MMSW #3 Everything is Hard

It's Labor Day today and at first I was going to skip that day for this week's MMSW because I'm on a short vacation before the storm. But since I have just started this event on this site, I'll do this on a holiday for now, and we'll see if I can still make that possible on other holidays.

So without any further ado, this weeks metal song is:

GWAR I have always turned to for unleashing my anger without taking it out on others. Most of the songs are violent and about killing something or someone, but this one is more about escaping society, and all the terrible mainstream things you are exposed to. You will go to a place full of something you love and in this case it's heavy metal. Hence the name Metal Metal Land.

This song is definitely one of my escape songs from society; however, the part of society it makes me escape the most is the entertainment part of it. When I get tired of hearing entertainment news on CBC or City that is about pop stars all the time, I need to escape, and I can only rely on places like Loudwire to get the news of things that I do care about. I think of myself flying a spaceship off the Earth and to a planet where heavy metal rules there. If only that existed.

And there you have it, that's this week's metal song! I'm enjoying this so far and I'm going to need to rely on my music a lot because I go back to college tomorrow.



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