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Falling for and Dreaming about a Villain

I have a lot of fictional crushes, but most of them are on the good side, or they used to be evil but turned good. But after playing through Halo 4 a few times, I suddenly developed a soft spot for the villain in the game: Shadow of Sundered Star a.k.a the Didact or Ur-Didact

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 4: Halo 4

Now for the final story of the MCC play through comes Halo 4. The latest installment of John's journey.

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 3: Halo 3

Back again! Now it's time for my to share my thoughts on the third Halo game and the first one that I played as a fan.

Hail Genocide! A Bloody Night with GWAR

The bloody pit of horror really does exist and it's a bloody pit indeed! GWAR kicked major ass there are too many words to describe it. Bad news is however, I don't have any stage photos from the gig because of all the blood I didn't want my phone to get ruined.

Start this off with me before and after the show:

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 2: Halo 2 Anniversary

Time flies when you're having fun and I couldn't wait to try the new remastered version of this game.

Now this story in this game is what sparked my interest even more along with Halo 3. It becomes much more in-depth and introduced me to what the Covenant are like.

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 1: Halo CE

So to get this party started I've finally begun pursuing these entries. In case you're wondering why it's been a while I've been busy playing. I'll admit the game has bugs and lots of them. Some of my achievements do not unlock even though I have completed the requirements to unlock them. As a result the in-game unlockable that comes with that achievement like a new avatar or skin does not unlock either.