The Real True Side of my Idols which I Love Part 3: Mr. Lordi

Mr. Lordi was my first idol and at first I thought that there wouldn't be much about him to not love but as my place in the Lordi fandom processed I began to realize that there really is something after all that doesn't make him perfect.

Mr. Lordi has his ups and downs and the side of him that I love seems to be a lot like the rest. If you've been reading these entries so far you have probably noticed that the sides of my idols which I love is mostly based in a musical way. Gene has another part of him that I love that has nothing to do with music and so does Mr. Lordi so without any further a do, here's the Mr. Lordi that I love:

The one that I've been dreaming about seeing live for over a year now. He is a brutal sounding singer and everything he does is inspired by his childhood idols especially KISS to be more specific. Not only that but he also has such a sweet personality in interviews. His laugh is almost as cute as Ace Frehley's, and he's pretty much a big softie. He also spoke to me once via the official forum of the band and that was one of the best moments of my life just being able to talk to him. I really want to see him one day but that's not going to happen unless the band's recognition grows or go overseas. 

The Mr. Lordi that I do not love, I couldn't find a picture for but he is the type I have not really expressed on here before, especially when my first few entries on this blog were based on Lordi. He is the one who makes a few life choices that I wouldn't agree with, like smoking for instance. As a pharmacy student I am against that because I recently did a presentation on how to use nicotine replacement therapy and know what smoking can do to you and others. Basically the one part of Mr. Lordi that I don't love is the choices he makes with his health. Ever since I became a Lordi fan I want Lordi to last, and I believe that can be accomplished if the band members stay healthy. I would add in here that the side of him that I don't love is the fact that he doesn't try to do anything about making an international tour but I will not add that to his entry because that particular thing that is not happening when I wish it was, isn't his fault. 

Mr. Lordi doesn't have many flaws on how I love him. He's almost perfect to be honest. But I wish he would consider how he is going to take care of himself if he wants to live longer and make the band last long enough so that one day, they could come play here.



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