The Meaning behind the name KISSLordiAngel

Sometimes you may ask, why did I call this blog by the name KISSLordiAngel?

Well I think it's time I tell you.

Lordi and KISS were the first two bands in my life to inspire me. Now I have many more bands that I love, but I owe it all to those two bands that started it all to shape my place in the world of metal. Think of it as the name of my blog is a tribute to Lordi and KISS. You know, like how some of Lordi's acts on stage are a tribute to KISS eg: Mr. Lordi's wings are a tribute to Gene Simmons.

In a way my blog's name is a tribute to Lordi and KISS, they were the first visual bands I came to love in image and music before GWAR and Ghost followed so yeah.

The angel part is also a tribute as well. Someone who loves me (I'd rather not say who) he often refers to me as his angel. That's all I shall reveal. Don't ask anything more of it.

I don't go by this name anywhere else except here now but it is definitely remaining my name here.



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