Shades of Grey? More Like Shades of Abuse

I think it's high time I ranted about this due to how much it's been spreading lately. Some of you are going to agree and want to protest against it, while others are going to lecture me for this and say it's just a book or movie, but I don't care. It's not fantasy, it's not just a book, and it's not just a movie. Certain stories even made from novels and movies often encourage viewers to do what is done in them and this should NOT be done in real life to any woman. If you think it's a harmless fantasy, LEAVE NOW.

With all the hype of the Fifty Shades trilogy becoming film adaptations from the novels which were apparently bestsellers *barf*. This is way worse than Twilight. I don't know what made me watch the trailer but after seeing a few reviews, I knew for a fact that this was going to be worse than Twilight.

I mean, Twilight was bad enough. I lost a lot of brain cells wasting my teen years on that series. I cannot purge those events from my brain unfortunately. It was bad enough that we have a depressed girl with an ugly sparkling fairy of a boyfriend who watches her sleep and isolates her from friends and family.

But now we get something even more abusive, and I don't know what the world is coming to now. Hollywood thinks its okay to romanticize this sort of thing by making it look like BDSM? It's not BDSM.

I had to do a bit of research on that sexual lifestyle so people would stop attacking me on Twitter for supporting anti-FSOG protests and then I lost even more brain cells from watching the movie online. I'll never get those brain cells back, even if I find a way to purge this movie from my memory permanently.

All I know is that BDSM does involve some erotic practices with chains, whips, etc. but it stays within the bedroom or playroom. The submissive AND the dominant must come to an agreement and the sub has control of their own life outside that scene/roleplay session. If the sub says no, the dom must relent.

Let me make this perfectly clear, why would you want someone to give you a list of prescribed foods and you can only eat what's on that list? Can I have some chocolate cake every now and then? Clothes? No I'm sorry, a lady should be allowed to wear whatever she wants. Nobody wants a controlling man, and don't let his looks and money fool you. I'd like to eat what I like, wear what I like, go wherever I want, and talk to whoever I care about. Controlling or preventing one from doing any of those things is abuse in a nutshell, with or without BDSM (which she never was interested in by the way)

I originally decided to watch this movie, not only to see how fucked up society was into believing this was a love story, but also because I had been told the dialogue was cheesy and laughable. Turns out they were right, but I was more horrified by the treatment going out throughout the film.

Example: Christian comes into Ana's new apartment shortly after she moves to Seattle, pulls her cute pigtails out, pushes her onto the bed and fucks her hard. She may have looked like she wanted it but the truth is she doesn't. She's not even allowed to TOUCH him for god's sake!

Oh and let's not forget the time he gets mad at her for announcing she's going to visit her mom, he drapes her over his fucking shoulder and carries her outside.

Ladies of society. Do you really want a man like that? You only want him because he's hot and rich right? Well I may not be a survivor of abuse, but I am morally against it being romanticized in books and movies. (The books are a helluva lot worse and I will probably lose all of my remaining brain cells if I read them) I would rather have a man who isn't that great looking and is......I don't know maybe middle class, but treats me right.

I don't know what got through the author's head to get her to write this, she must be really lonely. Her responses to enraged survivors on Twitter is immature.

I have nothing more to say, because I will probably go full on ballistic here. I'm just very disappointed in society right now. Well I think it's time I start building a starship and find a civilized planet where women want men that offer them a healthy relationship. All you survivors or general protesters are welcome to join me.

Rant over, signing off.



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