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8 Things That Drive Me Away From Halo

I've been a Halo fan since I was 15 or 14, but lately the franchise is going in a direction that I don't like. At first I was okay with everything and tried to be accepting, but eventually things started to happen that I didn't approve of. Like, I have no issues with things like sprint, loadout choices (most shooter games let you do that anyway), BR starts, etc. But those are just little things. There are bigger things out there that have disappointed me even more.

Two Jedi Masters, Twice the Love

It's been another long day at school and I am exhausted to the core. I always wonder if I'll be able to pull off juggling my workload and finish with good grades.
Lucky for me, the best comfort to relieve stress came. Plo Koon & Kit Fisto arrived home today! They need stands now and I think I'm going to hit the sack before I fall asleep writing this..... Goodnight,

Lazy Saturday

I am feeling sick today so not much is happening right now. I watched The Princess and the Frog this afternoon and if I feel better tomorrow I'd like to talk about some gaming stuff. This one's about some long time unfinished business.Sound intriguing? Wait and see!-Emily

Meliora Album Review

I've been waiting for Ghost's new album all summer and it finally came near the end. I have to say that a Nameless Ghoul was serious about when they said they wanted the move towards a heavy sound with this album. There's still some vocally driven parts here and there but not as much last time. But so far, I like it.

The Nautolan and the Kel Dor

As I settle into my college workload after a whole year off I find my stress level rising. I got home late yesterday from that tutorial and thank the Mantle it's not mandatory every week.

Still, I'm tired as hell, so I wrote this quickly last night for today since Tuesday is really busy. I finally have ordered some action figure stands because my little General Grievous just won't stand up sometimes, (I came home from the Labor Day weekend to find him lying at the foot of my dresser, poor guy, but he's in one piece; that's the LAST time I want him falling from there) and that's not all. These two handsome Jedi Masters will be coming home too:

First Day in Hell (just kidding!)

Alright here I am sitting on a short study break writing this.....
It's the first day of school and so far I'm totally calm. I was anxious last night and lost some sleep. (I hate losing sleep, even if I read before bedtime) but so far I've got a positive attitude. 
If I really feel stressed I looked at my now framed drawing that Peter Cullen signed or I escape into Metal Metal Land (if you saw what this week's song is) This month I am hoping to review Ghost's new album Meloria and maybe pursue another TV series if I can find something worthy of watching. 
But for now, school comes first, however, this website is also another priority of mine so I'll keep all you primitives and highborns posted alright?

Calm Before The Storm

It's been a good long weekend so far. Besides spending it getting hyped for Shadow of Intent, I'm at the cottage having a break with nature, before school starts on Tuesday.It feels good to escape and it's like going to another world. That should be a hint to what next Monday's song of the week is.Until then, I could use a good boat ride.-Emily

Find Where The Liar Hides

This morning I thought I was going to melt on the news that was posted. I'll just leave this here if you don't mind...

Star Wars the Clone Wars Season by Season

Koh-toh-yah! (and WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

I have spent the majority of my summer finally pursuing this series and I gotta say that every moment of it is truly awesome. I started watching a few months after finishing Transformers Prime. In this entry I'll give you little thoughts of what I liked about each season and the best moments.

These Dreams Give You Wings

I feel like my brain has been wired to remember the way I want to fly in my dreams when given the opportunity.

One of my alter egos that I have created in my mind is the Dragon Master. I feel like my brain knows that that is how I want to fly: dragon wings. However, I will take a jet pack as well, or a starship too.