Today in KISStory

One year ago I remember my heart racing as I was jumping up and down watching the stage from afar waiting for my heros to emerge. The black curtain with the words "KISS" written on it. I waited. I heard the sound of drums beating, and then I heard that familiar chant: "Alright Toronto!!! You wanted the GOT the best!! The hottest band in the world...KISS!!!" That was when I started screaming as the curtain came down and KISS hit the stage. A magical and memorable night.

I was waiting three months for that show last year. Now on this very day I still remember it as a year has passed. You may think it's kind of creepy that I write about this but if you saw a band that you truly love with all your heart no matter what happens to them then yes I think it's reasonable to write about something like this. 

KISS performed at the Molson Amphitheater on this very day last year July 26th 2013 and I was there, for the first time in forever and I can't describe to you how happy I am to be seeing them again this year on August 12. I would feel this way for any band, not just KISS. 

I think the most memorable moment was during the bass solo, I was screaming so loud I almost lost my voice. I am still very far from having something I've always wanted to happen at a KISS concert: Gene pointing at me while sticking his tongue out and meeting the band. I'm broke, hahahaha! But a girl can dream and save her money while at it!

I hope to write more about concert memories in the future.



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