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Hunting Predacons

Well, I've finally finished the Transformers Prime series, season 3 Beast Hunters and the 1 hour finale.

Thoughts on it, incoming in 3.....2.....1.

The Pros and Cons of Horror Survival Games

Ever since August 2014, there's been a big boom up on horror PC games. Now I'm not a PC gamer, but seeing this news, and due to the fact that I have friends who play these games I might as well share my thoughts.

5 Nights at Freddy's is all the rage now. Personally, I prefer it spreading on the Internet over My Little Pony. So, it's a horror game but at first I look at it and didn't understand what was so scary about these animatronic characters....until you start playing.

I watched Markiplier play it and it did seem pretty scary when they jump at you, but it gets even worse if YOU are playing. I spent one afternoon at my friend's house who has played the first and second game. I tried playing two nights in the first game and survived, but still I felt that rush of fear trying to conserve power, and keep the animatronics from killing me. Seeing them appear in the doorways, always makes me jump besides when you get attacked. Now, you may think how is this scary …

Write Away

You're probably wondering why I haven't been writing as many entries per month as I used to. The last time I had so many frequent updates, was when I was sharing my thoughts on all 4 Halo games while playing through the Master Chief Collection, after it was released.

Optimus Prime shall meet his Princess

Every year TFCon is held in the summer. I was there last year and I have to be there again this year, no excuses no matter how urgent they are. Why is that? Well....

Amnesia, Relics and Omega Keys

Just finished watching season 2 of Transformers Prime. I've been literally binge watching for the past three days, because the series will be taken off Netflix on the 17th. Lucky for me, if I prioritize this; I should finish season 3 in no time seeing as it is only 13 episodes, and S2 was 26.