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Applesauce and Ice Cream

Well so much for doing anything exciting for the second half of the holiday...

Here I am in the living room typing this on Optimus, and in a lot of pain. There'll be no partying tonight, but that's okay because in all honesty, I prefer to spend my New Year's Eve inside where it's quiet and comfortable. Never was in to big parties that take place at someone's house or the town square.

I am recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery yesterday morning. My dentist almost decided not to do it because I nearly gagged getting used to the laughing gas, but I told him it was a normal reflex and that I would eventually relax, so he took all 4 of those teeth out, plus did a few fillings. I was awake but less alert during the surgery, completely tuned out watching Cinderella on the ceiling TV and listening to my iPod on shuffle. Most of my friends who have had it done claimed they were asleep.

Double Jedi Dates

It's not easy being caught in a love triangle in the Star Wars universe. Sometimes I can't decide who to picture myself with more, for whatever the reason when I feel like daydreaming.

I mean, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto are both loved greatly by the fandom, as they are considered probably to be two of the most nicest Jedi in the Order.

Well, I had a dream about them both last night where I went on dates with both of them, but not simultaneously.

Rock Legacy Lives On

This year has been a difficult year for everyone. We've lost a lot of iconic people in music, movies and even video games. Earlier in the year Leonard Nimoy (best known for playing as Spock in the original Star Trek series), Christopher Lee (best known for his roles as Dracula, Count Dooku, Saruman, and more), Satoru Iwata (CEO of Nintendo, and he died so young too, only 55 years old!), and others.

Now we have lost another iconic legend in rock n' roll.

I really need to start writing more about heavy metal, as that was the only main focus I had back in the day when I first started this blog.

Reporting for Duty

It's me again.
After getting things unpacked, I spent this morning upgrading and setting up Optimus.
That's right, Optimus. I decided to name my new ASUS tablet after the leader of the Autobots that changed my life and met his princess (me), the best moment of 2015. 
I gave it that name because it's apparently referred to as an ASUS Transformer book. Brilliant idea.
Is Optimus meant to replace my laptop? Hell no, how else would I be able to play Battlefront? (the REAL Battlefront)
This'll definitely allow me to write more often as the app for Blogger on my phone sucks and I need an alternative on the go.
I'm pretty happy with it to use for work and basic 'net surfing.

Christmas at the Cottage

Good evening.

 It's been a while. This year's holiday was a little different for me, as it's the second time I'm spending Christmas away from home. The only thing missing up here is snow!

 My brother got me two custom alien related shirts and my parents got me a new Windows Tablet. That'll come in handy on campus, so I don't have to have my laptop weighing down my book bag, or having to unsuccessfully search for a free computer. Oh and it could be for blogging on the go! Merry Christmas sentient and primitive beings. I shall return to Mantle's Approach (home) on Sunday!


Episode VII: The Force Awakens

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I wrote my thoughts on all movies in the Star Wars saga, and now I get to write to you about the 7th.

Warning: what you are about to read contains spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie not proceed any further!

Alright, I warned you, so without any further ado...

Iconic Christmas Characters

With Christmas only 5 days away, I've grown up getting to know many characters in children's Christmas stories. But there are a few that always stand out.

Everyone knows Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch, and many more. But who was my favourite growing up?

At Last We Return.....

Ever since the leak almost all the way back in 2014, I had been counting the days until I would get to see The Force Awakens, and now it's finally here!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to see it and I can't describe to you how excited I am.

So will I be reviewing the movie? I most certainly will, however, to avoid giving out spoilers to thousands of fans who still want to see it, I won't publish it right away. But, just like with my previous reviews on the last 6 movies, I will go over brief plot summary, character analysis highlighting the ones that interested me the most, my favourite moments, what I think about the antagonist, and one thing that made the movie great or any flaws that should have been addressed.


I find myself going from one thing to another on nights like this, and it's basically everyday.

I was going to study until 8:30 tonight but found myself drowsy at 8 so I stopped. I don't know what to write about, so I'm sitting here writing anyway because I want to keep you all coming back for more no matter what, even when I don't make something really interesting.

I like to sit and type sometimes as if someone is actually wanting to know what I am saying. I can be a real chatterbox in real life depending on what we are talking about. I could go on and on for hours how much I like science and shite, or what music I like. Call it specifics.

I might be going Internet dead on Friday because of The Force Awakens. Must avoid spoilers at all costs because I'm seeing it on Saturday. Facebook now allows you a lightsaber profile picture feature, and I'm just sitting here not bothering with it because I've got my totally awesome lightsaber from Ultrasabers to use in…

Monthly Updates!

Listen up primitives!

I've got a few new changes coming on here in the new year! Can you believe that 2015 is almost over?

Christmas is 10 days away, shopping's all done, 3 more final exams to write and celebrating completion of 1 out of the 4 semesters of this program by going to see Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens on Saturday.

But enough of that, you may have noticed I have added the featured post app that Blogger has recently come up with. So, this month's featured post is my review on Shadow of Intent if you have not check that out.

However, starting in January 2016 I will pick a post to feature here on the first of the month, hoping to do this one time as well with Metal Monday as long as I can fit it in to my schedule with my college workload.

So keep an eye out for that change every month, officially at the first of every month in the new year!


This Love is Not Blind

Ever had someone get at you for defending something you're passionate about? That's how I felt last night.

I sometimes can NOT stand negative opinions of things I love, even if I try to control how I feel about that. It still comes out as me saying something like "You better take that back!" and this often gets perceived as defense but to not get too blinded to not accept other people's views of it.

But there'll be times when we are deeply in love with something that has either been important to us for years, or something we just started loving.

We're so caught up in the moment that we don't like it when anyone says anything about it, no matter what it is.

And Then The Half-Jaw Sang: A Shadow of Intent Review

Okay, I don't know where to begin on this because once I started this little novella yesterday, I couldn't put it down. It's a short story but easily a memorable one with a straightforward plot.

Centered around Rtas 'Vadum; the Half-Jaw Sangheili Shipmaster of the Covenant Assault Carrier, of the same name as the book's title, I was sure for certain something was going to prevent him from getting the well-deserved rest after the battle for Earth.
Rtas Vadum has been one of my favourite characters in the Halo universe since I was 17 or 18, that I have already engrossed myself in his backstory; from his birth, all the way up to the end of the war in 2553 on Halopedia. But I wanted more! I really did, and Joe delivers it quite well.

The classic idea of the San Shyuum (spoilers!) Prelate wanting revenge, for Rtas supposedly being responsible for killing his family when the Flood spread throughout High Charity, sets out to lure our lovable Half-Jaw into a trap. Who's…

Multi-reading Problems

The digital novella I've been waiting for all year is finally being released on Monday, and I'm faced with the possibility of taking a break from what I'm currently reading to binge read this.

Rtas 'Vadum has been one of my favourite Halo characters for years, and I was flattered about the number of people who liked my post on here about how I made an announcement of the novella's cover and synopsis revealed.

Sci-Fi Fashion Overload!!!

I haven't written all week, mainly because I'm starting to prep. for finals. I think I over-prepare myself a LOT when I don't need to. I do know when I should stop, but still, I find myself doing too much sometimes.

My early Christmas presents arrived on Wednesday! That makes my week better than I thought it was going to be. Always nice to get a good deal on a Black Friday.

Fangirl of the Day....ME!!!!

Good evening! I don't usually publish two things in one Monday but for now I am.

As I have stated before, I don't always like it when websites do featured fan of the day or week, because the chances being picked are one to a million (if that's how you say it). Some people do it just for the sake of getting more followers by picking someone considered attractive by society, while others choose to do it to raise awareness and not pick based on appearance, that way it is likely that everyone will get a chance.

Love, Kisses and Kel Dor Wishes

Today's been a laid back kind of Saturday.

We put up our Christmas tree today, and I made up my list. I don't want much this year, just two custom T-shirts, a tablet or iPad, and of course, the clothing from Her Universe I just ordered.

Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, I have started watching all six Star Wars movies in chronological order, tonight was The Phantom Menace. Sure parts of the dialogue are silly and then there's Jar Jar (and to be honest, I still think the hatred fans have for him is immature and stupid), but it's still a decent movie. The Pod-race and the action are the highlights.

Incoming Precious Cargo

Thank God it's Black Friday!

I had waited all week to hope that Her Universe would have sales starting this week or in December so I could get my hands on those two outfits that drew me in and it did.

So I got that lovely Hoth dress and that lightsaber skirt and shirt on sale with a freebie that Ashley was giving out, a cute little BB8 pin and a holiday card signed by her!

Holy crap, that's pretty close to meeting almost. I've wanted to meet Ashley Eckstein since I started watching The Clone Wars and discovered Her Universe.

And now.....we play the waiting game.......again.

Patience is a virtue, but it's safe to say that this'll be my early Christmas present when they arrive.


Passing of the Fox

This months marks the anniversary of the death of one of the most beloved members of KISS:

Eric Carr died on November 24th 1991 from a rare form of heart cancer after a year-long battle against it. It is a real pity that he died two years before I was born.

I didn't know much about him at first when I joined the KISS Army two years ago, but it didn't take me long to find out who he was. He was an excellent drummer and one of the friendliest members ever.

A New Beginning

I know it seems a little late that I'm talking about this, but I think now it's time I let it out since it's less than a month away.

Ever since I heard last year that there was going to be a 7th Star Wars movie, at first I thought: How is that even possible? The way the 6th episode ended just seemed like everything was resolved and right. But I guess anything could happen, a new threat could rise, and then boom, chaos again. Like it's Galactic Civil War II.

Yearly Galaxy-Wide Wishes

Even though I may have not come up with anything I want for Christmas in a serious manner, there's a dream list of things I want every year (but probably will never get) Want to know what they are, alright I'll shoot:

World peaceEnd to all forms of pollution that results in the end of climate changeEnd to world hungerLicense, keys, and ownership to a starship (just a little one, like those tiny little hover ships that Lilo and Stitch receive at the end of the movie, only this one will be able to fly) so it makes my commute to and from where I want to go, less stressful without having to deal with schedules, traffic and people to drive me.

Is it That Time Already?!

Can you believe it's almost December?

I quickly the time goes by! Finals are coming, registration for the next semester (don't get me thinking about that too much) and of course.....Christmas.

I've started shopping, but at the same time I have no idea what I want this year. Most of the things I want in life have to be obtained online because there are no record stores and Hot Topics containing metal band and sci-fi shirts.

I was originally going to ask for my lightsaber for Christmas but changed my mind once I set up my choices and saw the total price.

Well, I could always treat myself to those two lovely dresses from Her Universe that I have been considering.

Yep......that's something to think about isn't it?


Hello? Anyone Home? Yes it's Me

Where have I been all weekend? It's so strange, I lose track of this blog when the weekend comes. I have all this time to write but I don't do it!

What have I been doing all weekend? Watching Spider Riders, catching up on extra homework to minimize the amount to do when finals come, listening to Kamelot, playing Star Wars Battlefront, and waiting for the grass to grow.

But just so you know, I'm not dead yet, and I hope to never be on this place. I have quite a few things planned. I sat down earlier this evening to start writing the story of my Star Wars OC, wrote tomorrow's weekly metal song and some other shite.

Still alive and kickin' you could say. Now I think it's time I crash, or try to crash because I can sense that horrible Sunday night insomnia ready to destroy my brain.


Backward Compatibility? Let's Do This!

So I was just given an announcement this evening that we can finally play our 360 games on the Xbox One.

This spells a great deal for me since most of the games I got addicted to in the past are on that system. I still have my 360 but it hasn't been used as much anymore except for Netflix.

But it now makes it so much easier just to have them all on one system. How many times have I played through the Mass Effect trilogy or considered finding all the hidden symbols in War for Cybertron? Countless times, that's my answer.

Well looks like I have some games to revisit and perhaps even write about because I haven't touched them in months with the hype of the new games I've been getting recently.

Only down side of this compatibility is it may not include our old Battlefront II game which was for the Xbox. I don't really like the direction Battlefront III is going, so I do not think I plan to spend any money on it unfortunately. So I might have to get it on PC if I become…

Two Hearts as One

One year ago, I opened my heart out to one of the most misunderstood (and sometimes hated) characters in the Halo universe.

It feels like only yesterday sometimes. Sometimes you may look at this and call it immature and ask me: why don't I do this for a real person? Well why do I do it? Because I feel like it, that is all. Some fictional characters have a special place in my heart, and those that are underrated, hated, misunderstood, etc. deserve some recognition.

To Dress or Not to Dress?

I am in the middle of a fashion crisis, and usually that never happens. But when I see clothes that have sci-fi or heavy metal designs on it, I can't resist.
Thank you Ashley Eckstein of for getting me hooked, now I'm tempted to get two things I love the most. (scratch that, three since one of them is two piece)

How Jul Mdama Should Have Died

No one likes it when a character they like is killed off, especially if it's a death that is so abrupt at a bad time. I can definitely say that for Jul Mdama.

His death in Halo 5 was truly complete garbage, and only done the way it was just to show us how "badass" Osiris was, as if they intend to replace Master Chief one day with them. I do not particularly like Osiris, with an exception of Vale. But Jul Mdama was starting to grow on me, and then he gets killed off so quickly at the start of the game no less. I cannot describe to you how disappointing that was along with the other things Halo 5's story disappointed me.

Binge Gaming or Not?

Sometimes people may secretly wonder why my rank is still low in certain games, why it is still below let's say.....level 20 two weeks after the game is released.

Why am I only at rank 13 and not rank 50 one week later after the game's release?

Why does it take several months for my rank to go up rather than several weeks or even less?

You say you've been playing for years, but why are you still not performing well in online matchmaking?

Nobody actually asks me these things but I can bet that people are thinking it when they encounter me online.

The Halfway Mark

So in case you're wondering how college is going. It's been 2 years since I've been back in school at this time of year. Last year it was like, college from the start of 2014 all the way to August.

The workload this time is heavier than I thought but I'm managing. My agenda is my best friend, I don't know what I'd be able to do without it. I never procrastinate as it is only very costly in the end, especially your grades.

More Canada Tours

You know what really grinds my gears? Many metal bands out there that I love hardly ever acknowledge my country. There are some rare ones that do such as KISS, and they did a full on Canada tour in 2013.

But that's just a small portion. Most bands will make announcements that they are going on a US tour but does that include Canada? Yes and no.

Downfall of Diversity, a Halo 5 Guardians Review

Warning: the content written here contains spoilers and rants. If you don't want to be exposed to such things then do not proceed.

So as you can see, I have planned to review Halo 5 Guardians now that it is out there. I've been playing it for the past 2 weeks. What do I think, unfortunately this game doesn't get an A like I may have given previous games like Transformers Devastation.

Revisiting the Clone Wars

I didn't get a chance to share this with all you sentient and primitive beings in the galaxy when I originally planned to because of how busy I've been, but I think I better strike it out now.

You know that feeling when you binge watch a micro-series that has been recommended to you? Then you can't sleep afterwards? It's pretty common now. One night I spent two hours watching the entire series of Star Wars the Clone Wars but the 2003 animated version this time.

Unlike the 2008 CGI series which took me the entire summer to get through (with no regrets) this series is more like a summary of all the events that happen between episode II and III, without Anakin having a Padawan.

The Force is Strong this Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

With all my midterms done, I can finally get back to, hopefully, writing here more regularly for the next month before the storm that finals bring.

Transformers Devastation: Back to the G1

I've always been a Transformers fan with high expectations, especially after I learned that the movies weren't as great as they seem. I haven't watched the entire G1 series but I've seen enough episodes to become more familiar with classic characters. My love for it over the movies was put in place once I started playing Transformers Devastation.

Ultrasabers Standard Edition V3 Review

Koh toh yah everyone. You're probably wondering why I'm so inactive the past two weeks, and the answer is midterms.

So as promised, since I did two midterms this week, I've got a moment to catch my breath until my last one for next week, you want my thoughts on my new lightsaber right?

This Weapon is Your Life

Good evening peeps.

I sit here on my bed after a long day at school. Wrote a math test, did some studying for my next midterm (I might do a lot of studying on the weekend for it since it's on Monday morning first thing, and no I am not a procrastinator) but remember when I said I was getting something big?

Happy Thanksgiving

I can smell the turkey downstairs as I write this. I don't usually write about holidays but here we go. I know Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow for myself and all my Canadian readers but we prefer to have the dinner a day early.

So dig and stuff your face and don't worry about the calories people, just this once? I think it's almost ready now and my stomach craves turkey more than anyone in the family.


Is This Thing On?

Just doing a test run to see if this thing works. One of my friends wants to make an app for this site so I'm not using Blogger's shitty one. (trust me it lacks a lot of features I normally use). So maybe things will work out with this should I desire to write on the go. Testing in 3, 2, 1....

It's a Twister! It's a Twister!

Good morning you puny little primitives, today's going to be a busy day so I'd like to write about another dream I had last night.

Dreaming about flying isn't the only common thing I get in my dreams, but I also dream about certain weather conditions. Come to think of it, I wanted to be a meteorologist at some point or go into earth or space related science but I changed my mind and chose health care.

Anyway, maybe the reason why I sometimes dream about the weather is because part of me still wishes I was smarter enough to pursue a career there.

Guess The Item

Got an hour between classes to share some quick and exciting news! All weekend long I've been debating to buy something that I've wanted since I was a child but never looked at it until now.What is it? Please stay tuned to when it arrives and I will share it ASAP Hint: It's from something I've loved for 16 years.-Emily

Partying to Win

I've always been a Nintendo gamer aside from Xbox. There was a time where I actually did care more about winning at one point.
When I was 11 or 13 I was addicted to the Mario Party series. 
 I was first introduced to them when I played the 5th version at a friend's cottage. I actually found the board gameplay plus tons of minigames to play after each round, which is randomized to be really fun.

Everyday Cosplay

I was never one for doing a lot of cosplaying, but I have made the goal of adding it to my bucket list.

I don't have a lot of time to make anything really complex, but who says you can't make just something simple with the clothes you already have, or buying from sci-fi themed stores? That's why I love clothing lines like Her Universe created by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano. However, some of the stuff I wanna buy there is out of my budget at the moment so you have to get creative.

Flying Musical Dreams

I have talked about how much I love having dreams where I can fly. But some of them stand out more.
Like for instance if I dream where I'm flying really high, fast and/or doing tricks in the sky then those are the ones I remember and often write about.

8 Things That Drive Me Away From Halo

I've been a Halo fan since I was 15 or 14, but lately the franchise is going in a direction that I don't like. At first I was okay with everything and tried to be accepting, but eventually things started to happen that I didn't approve of. Like, I have no issues with things like sprint, loadout choices (most shooter games let you do that anyway), BR starts, etc. But those are just little things. There are bigger things out there that have disappointed me even more.

Games I've Put on Hold but Never Completed

Have you ever started playing a video game, got stuck at a certain point, stopped playing for a long period time, and completely forgot about them? Been there done that, and in fact there's a quite a few games that I want to complete but still haven't bothered to do so.

Two Jedi Masters, Twice the Love

It's been another long day at school and I am exhausted to the core. I always wonder if I'll be able to pull off juggling my workload and finish with good grades.
Lucky for me, the best comfort to relieve stress came. Plo Koon & Kit Fisto arrived home today! They need stands now and I think I'm going to hit the sack before I fall asleep writing this..... Goodnight,

Lazy Saturday

I am feeling sick today so not much is happening right now. I watched The Princess and the Frog this afternoon and if I feel better tomorrow I'd like to talk about some gaming stuff. This one's about some long time unfinished business.Sound intriguing? Wait and see!-Emily

Meliora Album Review

I've been waiting for Ghost's new album all summer and it finally came near the end. I have to say that a Nameless Ghoul was serious about when they said they wanted the move towards a heavy sound with this album. There's still some vocally driven parts here and there but not as much last time. But so far, I like it.

The Nautolan and the Kel Dor

As I settle into my college workload after a whole year off I find my stress level rising. I got home late yesterday from that tutorial and thank the Mantle it's not mandatory every week.

Still, I'm tired as hell, so I wrote this quickly last night for today since Tuesday is really busy. I finally have ordered some action figure stands because my little General Grievous just won't stand up sometimes, (I came home from the Labor Day weekend to find him lying at the foot of my dresser, poor guy, but he's in one piece; that's the LAST time I want him falling from there) and that's not all. These two handsome Jedi Masters will be coming home too:

Discrimination in Fan-Made Websites

When someone makes a website or social media page dedicated to a band or universe it's always exciting to see what they post, especially if their stuff is really good.

But, it creates a problem when their large following consists of mostly girls.

First Day in Hell (just kidding!)

Alright here I am sitting on a short study break writing this.....
It's the first day of school and so far I'm totally calm. I was anxious last night and lost some sleep. (I hate losing sleep, even if I read before bedtime) but so far I've got a positive attitude. 
If I really feel stressed I looked at my now framed drawing that Peter Cullen signed or I escape into Metal Metal Land (if you saw what this week's song is) This month I am hoping to review Ghost's new album Meloria and maybe pursue another TV series if I can find something worthy of watching. 
But for now, school comes first, however, this website is also another priority of mine so I'll keep all you primitives and highborns posted alright?

Calm Before The Storm

It's been a good long weekend so far. Besides spending it getting hyped for Shadow of Intent, I'm at the cottage having a break with nature, before school starts on Tuesday.It feels good to escape and it's like going to another world. That should be a hint to what next Monday's song of the week is.Until then, I could use a good boat ride.-Emily

Find Where The Liar Hides

This morning I thought I was going to melt on the news that was posted. I'll just leave this here if you don't mind...

Star Wars the Clone Wars Season by Season

Koh-toh-yah! (and WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

I have spent the majority of my summer finally pursuing this series and I gotta say that every moment of it is truly awesome. I started watching a few months after finishing Transformers Prime. In this entry I'll give you little thoughts of what I liked about each season and the best moments.

These Dreams Give You Wings

I feel like my brain has been wired to remember the way I want to fly in my dreams when given the opportunity.

One of my alter egos that I have created in my mind is the Dragon Master. I feel like my brain knows that that is how I want to fly: dragon wings. However, I will take a jet pack as well, or a starship too.

Rabid Fangirl Generalization

Don't you just hate it when someone assumes you're a crazy person in love with a character that you want all to yourself, think they're real, will do whatever it takes to bring down anyone who ships them with another character from the franchise, or attack anyone who likes that character too? When the truth is, you've outgrown that behavior?

Another Birthday with the Demon: 1978 Album Review

It's August 25th and you know what that means. Happy birthday Gene Simmons! Another year older, another year wiser.

I have a tradition of listening to his whole solo album from 1978 on this day every year. I haven't got a chance to give you my thoughts on it so this time I will:

Kickstart my Heart One Last Time

Well, I'm back from last night's gig with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, and I gotta say it was pretty epic. I haven't been to a gig at the ACC since my first concert which was Taylor Swift with my girlfriends.

This was a great night, as soon as Alice Cooper came on the stage I started screaming and sang the songs I knew.

Hellbender Turbulence Week Again

Good morning people.

This week has been really busy so far. This is the second time I have gone up to the college for another orientation and to get things set up.

I've been in and out of community college for the past two years. When I finished my RPA program in August last year, I decided to take the rest of the year off to find work and volunteer.

GWAR Slave: You are Not a Violent Person

I haven't made these entries in a while, but I think it's time to make another one. This time the band is GWAR, and I think I've been a fan of them long enough to tell you what it's like.

I used to hate them, until I learned that underneath their negativity and violence, they aren't as bad as you think they are.

Today in KISStory (again!)

Today is August 12th, and you know what happened last year on this very day?

That's right, I saw KISS a second time! I feel like every time I see them, it just keeps getting better. I was a wee bit closer last time, I wore a full costume, and sang almost every song on the setlist. Nearly lost my voice!

The Didact and Warden Eternal

In the Halo fandom, nobody seems to understand why I feel strongly about the way the Didact is, so here I'm going to explain it more in depth about why I hope that Warden Eternal; the possible new antagonist for Halo 5 Guardians, is not the Didact, and why I would prefer the Didact not come back after his composition.....unless there's some miracle that he was made to look composed, but really wasn't......highly unlikely or not.

Sci-Fi Species Equality

As a nerd, I think it's only fair that I let this out. I respect all species in the sci-fi universe. Good or evil, and I wish there was more equality in movies and video games. But most of all, I find that we as humans are often overpowered in science fiction, and all we want to do is kill anything that isn't human.

Picking Up the Pieces

I've been dying to get going on my fanfiction again, because God knows, I feel like I've had it on hold forever. Writer's block is pure evil! Before I wrote my Didact story called "The Good, the Bad, and the Didact" I had several stories on hold, including my Megadeth saga which was my most read so far. But I had no clue where to continue the story to when I was in the middle of the sequel.

A TFCon Dream Come True

This is probably one of the most special days of my entire life. I've been waiting for this day for months and it finally came!

I first heard about TFCon last summer from a friend in college and decided to attend. It was a blast, and I wanted to go again this year. I was even more desperate to not miss out when I heard Peter Cullen was going to be there, so I splurged the day it was announced VIP tickets were available, and it was worth it!

Rolling Out and Counting

This is it, tomorrow's the big day, TFCon here I come!

I don't have much to say right now because I just painted my nails blue and red, and I don't wanna type too much.

I will take as many pictures as I can, so watch my Instagram for them, you can access my profile here

I think I'll go listen to my playlist of songs that make me think of Optimus Prime now. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to say to Peter Cullen, but I think I'll just go in and wing it. I've been waiting months ever since I bought those tickets.

Less than 24 hours to go and counting!


Dedications Gone Wrong

New bands these days are often making songs and naming themselves after things they're passionate about. I admire their dedication, but once I hear their music, I realize that the song itself is just terrible in many ways.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Going Battlefront

I went through a period on and off of playing Star Wars Battlefront, and it started with my curiosity when I watched my brother playing the first one years ago. Only now, we got the second game.

I had played a few times and wasn't that great but yesterday I decided to go back to playing the game.

Fighting the General in my Dreams

Ever since I became a Star Wars fan when I was 6, I dreamed of being a Jedi Knight, and I still do. (there are so many rules you have to follow, and oaths you have to take which sucks, but I guess I could be like Anakin a little bit, you know, bend the rules a little, but I would never turn to the dark side)

Summer Updates!

Happy Canada Day!

I have today off, and it's sunny outside. A nice long walk, I will take.

Story of the Emi-Didact

The Emi-Didact is my latest fantasy in the Halo Universe, and it goes differently than the fanfiction I'm writing right now.

The Emi-Didact:

The Story of Emili Vadumee

I have so many different fantasies in my vivid and wild imagination. It's not a crime to have such a thing when you're an adult and I'm not afraid to show it. So starting now, I'm going to share some of these characters I am in certain universes with you. Starting with my two different identities in the Halo Universe. This is my first one, and the second one will be shared in my next entry.

Emili 'Vadumee

Halo 5 Guardians: Another Spartan Fans Only Game

You know I'm looking forward to Halo 5 Guardians and so are millions of other people who still have kept the faith after what happened with MCC.

It comes out on October 27th, my calendar's marked, and my wallet is ready. I don't know how much I'll be playing it since I'm going back to college in September; my work ethic is really good so I can find my way around it to play when I can.

GoT Season 5 The Top Turn-Offs & Turn-Ons

I've been watching Game of Thrones for months now to catch up on the series, there have been many things I wish could have been better. Good and bad things, yes. There's more bad things than good in this case but I will try to mention every epic and not so great moment there is, no matter how many there were of each, and of course my thoughts.

Best moments:

1. Drogon reappears

Ever since the end of season 4, I wanted to know where Drogon went. Dany managed to catch Viserion and Rhaegal before they could do any more damage to the people living in Mereen, or elsewhere in Slaver's Bay. But Drogon, he was my favourite out of Dany's dragons because he was the most aggressive and rebelled the most at this stage. He has proven to be defiant at times, and Dany's first appearance in the last season proves it. But eventually we find out that he is still loyal to her. It's as if this scene provides her some relief to know that he is still out there after she avoids a riot.

Young KISS Fans and Victimization

The KISS fandom has never been peaceful on the Internet as it is out in the real world. In the real world you can easily cover it up, and be nice to fans of all ages because you know you can't get away with being mean to them in real life.

The Optimus Prime I Love and Don't Love: A Brief Look at Optimus Through the Movies

I have planned to write about this, and I was finally reminded upon seeing a photo collage of Optimus over the years of the movie series in Transformers,

Sunny Days with the Didact's Hand

Finally, this is the spring weather I've been asking for! I couldn't be more happier.

Today was pretty much a stay at home day so I found the remaining hidden plushies in Halo 2 Anniversary (one achievement for each) to get the Toybox achievement, got a bit of exercise in and some reading to, Gone with the Wind is really long but I'm halfway done it due to having tons of time to catch up on it while in Cuba. Anyway, I'm feeling that a nice beautiful day like this made me feel better, especially after yesterday's not only gloomy overcast weather, but I had some Internet forum drama going on. I was going to rant about it here, but then at the end of the day I realized it wasn't worth it.

The Spaceman's Birthday

It's April 27th and do you know what that means? I haven't done musician birthday wishes, nor have I done an entry about KISS in a while so now's a good time to do so.

Happy birthday Ace Frehley!

Sunday Thoughts

Good morning, or good afternoon sentient and primitive beings in the galaxy.

I don't know what I'm doing on a lazy Sunday like today, so I've been sitting here thinking about shit to write. But I've got a few things in mind really.

The Didact I Wish Existed: A Forerunner Trilogy Review

It's been a while since I did a book review, I think the last one was Gene Simmons's autobiography which was really good. But I'm trying to read more often now. The Halo books have come across my table many times, but I never really committed to them because most of them were part of the lore that didn't interest me. As soon as I took interest in the Forerunners after being exposed to them in the terminals and falling in love with the Ur-Didact, I set my sights on reading Halo books again on them and on the Sangheili.

European Metal Night

Vacation was my ally, but now it has abandoned me. This Forerunner has returned.....

That's right. I'm back from Cuba. I've got a ton of things to write about. A book trilogy to review, a few other things in mind also still to be determined but first, I think I'm gonna start with the concert I went to the day before I went on vacation.

The Annoyance of Shipping

Time for another rant. That's right, another one. Same thing as usual, if you disagree with me, leave immediately, I do not want trolls or arguments on this blog as long as I continue to run it. But if you have something to clarify then be nice about it.

Great Characters Gone to Waste

Ever liked a certain fictional character in a book, movie, or video game that you didn't know much about, but then you found out more about them? But just when you've started to like them, you find out that they were thrown in to the story and then thrown out quickly.

Long Time Trainer

I don't know why I've had this on hold for the longest time, but I've been planning to write about this actually, this was one of the first stories I wanted to share on my blog but since there's a lot to it, I had writer's block on it for 2 years, but now I've put it together.

I think it's time I tell you my story as a Pokemon fan, and this time I'm not leaving anything out. I didn't grow up with the anime or watch it like most of you did. I do have a collection of cards, that I started collecting in my freshman year and then into sophamore before collecting Chaotic cards.

How did it all start? It came out of nowhere that I decided I wanted the original Ruby GBA version, for the hell of it, to try something new.

When it appeared under the Christmas tree in 6th grade. I couldn't put the game down. At first I didn't know the right tactics of being a Pokemon Trainer so I just ended up fighting with my starter: Torchic the most as well as adding…

Running from the Horde

Ever since I started playing Gears of War again for the hell of it, I've been dreaming about the grubs again, but not killing them.

I will admit, I have a crush on Marcus Fenix, he's the only fictional crush I have that is human. But unfortunately, he wasn't in my dream last night.

More Metal Drama

I haven't written anything about my favourite music genre recently, and I'm sure everyone is wondering where the hell that went? There's three things that have been on my mind lately in the world of metal and that's:

Action Figures; What they mean to me

Sometimes people might ask, why do you waste your money on those things? There are lots of adults out there who do things like collect dolls, action figures, sleep with stuffed animals, and play video games. It gives me huge relief to know I am not the only one. I have about 20 action figures in my room. I don't regret buying any of them. They are on display on my shelf, and dresser.

Hunting Predacons

Well, I've finally finished the Transformers Prime series, season 3 Beast Hunters and the 1 hour finale.

Thoughts on it, incoming in 3.....2.....1.

The Pros and Cons of Horror Survival Games

Ever since August 2014, there's been a big boom up on horror PC games. Now I'm not a PC gamer, but seeing this news, and due to the fact that I have friends who play these games I might as well share my thoughts.

5 Nights at Freddy's is all the rage now. Personally, I prefer it spreading on the Internet over My Little Pony. So, it's a horror game but at first I look at it and didn't understand what was so scary about these animatronic characters....until you start playing.

I watched Markiplier play it and it did seem pretty scary when they jump at you, but it gets even worse if YOU are playing. I spent one afternoon at my friend's house who has played the first and second game. I tried playing two nights in the first game and survived, but still I felt that rush of fear trying to conserve power, and keep the animatronics from killing me. Seeing them appear in the doorways, always makes me jump besides when you get attacked. Now, you may think how is this scary …

Write Away

You're probably wondering why I haven't been writing as many entries per month as I used to. The last time I had so many frequent updates, was when I was sharing my thoughts on all 4 Halo games while playing through the Master Chief Collection, after it was released.

Optimus Prime shall meet his Princess

Every year TFCon is held in the summer. I was there last year and I have to be there again this year, no excuses no matter how urgent they are. Why is that? Well....

Amnesia, Relics and Omega Keys

Just finished watching season 2 of Transformers Prime. I've been literally binge watching for the past three days, because the series will be taken off Netflix on the 17th. Lucky for me, if I prioritize this; I should finish season 3 in no time seeing as it is only 13 episodes, and S2 was 26.

Back to the Meadows of Heaven

Nightwish returns to Toronto this upcoming April, on the day of the Titanic's sinking. I was a part of their show the last time they were here, September 20th 2012. That was my first metal concert. Will I be a part of it this year? Well, I wouldn't be writing this if I wasn't going.

I Don't Need More Tragedy

This has been on my mind a while, so I thought I'd get it out.

People always ask me why I don't watch the news, or they persuade me to watch the news. So why don't I watch the news and have no interest in it?