list. I don't want much this year, just two custom T-shirts, a tablet or iPad, and of course, the clothing from Her Universe I just ordered.

Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, I have started watching all six Star Wars movies in chronological order, tonight was The Phantom Menace. Sure parts of the dialogue are silly and then there's Jar Jar (and to be honest, I still think the hatred fans have for him is immature and stupid), but it's still a decent movie. The Pod-race and the action are the highlights.

Incoming Precious Cargo

Thank God it's Black Friday!

I had waited all week to hope that Her Universe would have sales starting this week or in December so I could get my hands on those two outfits that drew me in and it did.

So I got that lovely Hoth dress and that lightsaber skirt and shirt on sale with a freebie that Ashley was giving out, a cute little BB8 pin and a holiday card signed by her!

Holy crap, that's pretty close to meeting almost. I've wanted to meet Ashley Eckstein since I started watching The Clone Wars and discovered Her Universe.

And now.....we play the waiting game.......again.

Patience is a virtue, but it's safe to say that this'll be my early Christmas present when they arrive.


Passing of the Fox

This months marks the anniversary of the death of one of the most beloved members of KISS:

Eric Carr died on November 24th 1991 from a rare form of heart cancer after a year-long battle against it. It is a real pity that he died two years before I was born.

I didn't know much about him at first when I joined the KISS Army two years ago, but it didn't take me long to find out who he was. He was an excellent drummer and one of the friendliest members ever.

A New Beginning

I know it seems a little late that I'm talking about this, but I think now it's time I let it out since it's less than a month away.

Ever since I heard last year that there was going to be a 7th Star Wars movie, at first I thought: How is that even possible? The way the 6th episode ended just seemed like everything was resolved and right. But I guess anything could happen, a new threat could rise, and then boom, chaos again. Like it's Galactic Civil War II.

Yearly Galaxy-Wide Wishes

Even though I may have not come up with anything I want for Christmas in a serious manner, there's a dream list of things I want every year (but probably will never get) Want to know what they are, alright I'll shoot:

World peaceEnd to all forms of pollution that results in the end of climate changeEnd to world hungerLicense, keys, and ownership to a starship (just a little one, like those tiny little hover ships that Lilo and Stitch receive at the end of the movie, only this one will be able to fly) so it makes my commute to and from where I want to go, less stressful without having to deal with schedules, traffic and people to drive me.

Is it That Time Already?!

Can you believe it's almost December?

I quickly the time goes by! Finals are coming, registration for the next semester (don't get me thinking about that too much) and of course.....Christmas.

I've started shopping, but at the same time I have no idea what I want this year. Most of the things I want in life have to be obtained online because there are no record stores and Hot Topics containing metal band and sci-fi shirts.

I was originally going to ask for my lightsaber for Christmas but changed my mind once I set up my choices and saw the total price.

Well, I could always treat myself to those two lovely dresses from Her Universe that I have been considering.

Yep......that's something to think about isn't it?


Hello? Anyone Home? Yes it's Me

Where have I been all weekend? It's so strange, I lose track of this blog when the weekend comes. I have all this time to write but I don't do it!

What have I been doing all weekend? Watching Spider Riders, catching up on extra homework to minimize the amount to do when finals come, listening to Kamelot, playing Star Wars Battlefront, and waiting for the grass to grow.

But just so you know, I'm not dead yet, and I hope to never be on this place. I have quite a few things planned. I sat down earlier this evening to start writing the story of my Star Wars OC, wrote tomorrow's weekly metal song and some other shite.

Still alive and kickin' you could say. Now I think it's time I crash, or try to crash because I can sense that horrible Sunday night insomnia ready to destroy my brain.


Backward Compatibility? Let's Do This!

So I was just given an announcement this evening that we can finally play our 360 games on the Xbox One.

This spells a great deal for me since most of the games I got addicted to in the past are on that system. I still have my 360 but it hasn't been used as much anymore except for Netflix.

But it now makes it so much easier just to have them all on one system. How many times have I played through the Mass Effect trilogy or considered finding all the hidden symbols in War for Cybertron? Countless times, that's my answer.

Well looks like I have some games to revisit and perhaps even write about because I haven't touched them in months with the hype of the new games I've been getting recently.

Only down side of this compatibility is it may not include our old Battlefront II game which was for the Xbox. I don't really like the direction Battlefront III is going, so I do not think I plan to spend any money on it unfortunately. So I might have to get it on PC if I become…

Two Hearts as One

One year ago, I opened my heart out to one of the most misunderstood (and sometimes hated) characters in the Halo universe.

It feels like only yesterday sometimes. Sometimes you may look at this and call it immature and ask me: why don't I do this for a real person? Well why do I do it? Because I feel like it, that is all. Some fictional characters have a special place in my heart, and those that are underrated, hated, misunderstood, etc. deserve some recognition.

To Dress or Not to Dress?

I am in the middle of a fashion crisis, and usually that never happens. But when I see clothes that have sci-fi or heavy metal designs on it, I can't resist.
Thank you Ashley Eckstein of for getting me hooked, now I'm tempted to get two things I love the most. (scratch that, three since one of them is two piece)

How Jul Mdama Should Have Died

No one likes it when a character they like is killed off, especially if it's a death that is so abrupt at a bad time. I can definitely say that for Jul Mdama.

His death in Halo 5 was truly complete garbage, and only done the way it was just to show us how "badass" Osiris was, as if they intend to replace Master Chief one day with them. I do not particularly like Osiris, with an exception of Vale. But Jul Mdama was starting to grow on me, and then he gets killed off so quickly at the start of the game no less. I cannot describe to you how disappointing that was along with the other things Halo 5's story disappointed me.

Binge Gaming or Not?

Sometimes people may secretly wonder why my rank is still low in certain games, why it is still below let's say.....level 20 two weeks after the game is released.

Why am I only at rank 13 and not rank 50 one week later after the game's release?

Why does it take several months for my rank to go up rather than several weeks or even less?

You say you've been playing for years, but why are you still not performing well in online matchmaking?

Nobody actually asks me these things but I can bet that people are thinking it when they encounter me online.

The Halfway Mark

So in case you're wondering how college is going. It's been 2 years since I've been back in school at this time of year. Last year it was like, college from the start of 2014 all the way to August.

The workload this time is heavier than I thought but I'm managing. My agenda is my best friend, I don't know what I'd be able to do without it. I never procrastinate as it is only very costly in the end, especially your grades.

More Canada Tours

You know what really grinds my gears? Many metal bands out there that I love hardly ever acknowledge my country. There are some rare ones that do such as KISS, and they did a full on Canada tour in 2013.

But that's just a small portion. Most bands will make announcements that they are going on a US tour but does that include Canada? Yes and no.

Downfall of Diversity, a Halo 5 Guardians Review

Warning: the content written here contains spoilers and rants. If you don't want to be exposed to such things then do not proceed.

So as you can see, I have planned to review Halo 5 Guardians now that it is out there. I've been playing it for the past 2 weeks. What do I think, unfortunately this game doesn't get an A like I may have given previous games like Transformers Devastation.

Revisiting the Clone Wars

I didn't get a chance to share this with all you sentient and primitive beings in the galaxy when I originally planned to because of how busy I've been, but I think I better strike it out now.

You know that feeling when you binge watch a micro-series that has been recommended to you? Then you can't sleep afterwards? It's pretty common now. One night I spent two hours watching the entire series of Star Wars the Clone Wars but the 2003 animated version this time.

Unlike the 2008 CGI series which took me the entire summer to get through (with no regrets) this series is more like a summary of all the events that happen between episode II and III, without Anakin having a Padawan.