Sex Sells....But Who's Watching?

I really can't express this opinion anywhere else without being attacked or lectured. You may know me well enough to know that, I view the world differently. I can get used to a ton of shit that happens in society, but that doesn't mean I have to like it and think that it's wrong.

I've always had a hatred for sex in the media. I'm talking more than just the overuse on HBO, I'm talking about it being used in music, movies, and even sports teams. It sells, I get it, stop telling me to accept it. I can ignore it and get used to it. Getting used to it, no problem. Ignoring it is harder when it's EVERYWHERE.

So why am I against it so much? Well, it objectifies women. We are not sex toys, we are people. We shouldn't have to strip down to be rich. What happened to other qualities like brains and health? If you make that choice to go ahead and sell your body in a music video, be my guest, I won't stop you. But I think what you're doing is wrong.

If I'm a singer, I'd rather sell my talent, not my sexuality. Take a look at young pop star Ariana Grande: It's cool how she's doing a sci-fi music video, but it's more based on her sexiness than her fighting evil aliens. Skimpy outfit: Check. Sex-based weapons (such as missile boobs): Check. Even skimpier outfit in another part of the video: Check again.

I will never do any of those things if I was doing a sci-fi music video, not even if you pay me $5,000,000. YES, not even for $5,000,000. My body is only reserved to show off for myself, and my future boyfriend. So if I'm doing that kind of music video, I want armor and a rocket launcher so I look like Master Chief. No exceptions.

It's so sad how we are doing this to make more money, really? It sells because for some reason, the human being is designed to drool at the site of tits and 6-pack abs. While I end up drooling over musicians with long tongues and bushy hair that goes down to their chest. Yes, I think Gene Simmons and Dave Mustaine look hot when they bare their chest, but I'm mainly paying attention to their talent. Oh and when I see them smile, it makes them look even cuter. But it's their personality that strikes me the most, and there's so much more that I can't explain. And I drool at the sight of giant transforming robots, aliens with split-jaws, ancient aliens that were imprisoned in Cryptums for 100,000 years, and the list goes on. Yes I'm weird, but I don't care.

I don't think any ladies who make the choice to do such things for themselves or for their profession are dumb people. Who knows, some of them may have university degrees, but the media needs to stop this shit, seriously, the birds and the bees is not the most wonderful thing on this planet that needs to be used everywhere. Why can't you just save it for your one true love in private to make babies instead?

Those LA KISS cheerleaders, another money making scheme set up by Gene. Not everything he does, is something I support unfortunately, no matter how much I love him. Have you seen what they're wearing? Disgusting. If I was a professional cheerleader I would never wear that outfit. EVER.

In the summer, yes I like to bare some skin but most of the time, I'm wearing my band shirts. (which I never cut or altered by the way, because I'm a tomboy) Yes, on ocassion I'll wear something a bit more girlie like a tank top. I'm not a sex bomb, and I'm glad I'm not.

I'm not posting this rant to be jealous of girls prettier than me, I'm posting this because I can't put it anywhere else without being attacked. Some people thought I was taking this WAY too seriously and referring to them as prostitutes. Some even called it a crime for me to say that. But the real point of view I'm giving here, is it's used in the media too much. Stereotypes, to be exact; one of my biggest pet peeves along with PDA. So it's not a crime, it's a freedom of speech.

How often do you see a woman in a music video who is doing something else rather than wearing something really skimpy? Rarely. However, there's Selena Gomez and in her videos I've seen her wear dresses and even a few costumes. She has some good songs, and she knows how to be sexy without taking most of, or all of her clothes off. I wish there were more girls like her. If I was a singer, I'd make music videos in dresses, and costumes of my fictional crushes. Been fantasizing about that since I was 14.

You know why I'll never play the GTA series? Strip clubs. Basically you can go in them, and you can even take one of the strippers into a private room. Seeing that I just want to put my foot down. Even in video games the objectification doesn't stop. Now, I'm not going to protest against it, I can't stop it. I just wish I wasn't the only one who feels that, women have more value in the media and society than their bodies. Sex is sometimes overrused in my opinion, and I'm just a girl who desires to say: There's more to the media than just this you know.

Well that's the end of this rant. I'm not expecting anyone to agree, but if you do: Great. If not, then scroll on and read something else. I won't tolerate your lectures.



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