The Re-Mastered Halo Universe

I seriously can't wait for November 11th, not only shall I show my support for our soldiers but also to experience Halo in a whole new way.

It's official, all four Halo games that I've played through shall be released on the Xbox One with upgraded graphics and perhaps a few additional features. This goes especially for Halo 2 since that game's anniversary is around this time. Coming out in T- 5 days and counting, plus my brother and I pre-ordered it.

I have played through the story modes of each of the four games coming with this collection and no, do NOT get me started on what difficulty I have completed on because it doesn't matter. I'm in it for the story, not to show off what difficulty I did it on because it appears that most gamers see it that way: Beat the game on the highest difficulty to get more gamerscore then rack up XP daily to reach the highest rank. I don't see it that way. I play for fun and let my skill grow at it's own pace in story mode and multiplayer as I said previously.

For this ocassion I have decided to share my thoughts on all four of the games contained with in this collection. Not sure if I should do that before or after the release but it's on my list so it's something to look forward to! I also have to review Lordi's new album which came out on Halloween so stay tuned for that as well.



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