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The Real True Side of my Idols which I Love Part 4: Dave Mustaine

Last but not least out of my four idols is Dave Mustaine. I think I know exactly what I am going to say about him, especially after I read his autobiography last year, he's one of the most attractive musicians in thrash metal to ever live and now I love him too.

Here's the Dave that I love:

The Real True Side of my Idols which I Love Part 3: Mr. Lordi

Mr. Lordi was my first idol and at first I thought that there wouldn't be much about him to not love but as my place in the Lordi fandom processed I began to realize that there really is something after all that doesn't make him perfect.

Mr. Lordi has his ups and downs and the side of him that I love seems to be a lot like the rest. If you've been reading these entries so far you have probably noticed that the sides of my idols which I love is mostly based in a musical way. Gene has another part of him that I love that has nothing to do with music and so does Mr. Lordi so without any further a do, here's the Mr. Lordi that I love:

The Real True Side of my Idols which I Love Part 2: Gene Simmons

Next up in this set of entries is Gene Simmons. I had to do a lot of brainstorming to find out the side of him that I love and don't love but I've finally got it. I've been a KISS fan for about a year now and I've realized over time there are good and bad sides to every member that has been a part of KISStory.

Gene certainly is far from perfect, even though he sees himself as the perfect human being. I on the other hand do not see him that way. The part of him which I don't love consists of the past and the present but before I go in to those details here is the Gene that I love:

The Real True Side of my Idols Intro.

Hello all.

The next four entries I am going to publish will be on my four idols. No these are not the same as dedications. I have a dedication to Papa which I have yet to write but I will save that for after I am done this.

Welcome Year Zero: I have Ghost, so I have Everything

I had the most wonderful night seeing Ghost. It was totally worth the wait. I barely got any sleep last night when I got home because I was still thinking about it! Now here's the story.

As soon as I got home from class that day I immediately started getting ready. Then blasted a Ghost marathon just like with KISS. I think I went a little over the top with cleaning myself but I wanted to look my best:

On This Night of Ritual

Hello fellow children of the clergy!

I can't believe it's already here! Tomorrow night I will finally be seeing Ghost! After three months of waiting it's finally here!

Joining the Scumdogs of the Universe

You thought I would never become a fan of them. You though that I was going to be against them for life. Well, turns out you're wrong. Way wrong.

So it's Gwar alright, and it's official. I am now a fan of them. I always told myself in the past that I would never like them because of their bad attitudes towards things in life and towards other bands I loved. It's not that I spent my moments hating on them like stupid people do.