10 Things that would make Game of Thrones more exciting

I have watched my way through all 4 seasons of Game of Thrones and am now waiting for the 5th season while reading the books at the same time. It's one of those series that a large number of people are going to love but it isn't perfect. I feel like it has a few flaws. Many things here in this series completely satisfy some viewers but not me. Here are my suggestions that would make the series better.

1. Arya and Nymeria:

I love seeing Jon Snow with Ghost I love their bond. Now, it's no secret that we never got to see enough of the Stark girls with their direwolves. They didn't even get to grow up fully. Sansa's direwolf Lady was executed on Cersai's orders and Nymeria on the other hand, Arya had to let her go so she wouldn't be killed. Nymeria is probably grown by now, I wonder where she is now. One of the coolest things would be that Arya reunites with her direwolf. But I don't think that'll happen anytime soon now that Arya is on her way to Braavos. I'll bet that she misses Nymeria a lot. She got Needle back, so why can't she have Nymeria back?

2. More dragons:

Ah dragons, my favourite mythical creatures in the world. The finale of season 1 is epic because that's when they hatch from those eggs. And then we are all stoked (especially myself) that we'll get to see dragons burning up shit as soon as they're large enough, or just see Dany take care of them while they're young but in spite of all that....those dragons rarely get any screen time. It's understandable to shift focus from one major character to another across Westeros, but when it's Dany's turn to shine how often do we get to see those dragons? Almost never. Season 2: Drogon fed briefly and all three of them trying to breathe fire for the first time. Then they are stolen and aren't saved until the finale. Season 3: Grown bigger. We get to see them fly and hunt, and soon there's the time when Drogon burns the slave masters and the Unsullied slaughter them and then all three of them fly above as Dany and her army march from Astapor to Yunkai. There's not much to say there. Season 4: You want to see those dragons even more now because they're almost fully grown. So it's great opening it with Dany trying to spend time with them until Drogon snaps at her. But after she leaves to make her way to Mereen we don't even know where those dragons went. You don't see them flying above on the way there and only after arriving in Mereen do we see Drogon killing a goat, possibly the one responsible for the burning of a little girl and then he is missing. Poor Dany has to chain up Rhaegal and Viserion in order to protect the people of Mereen as her dragons are now rebelling, especially Drogon. But where were her dragons this entire time, before Drogon vanished and Rhaegal and Viserion where chained up? At a time when I want to see even more dragon scenes since they are almost grown and what do I get? Even less dragon scenes than the last season. Huge disappointment. Oh, that reminds me, an even bigger disappointment was where the hell were those dragons when Dany and her forces arrive at Mereen and we get that epic scene when the chains are broken and she conquers the city? Unsullied: Check. Ser Jorah, Ser Barristan, Grey Worm, Daario and Missandei: Check, check, check, check, check. Dragons: no check. So where are they? I wanted to see them fly in and kill the slave masters of Mereen or fly down and land beside Dany as she approached the city gates. Sometimes you see not enough of what you want to see in this series and too much of something you don't want to see which brings me to.....

3. Cut back on the nudity

 Okay, so you read my rant about how there are not enough dragon scenes. This is the complete opposite. There is too much nudity in this show. By the AllSpark, I could count how many times I saw nipples and a slight glimpse of you know what. I swear, men who love to see women's breasts all the time, stare at a girl's chest, and only think they are beautiful if they are naked, or half-naked exposing the chest, belly, or butt are sick-minded and need help. Some of the nudity I don't mind; like Robb Stark and Talisa making love before she informs him that she is pregnant but the rest of it is not necessary like for instance the brothel. Too many ladies in King's Landing want to strip down. It seems HBO would rather show boobs than monsters and other things I want to see more of. I think if we cut back on the prostitutes and needless stripping down then this would be a lot better. I would rather seen those three badass dragons kill the Lannister's forces in King's landing, burning them to cinders than see three naked women play with Theon or more nudity from prostitutes or other major characters for the billionth time every other episode. You don't have to get rid of the nudity completely, just limit it a little bit. Know when enough nudity in one episode or season is enough.

4. Save the sex for between two that love each other

This relates to number 3. 99.9% of the sex you see in this show is between a prostitute and a prince or knight, (they call them whores but I will call them prostitutes because I can and I find the word whore to be insulting) or it's forced sex which I hate even more. For instance the man pushes the woman onto the bed, or turns her over on her belly, stands up and just forcefully pulls....well you know. I don't like that. I like it when sex means something more than what it is, like it's between two lovers. Robb and Talisa, and Jon Snow and Ygritte. No issues with that. Dany and Drogo, well at first it was like rape, (the version I hate) and then it was more with feeling when she began to please him and then fell in love with him. Other than that, this forceful sex at a bar or out in the open where everyone can see like the Dothraki, or constant between a prostitute and some prince or knight, enough already. In season 4 I forget which episode it was but I know it was somewhere beyond the Wall just before we see the White Walker take the baby: the guy by the fire fucks this chick and she is moaning as if she wants him to stop. That's terrible. Sex is often good for us in a way, but in reality I prefer to see it mean more than just sex. Don't force it, and I like to see it between lovers and nothing more.

5. Have some Starks reunite

In the beginning we had all houses together. Now the Starks which we were first exposed to are scattered throughout Westeros either dead or somewhere far from home and the rest of their family. Bran's gone beyond the Wall, Sansa stayed in King's Landing for a bit and then went to the Eyrie, Arya has been to several places, etc. The only two that seemed to stick together were Robb and Catelyn before they were both murdered. But one family relationship  really want to see again is Jon and Arya. You do get to see them together as siblings briefly at the start of the first season and you can already tell that they are close. In the books there's more details of it. I love their brother/sister relationship and would give anything to see it again.

6. Khal Drogo

Seriously, bring this great warlord back. Why? Well, when Dany began to please him and when they fell in love they became such a cute couple. You don't see it much but when you did, they were cute togther honestly, no denying that. A brutally strong Khal now protects his Khaleesi. I miss that too much right now, except the unfortunate thing is if he never died, then Dany would have never hatched her dragon eggs...

7. More White Walkers and other supernatural forces beyond the Wall

At the beginning of the series we found about some men from the Night's Watch and one of them deserted his post after encountering the White Walkers which appear to be white zombies almost. So there's a big deal with the evil forces North of the Wall. The Wall keeps them out, and the Night's Watch is the faction that protects us all from such creatures. There are two big conflicts here. The conflict to win the Iron Throne to rule Westeros and to keep the supernatural forces North of the Wall. We don't get to see much of the second war. The White Walkers appear on very rare ocassions like an army of them seen far North of the Wall. Samwell Tarly kills one, and then one takes a baby and appears to turn it into one of them. I think it's time we bring in a White Walker invasion. Either they attack Castle Black or find another way to get South of the Wall. You probably remember doing a song in preschool or kindergarten about a bear hunt where you reach obstacles, and you can't go under, over or around them so you go through it. Seems same situation here only harder. You can go over the Wall if you're a good climber. There's no way to go under or around it. The only way through it is Castle Black. So it looks like the White Walkers would have to do the direct approach to Castle Black if they want to invade. All I'm saying is if there are such evil forces beyond the Wall, how come we almost never see them attack those who are beyond the Wall? I have an idea for a future season: Winter comes and the White Walkers invade Westeros during that long winter. Thus, the result is everyone has to put the throne conflict aside for their own safety of the brutally cold winter and the armies of White Walkers getting South and invading. Now that would be scary, but oh yeah...speaking of winter.....

8. Winter finally comes

Winter has came....Starks talk about how winter will come but why hasn't it come yet? They say it'll be longer and colder this time. There are so many mentions of winter coming but it never comes. I think for future season winter should come, and how long will it last? The next three seasons perhaps? That would shake things up a notch.

9. Ed Skrein goes back to playing Daario Naharis

 Okay, I'll admit that Daario was only attractive in season 3 when we first saw him. He looked like Khal Drogo without a beard and braid. Then come season 4 now he's played by Michiel Huisman who suddenly makes Daario less attractive in my opinion. Ed was a guest star but he was a lot more hunkier. Right ladies? He may not have been a good actor but he was better looking.

10. Don't make it seem like it's bad to have a baby girl instead of a boy

This seems like a dumb thing to add to this list and to conclude this entry but it's what I've been noticing and can't seem to get my head wrapped around it. So, was this a rule back in the Middle Ages cause I know this is the era we are portraying in this series. Is it only important to have boys because only they can rule? I'm only saying this because the past is a beautiful thing, you can learn a lot but what sucks is that women did not have much rights back then. What's wrong if your unborn child turns out to be a girl instead? Will she have to be executed cause it's not a boy or left out on the streets or the couple's reaction is like "Shit it's a girl, she can't rule....I wanted a boy, let's try again." For some reason I didn't like at the Red Wedding when Talisa says what to name her child if it's a boy but never considers a name for the child if it turns out to be a girl. Girls matter too you know, and that includes having baby girls as well.

So that concludes this. I think if we applied all ten of these suggestions Game of Thrones would be even more awesome as it is now. Okay....maybe we don't need #10 but the rest, yes for sure.



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