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Sunny Days with the Didact's Hand

Finally, this is the spring weather I've been asking for! I couldn't be more happier.

Today was pretty much a stay at home day so I found the remaining hidden plushies in Halo 2 Anniversary (one achievement for each) to get the Toybox achievement, got a bit of exercise in and some reading to, Gone with the Wind is really long but I'm halfway done it due to having tons of time to catch up on it while in Cuba. Anyway, I'm feeling that a nice beautiful day like this made me feel better, especially after yesterday's not only gloomy overcast weather, but I had some Internet forum drama going on. I was going to rant about it here, but then at the end of the day I realized it wasn't worth it.

The Spaceman's Birthday

It's April 27th and do you know what that means? I haven't done musician birthday wishes, nor have I done an entry about KISS in a while so now's a good time to do so.

Happy birthday Ace Frehley!

Sunday Thoughts

Good morning, or good afternoon sentient and primitive beings in the galaxy.

I don't know what I'm doing on a lazy Sunday like today, so I've been sitting here thinking about shit to write. But I've got a few things in mind really.

The Didact I Wish Existed: A Forerunner Trilogy Review

It's been a while since I did a book review, I think the last one was Gene Simmons's autobiography which was really good. But I'm trying to read more often now. The Halo books have come across my table many times, but I never really committed to them because most of them were part of the lore that didn't interest me. As soon as I took interest in the Forerunners after being exposed to them in the terminals and falling in love with the Ur-Didact, I set my sights on reading Halo books again on them and on the Sangheili.

European Metal Night

Vacation was my ally, but now it has abandoned me. This Forerunner has returned.....

That's right. I'm back from Cuba. I've got a ton of things to write about. A book trilogy to review, a few other things in mind also still to be determined but first, I think I'm gonna start with the concert I went to the day before I went on vacation.

The Annoyance of Shipping

Time for another rant. That's right, another one. Same thing as usual, if you disagree with me, leave immediately, I do not want trolls or arguments on this blog as long as I continue to run it. But if you have something to clarify then be nice about it.

Great Characters Gone to Waste

Ever liked a certain fictional character in a book, movie, or video game that you didn't know much about, but then you found out more about them? But just when you've started to like them, you find out that they were thrown in to the story and then thrown out quickly.