MMSW #7 Beast Be Gone

I normally hate Mondays, but on the bright side I have no classes on them this semester, and of course there's this event on my blog here that I do every week (or at least I try to!) Anyway, welcome to another issue of Metal Monday. This week's song is:

I think it's about time I pick a Lordi song this week. They are, after all, one of the bands that made me start this blog. I remember the first several entries I made on here were about them. Anyway, this song is one of my favourites from the Get Heavy album. I wrote a Lordi horror/romance fanfiction during my first year at college and each chapter was based off a Lordi song. This one makes me think of the part when the girl confronts Mr. Lordi in his castle so she can be with him for all eternity.

The song is like facing your fear of a monster that has been haunting you for a long time. I used to have a monster that I was afraid was coming to get me once whenever I went to bed. But instead of it coming out of my closet, or under my bed, it would come from the side of my bed where my night table used to be, before we moved my bed into the corner and moved the night table to the other side. It was a giant bug that made the sound that you would hear in A Bug's Life whenever the grasshoppers were nearby. Creepy or cheesy? Be honest here. I won't force choke you for telling the truth. (speaking of which.........actually I'll write about it in a later entry)

But it's about time I did one of Lordi's song for this event so there you go Monstermaniacs, if you've been driven away because of the lack of Lordi posts lately, here's something to bring you back.



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