About my new Background: Dedication to Shipmaster

I finally found a suitable background for my blog. For months I was just sticking to that pink lightning one that is from the abstract designs Blogger provides you with.

I wanted to go with something that is like stars in the sky or outer space but in a different colour than the night sky. But since Blogger is so picky with sizes of the picture and its file size you have a limited choice. You find the perfect image and suddenly you can't use it because it's too small or too large.

When pink stars did not come in the right design and size I moved on to something else. Instead of choosing something metal I decided to pick something from my other biggest passion: Science Fiction.

Remember reading about my interest in Halo? I love the Sangheili over the Spartans. If the Halo universe was real then I guess that means I'm a traitor to my own race! Anyway, this ship is the Shadow of Intent, commanded by yours truly.....my favourite Elite Shipmaster: Rtas 'Vadum. I was going to use a picture of him instead but none of those were the right size so....yeah.

By the way, I still find him attractive for an alien, and that is something many people will never understand. Just like Optimus Prime, my other biggest fictional love. However, with Rtas I don't have an anniversary the day I fell for him because the unfortunate truth is that I cannot remember what day it was. I believe it was near the end of February but like I said, I cannot remember the day.

Okay I'm throwing in this picture as well which is another adorable one. I actually drew this once, the hover throne and all with him sitting there. Much easier to spot the half-jaw in this one.

Now this is going to sound embarrassing but three years ago before I was a Metalhead I wrote a love song for him based of the melody on Taylor Swift's Back to December. (I know, weird right?) I just called the song "Shipmaster" cause I was too lazy to come up with something original. The chorus went like this:

So this is me
Standing here
In this open space
I wonder why I look at you
And it's making my heart race
Oh, cause you are Shipmaster
I'm just a pretty face

Don't you know what to say
When I say I miss you?
Don't you know what to do 
When I say that I love you?
Oh, cause you are Shipmaster
I think I've fallen for you
Oh, cause you are Shipmaster
I think I love you

Yeah, I know I'm a freak, and I love being me. But this was my guilty pleasure back then: Falling in love with aliens and robots. However, those feelings still exist in my heart today, and I'm not lying when I say that.

The alien romances I have made up were more unknown to many except my closest friends and myself. Rtas is one of my fictional loves that not even my family knew about when it was going on as a major part of my imagination back then when I was about 17 years old. I managed to keep it a secret. What made me develop a soft spot for him was his bravery, leadership and the calm side of his personality which was seen more in the third game. I find him also more attractive looking in the third game too.

For me I thought that Rtas also had a beautiful voice, he is voiced by Robert Davi and I think that was a good choice cause that voice is perfectly suitable to match Rtas's personality. 

Well this isn't really much of a dedication entry unlike the previous ones I have made (I think I should make one again soon) but I'll still count it as a dedication to Rtas but since it's a fictional character it isn't written words directed at him. I still love Rtas and he will always be my favourite Halo character even if the majority of Halo fans prefer to kill my brothers. (in other words: the Elites)



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