Bringing the General Home

By now if you have been a regular reader of my blog, you should know by now about my 10-year obsession with General Grievous

I've finally decided that I'm going to bring him home, in other words, I've ordered an action figure of him, which is a Clone Wars version. I recently did some clearing of my shelf and gave away some of my figures that were of characters that I didn't love as much (and yes I plan on keeping all four of my Halo ones, and my three Transformers for I love them with all my heart), so now I have some space for Grievous to fill in there.

Now, I would have bought Grievous back when I was 12 when my obsession with him blossomed, but I had no eBay account, and no card to pay with online for such a purpose. In my teen years, I was often reluctant to walk into places like Toys R Us to look for such action figures, but when I was 17 there was this one time where I bought Ironhide at the store and nobody said a word.

Anyway, I guess you can say I've been wanting to bring Grievous home for years, but neglected it due to other figures I wanted and my lack of access to places where I could find him. But on Tuesday this week, I found him for a good price and mint condition on eBay and placed my order. It might take some time for him to arrive due to the location but it should be worth the wait. I suddenly remembered how much I wanted to bring him home when I decided to commit to watching the Clone Wars once I was caught up with Game of Thrones.

It's only been four days since I placed my order, but I'm already impatient to receive an email saying that he's been shipped and is on his way. I haven't been this impatient for his arrival since I bought myself the Didact as my early Christmas present last December.

But there's no point in getting too impatient because once he ships, that might take a while too! *cough* *cough* International shipping scums!

Still, I can't wait until he comes home! Already reserved a spot on my shelf, and I gotta say, I could do this with two... no, THREE hands behind my back! Well come to think of it, I think I heard him say that when I was playing as him in Battlefront II earlier this week. Now I want to meet his voice actor too, but I missed an opportunity for that earlier this year! I hope I get another chance because he's on my list now!



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