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The Rise and the Fall of the Chaos Bringer

After putting this off all week I finally got to it today, the season finale for the first season of Transformers Prime. I thought it was going to be epic considering every episode had something exciting to bring and it was.

No Trouble in TF Paradise

Had another Transformers dream over the long weekend. I've got a lot on my mind right now so maybe writing about it will clear it up a bit.

It started on a tropical island. We were Ground-Bridged to it. I was OP's Sparkmate of course. Now normally in a situation like this, he wouldn't want me coming along on missions like these but in this dream let's just say that my family was out somewhere else and he didn't want me left alone so he brought me along. Ironhide remained patroling one side of the island. OP and Ratchet dropped me off at the beach and told me to remain there until nightfall. The beach wasn't very crowded, and sometimes I don't understand why he wanted me to stay on the beach; out in an open place, no where to hide if any Decepticons came along. OP and Ratchet went scouting the area.

Enter Vulvatron & Blothar

Gwar's lineup has changed recently and it looks like I'm with the current now. Back in Gwar's early days they had a frontwoman alongside of Oderus but due to his untimely death we've got a new singer as well and a new frontwoman. Here are my thoughts:

Double the Transformers = Double the Love Part 2: Transformers Prime

And now, onto the second part of this entry. While getting to know the G1 series better I decided to start watching Transformers Prime too. There have been a few times where I wanted to watch the series but didn't even finish the prequel mini-series that goes on to the first season but I will finish the series, I really mean it this time.

Double the Transformers = Double the Love Part 1: G1

I've been neglecting to expand my horizons in the Transformers universe due to other interests and committments popping up lately but with a little more free time I've finally branched out more in the franchise. Now I'm watching two series, and so far they impress me more than I thought.

Since this is about two series, I figured it would be best to split this into two entries starting with the most classic of all that everyone has seen except me until now: The G1 series.

 Better late than never in watching this series right? As you can see both sides clash. It seems that most of the time, Megatron and his Decepticons are looking for power sources on Earth so they can harvest Energon with it and return to Cybertron. The Autobots will stop at nothing to prevent Megatron from taking over Earth and Cybertron. Are there human allies? Yes in fact, but finally those human allies have their place and do not take over. This is what I came to see when I started watching this series:…

The Madness at the Core of Time......

I'm trying to find the words to describe this situation. But all I can come up with is Bloody Mary.

Stucifer in my Dreams

I haven't blogged about dreams in a long time and I love writing about the dreams I've had. This dream was a while ago, I was planning to write about it but never got the chance because I got sidetracked well here it is.

Lately I've got a new metal musician crush to join my list of hot rock/metal musicians. Stu Block of Iced Earth: