The Demon and his views on Mental Health

Recently, just two days after my 2nd KISS concert in my life, there were reports showing up on my Twitter feed and Facebook about what Gene Simmons said about depression. All of a sudden, it seems more people took what he said literally than just realizing that it is a freedom of speech.

What's my take on this? Well it's high time I share my own thoughts on this situation now that I'm here.

Gene said something about how depressed people should just kill themselves and he compares it to how his mother endured the concentration camps during the Holocaust. Nobody wants to be a part of that. I can understand his perspective from saying he doesn't want to be close to anyone who is addicted to booze and drugs. That's his choice. I never do drugs, I drink on rare ocassions but nothing too strong tasting. I guess it coming from the fact that he wants to stay healthy and wants someone he's with all the time as maybe a business partner to be the same otherwise, no brotherhood there.

Anyway, I'm not going to copy & paste from an article on what he said, but I did read it and I think, well yes it was pretty harsh. But then again, it's freedom of speech. However, too many people took it way too literally and started bashing him on the Internet through Facebook and Twitter. This caused him to deactivate his Twitter account which disappoints me. Most of these haters were ones that just plain hate him or they are going through depression themselves. I recognize depression is really bad, I have some friends that have been victims of it. But I decided not to get angry at him for this particular incident because even though it's a harsh opinion, he's allowed to have it. Someone could be allowed to have an opinion that they think the Nazis are great people and that's pretty harsh too. Disagree with him if you must, but don't bash him for it and it's also stupid if you choose to never forgive him for the rest of your life even years after the incident.

He eventually apologized a few days later stating that he understood that depression is very serious and it can take your life if you don't get help. Some people rely on drugs, others rely on talking to someone, changing their lifestyle, etc. or they do all of the above. People were still mad about that. Really? Your loss. I believe he is an honest man who if he had to apologize and did, he really meant it. But just like the issue about the makeup, this is another thing people will never move on from. This eventually made him deactivate his Twitter account which is a real downer cause we don't know if he's coming back or not. I soon learned the difference between two things.

You know when he said he didn't get along with anyone who is too emotional, addicted to drugs, booze, etc.? Turns out he wasn't talking about people who have clinical depression that can make them suicidal. He was talking about people who are ACTING depressed and suicidal cause they want attention. When Kurt Cobain killed himself there was a period of time when girls who idolized him who didn't have any signs of clinical depression killed themselves or said things like "Tonight I'm going to end it all!" and Gene was basically saying. "Enough, fuck you and just do it." to those people who were acting depressed. A 16 year old girl for instance could have been dumped and she's so upset cause she loved the guy so much that she's crying everyday but if she went to see her doctor he tells her she's not depressed, she's just sad that she lost the guy she was in love with. Being clinically depressed is caused by internal or external sources but often takes time to develop. To me, I think clinical depression is caused by sources like family/spouse death, divorce, work/school stress, and there's more. But as I said, it takes a while for it to develop before you realize you are clinically depressed. During college I felt so overwhelmed sometimes I would cry at night, but it didn't become chronic and go towards having a mental disorder and I never went to my doctor to wonder if I was starting to have depression or I was just stressed and needed to start being positive before things got worse. Now even though Gene wasn't talking about clinical depression, due to the recent death of Robin Williams who did have clinical depression: the media twisted Gene's words to make everyone think he WAS talking about clinical depression when he wasn't.

Anyway, another take on this is well, I may have spoken about this before. Everyone has a freedom of speech, but at times that opinion is better off kept to yourself. You never know who might be offended by it if you choose to open your mouth. My parents taught me this growing up, you can say your opinion on something but that doesn't mean that you should. Even if it's just something basic like you hate rap music. You wouldn't want to say rap music sucks in front of a group of rap fans would you? They might either say something like "whatever, your opinion" but the worst could be they could say something nasty to you. No wonder no one can voice their opinion on Justin Bieber without receiving death threats. Also, don't abuse your ability to share a negative opinion. I was bullied in school all the way to my senior year just because I had hobbies and interests that weren't mainstream. People said shit about them as I walked by or to my face to make me upset, I learned to ignore it but at the same time I always thought: why can't you just keep that to yourself? I don't say anything about the stuff that makes YOU happy. People also delibrately brought up the subject when I was nearby even if it wasn't spoken in an obvious way to upset me, but somehow I knew it was meant to get my attention. There was even one time in biology class where someone recorded someone saying that Pokemon sucks and would play it at random times in class. I would report it to the teacher but it took some time before it stopped. Well, enough of that. The point I'm proving here is that everyone should keep their negative opinions to themselves, even people like Gene Simmons. The media also needs to stop twisting his words to make the public view him as a bad person.

I don't agree with what Gene said, but at the same time he has the right to think that way. But, things would have turned out better if he never said it.

For those of you who were able to forgive him and move on I salute you. But for those of you who can't get over it and you're still talking shit about him on the KISS pages cause yourself or someone you know suffers from depression then you have no life.

I previously wrote about my idols on what I love and don't love about them. The entry I did for that about Gene stated that I love him as a musician and as a person for the positive things he does like supporting lots of charities, sponsering starving children in Africa, supporting the military, having a loving family, etc. and the part of him that I don't love is all that sex he had back then (which doesn't exist anymore) and when he charges you $10,000 for instance to buy one of his signature basses and meet him. So you know I don't love everything he says and does, but I focus on the positive things he says and does. Not just him, but for the rest of my idols as well.

So whether you're a Gene fan like me or not, it would be nice if you would just let it go.



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