MMSW #2 I Am Always Close to You

Hi all, today is Monday so now it's time for another Metal Song of the Week!

I have a feeling it's going to become difficult every week to choose but sometimes the choice pops into my head when I go for a walk with my music on a Sunday afternoon. So the song of the week is:

While out for a walk down by the lake with my iPod on shuffle yesterday afternoon, this song came on, and  there was a time where I listened to it a lot, because it was the first song other than Elan that appealed to me on Nightwish's new album. It's a very calm and peaceful song that you will encounter at least once on every Nightwish album. We all need a break from the more intense side of symphonic metal when we listen to it, so this song is one of those that can really relax you.

It's a song that I listen to when I need my quiet time and I think of myself standing on a balcony from a building on Courascant. I am looking over the city brushing my hair and that's when Jedi Master Plo Koon comes up behind me and takes me in his arms. For some reason, this song has made me think of the pursuit of forbidden love, as well as the calming view of the night sky or rising sun.

So that's my spiel on this week's song. Try to enjoy your Monday everyone and may the force be with you.



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