The Real True Side of my Idols which I Love Part 2: Gene Simmons

Next up in this set of entries is Gene Simmons. I had to do a lot of brainstorming to find out the side of him that I love and don't love but I've finally got it. I've been a KISS fan for about a year now and I've realized over time there are good and bad sides to every member that has been a part of KISStory.

Gene certainly is far from perfect, even though he sees himself as the perfect human being. I on the other hand do not see him that way. The part of him which I don't love consists of the past and the present but before I go in to those details here is the Gene that I love:

The epic Demon on stage who happens to be my all time favourite bass player. Even after forty years he still sounds like a rock star. I had my chance to see him last summer and I will see him again this summer. He does a great performance breathing fire, spitting blood and doing whatever else he does on stage. That's just Gene being Gene at that moment and I love him for that. The other part of the Gene that I love is also outside of his Demon persona. The Gene that has a loving family: a wife and two kids and he has made many contributions to society along with them. For example he is an active supporter of projects in the Wounded Warriors Foundation. He's also not afraid to stand up for what he believes in even if not everyone will agree with it. For example he once said that he never drinks alcohol because it is easily addictive and he doesn't want to become addicted to something that can harm you physically and mentally. Good on you Gene, that's the Gene that I love who bent the rules to be successful, chose to be unique, and stood up for what he believes in.

Now the Gene that I don't love has two parts to it. One is long gone, and the other still remains:

The first part of the Gene that I don't love has been gone for decades now but I cannot forget it, especially after reading his autobiography. I am glad he chose not to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but sex? Sex should not be used lightly. I'll try to be quick with this. I think that sex is something in life that you should save for the person you are one hundred percent sure that you will spend the rest of your life with. If you're still a virgin it's best to give it away to someone you trust. You can only give your virginity away once and, as soon as it's gone, it's gone. If you lost your virginity to someone who dumped you later on it's like a scar, and you'll never get it back. Anyway, I found it not necessary for him to sleep with a total of almost 5,000 girls. Really Gene? I think the rock star life doesn't need to be lived that way thank you very much. The second part of the Gene that I don't love still exists and is on the business side of his professional life: Money craving. This leads to high-priced KISS stuff that any KISS fan including myself would kill to have. I'm seeing KISS again this year but I'm in section 400 again because the best seats are far out of my budget. This was probably his idea. Even though I would rather crave money than drugs and alcohol, money can still affect you in a negative way. You can become selfish and demand so much money that only the fans willing to splurge will pay for it. I certainly do not have that money right now and until then I think this greed needs to step aside.

Gene certainly has a few flaws but I would not let them get to me. Even though one of them is long gone and the other still exists I could never love that Gene. I choose to love the Gene that I saw last year and will see again this year. He may not know me at all but I know in my heart that he is loved by many including me. He may not sleep with so many girls anymore but I'm sure he still has a lot of female admirers. Maybe not as many as Paul has because of his ego but I still love him.



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