Kickstart my Heart One Last Time

Well, I'm back from last night's gig with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, and I gotta say it was pretty epic. I haven't been to a gig at the ACC since my first concert which was Taylor Swift with my girlfriends.

This was a great night, as soon as Alice Cooper came on the stage I started screaming and sang the songs I knew.
Remind me to add him and Nikki Sixx to My Idols page when I get a chance, and it's been updated by the way.

Motley Crue put on a helluva show for their final tour. Dancing girls? I kind of expected that and I try to tolerate that more. Pyrotechnics? Definitely. I felt really touched when Nikki decided to talk to us between songs. I thought he wasn't the conversational type and Vince Neil would do all the talking. I have been proven wrong.

Setlists? Alice did all the songs I was hoping he would do, and as for Crue; the setlist was great. I wish they played "Too Young to Fall in Love" because that's a personal favourite of mine, but hearing "Kickstart my Heart" and "Girls Girls Girls" is also good.

If they really mean it when they say this is their last tour, I'm sure it'll finish with a big bang at the end of this year.

May your legacy live on. \m/



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