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The Force is Strong this Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

With all my midterms done, I can finally get back to, hopefully, writing here more regularly for the next month before the storm that finals bring.

Transformers Devastation: Back to the G1

I've always been a Transformers fan with high expectations, especially after I learned that the movies weren't as great as they seem. I haven't watched the entire G1 series but I've seen enough episodes to become more familiar with classic characters. My love for it over the movies was put in place once I started playing Transformers Devastation.

Ultrasabers Standard Edition V3 Review

Koh toh yah everyone. You're probably wondering why I'm so inactive the past two weeks, and the answer is midterms.

So as promised, since I did two midterms this week, I've got a moment to catch my breath until my last one for next week, you want my thoughts on my new lightsaber right?

This Weapon is Your Life

Good evening peeps.

I sit here on my bed after a long day at school. Wrote a math test, did some studying for my next midterm (I might do a lot of studying on the weekend for it since it's on Monday morning first thing, and no I am not a procrastinator) but remember when I said I was getting something big?

Happy Thanksgiving

I can smell the turkey downstairs as I write this. I don't usually write about holidays but here we go. I know Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow for myself and all my Canadian readers but we prefer to have the dinner a day early.

So dig and stuff your face and don't worry about the calories people, just this once? I think it's almost ready now and my stomach craves turkey more than anyone in the family.


Is This Thing On?

Just doing a test run to see if this thing works. One of my friends wants to make an app for this site so I'm not using Blogger's shitty one. (trust me it lacks a lot of features I normally use). So maybe things will work out with this should I desire to write on the go. Testing in 3, 2, 1....

It's a Twister! It's a Twister!

Good morning you puny little primitives, today's going to be a busy day so I'd like to write about another dream I had last night.

Dreaming about flying isn't the only common thing I get in my dreams, but I also dream about certain weather conditions. Come to think of it, I wanted to be a meteorologist at some point or go into earth or space related science but I changed my mind and chose health care.

Anyway, maybe the reason why I sometimes dream about the weather is because part of me still wishes I was smarter enough to pursue a career there.

Guess The Item

Got an hour between classes to share some quick and exciting news! All weekend long I've been debating to buy something that I've wanted since I was a child but never looked at it until now.What is it? Please stay tuned to when it arrives and I will share it ASAP Hint: It's from something I've loved for 16 years.-Emily

Partying to Win

I've always been a Nintendo gamer aside from Xbox. There was a time where I actually did care more about winning at one point.
When I was 11 or 13 I was addicted to the Mario Party series. 
 I was first introduced to them when I played the 5th version at a friend's cottage. I actually found the board gameplay plus tons of minigames to play after each round, which is randomized to be really fun.

Everyday Cosplay

I was never one for doing a lot of cosplaying, but I have made the goal of adding it to my bucket list.

I don't have a lot of time to make anything really complex, but who says you can't make just something simple with the clothes you already have, or buying from sci-fi themed stores? That's why I love clothing lines like Her Universe created by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano. However, some of the stuff I wanna buy there is out of my budget at the moment so you have to get creative.

Flying Musical Dreams

I have talked about how much I love having dreams where I can fly. But some of them stand out more.
Like for instance if I dream where I'm flying really high, fast and/or doing tricks in the sky then those are the ones I remember and often write about.