The Real True Side of my Idols which I Love Part 4: Dave Mustaine

Last but not least out of my four idols is Dave Mustaine. I think I know exactly what I am going to say about him, especially after I read his autobiography last year, he's one of the most attractive musicians in thrash metal to ever live and now I love him too.

Here's the Dave that I love:

Super hot and sexy whether I think of him at this age or older. This age of him I had to use for my Megadeth fanfiction (wink! wink! It's my most popular series on Wattpad!) so he could be in a relationship with Emily Thayer who is supposed to be 18 in the series. (she's 18 and Dave is I'd say.....23) but I used the band's current lineup for the story, it was easy to picture Junior younger but the other two members were harder. Anyway, this is the Dave that I love, a kick-ass guitar player and singer. He never gives up and when he was fired from Metallica he didn't give up; he went back home and started to form Megadeth. I'll never forget reading about how he and Junior met. 

The Dave that I don't love is obviously different. But thankfully that Dave no longer exists. I can still tell you though. The Dave I don't love was the one who was always getting high on drugs and alcohol. I thought, does he ever stop? He was trying but it was not easy over the years. From what I heard at that time he wasn't very nice to fans either. If I was alive at that time I wouldn't want to meet that Dave. Drugs can affect your personality and cause you to act not so friendly towards others. It depends on the drug though, but as far as I know the drugs he were taking were ones like cocaine and weed. But then again I'm glad the Dave I don't love is gone, now that he is sober and more nice to fans hopefully that makes things better.

So that concludes the flaws of my four idols. I hope you've enjoyed reading them. I think I had more detail for Papa and Gene but maybe that's because their flaws are more recognizable to me. These four hot and special musicians I will always love with all my heart and soul despite anything that does not make them perfect.



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