A Dream about my Demon

I love the feeling that comes when I dream about someone I love and admire. Someone I've been dreaming about meeting.
I go over in my head over and over what I would say to them if we meet. I would hug them when they hug me back I'm in heaven. Whenever I dream about someone I admire I have to write about it, to remember it.
Last night I didn't get a lot of sleep. I have Wednesdays off in my new semester and go back to college for labs in my pharmacy program (which I am starting to enjoy by the way) I can't recall when I fell asleep last night, but I know it took longer than usual. I hate it when this happens. My insomnia comes and goes and I have always hated it.
Anyway, I began to dream and I cannot remember most of that dream unfortunately except for the final scene in it just before I woke up. It was a very special scene for me and in my heart I wish it was real. I was standing in a grassland with a high hedge isolating the area with a small opening to enter and exit. It looked like a cave to me. I was walking through a short maze and it was easy to pass through. As soon as I made it to the end of the maze I suddenly saw.....yours truly.....Gene Simmons in full-on makeup and costume standing there and looking around. I was guessing he had just walked through the tunnel entrance to check out where it led him. However, I was not the only one in this area. In front of me there were people going to see him after passing through the maze as did I. Someone was standing in front of him as a bodyguard. I approached him silently and he said. "Oh you're here to see Gene?" In a rather friendly way. It was surprising that he didn't say. "Oh you want to see Gene, that'll be $1,200 please." It would have been a nightmare if his bodyguard said that, because where can you get money in dreams? Instead he smiled and let me pass. I walked up to Gene and said hello. He said hello back, and unable to control myself I immediately saying. "Oh Gene, I love you, you're amazing, the best bassist ever, I love everything about you....." all that typical fangirl words without screaming of course. He smiled at that time and thanked me. Then he asked me for my name. When I gave it to him he suddenly said. "Hey, aren't you KISSLordiAngel?" My mouth almost fell open upon hearing this in the dream. Since that is my screen name on Twitter and he has replied to me on there he must have remembered from my photos. I told him yes and then he told me to come closer. When I did that I couldn't restrain myself and then I threw my arms around him just like that. He hugged me back, tightly. I could have just started crying at this moment if this was real. I wish it was, and then I woke up shortly afterwards in the middle of the embrace.

When good dreams end you wish they were real. I hope this dream is a sign that one day it will be real.



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