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Twice in a Lifetime Rocking and Rolling All Nite

I have great news everyone! I was going to write this last Saturday but I've been really busy lately since the semester is almost over. You know what that means: A few more papers and presentations due, and exams. It sucks but if I maintain a schedule and a positive attitude I will survive.

So, what's this big news? I think the title gives it away, well on August 12th at the Molson Amphitheater, once in a lifetime........of rocking and rolling all nite and partying everyday will become twice in a lifetime!

Frozen: A Musical Icy Masterpiece

I really should watch Disney movies more often. So I decided to see the movie that everyone was talking about: Frozen.

I gotta say, I loved this movie. Many of my friends where talking about how much they loved it, and now I joined them. I found the movie to be very well animated, the plot well done, and the music is the best. Now I'll share my thoughts with you:

Staying Strong

It's March now and I'm started to feel like I'm under a heavy cloud. My first semester is more than half over now and usually by this time around, there are more demands; more assignments possibly worth more, preparations for finals can come up faster than you can say "test" and then of course there's a lot of lectures which I wish professors would do more than just that.

Double Idol Dreams

Have you ever had one of those dreams where two of your idols appear in it? I now have, and whenever I have a good dream I love to write about it to remember it.

The dream started off with Optimus Prime. (surprise, surprise because he almost never appears in my dreams anymore) I was sitting on his shoulder and he had his jetpack from the third movie.

Optimus Prime's New Look: A Change of Heart and the New Trailer

I thought I'd never say this but I think Optimus Prime's new look may not be so bad after all.

\ Two of my friends from high school who have known me for years and my place as a Prime-Lover posted this on my Facebook and when I finished working for the day I saw it and thought it was gorgeous. I know it's almost nothing compared to his previous look but there are still some parts of it that remain.