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Falling for and Dreaming about a Villain

I have a lot of fictional crushes, but most of them are on the good side, or they used to be evil but turned good. But after playing through Halo 4 a few times, I suddenly developed a soft spot for the villain in the game: Shadow of Sundered Star a.k.a the Didact or Ur-Didact

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 4: Halo 4

Now for the final story of the MCC play through comes Halo 4. The latest installment of John's journey.

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 3: Halo 3

Back again! Now it's time for my to share my thoughts on the third Halo game and the first one that I played as a fan.

Hail Genocide! A Bloody Night with GWAR

The bloody pit of horror really does exist and it's a bloody pit indeed! GWAR kicked major ass there are too many words to describe it. Bad news is however, I don't have any stage photos from the gig because of all the blood I didn't want my phone to get ruined.

Start this off with me before and after the show:

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 2: Halo 2 Anniversary

Time flies when you're having fun and I couldn't wait to try the new remastered version of this game.

Now this story in this game is what sparked my interest even more along with Halo 3. It becomes much more in-depth and introduced me to what the Covenant are like.

Halo MCC Play-Through Part 1: Halo CE

So to get this party started I've finally begun pursuing these entries. In case you're wondering why it's been a while I've been busy playing. I'll admit the game has bugs and lots of them. Some of my achievements do not unlock even though I have completed the requirements to unlock them. As a result the in-game unlockable that comes with that achievement like a new avatar or skin does not unlock either.

Shipmaster is home! Two weeks to go and other news....

Hi! I haven't put any updates that have been going on with my life lately so now feels like a good time.

I've been trying to keep myself occupied these days, so here's what I've been doing:

No Game is Broken

So, I'm a little late in posting this because I've been playing the Master Chief collection ever since it came out two weeks ago. But lately people are just too damn upset because the game isn't perfect.

Well, no game is going to be perfect especially once it has been released. Look at Skyrim, it's been out for 3 years and still has bugs. For instance when I'm playing I've got so many saves that the game still freezes sometimes. One time I was in Solitude and there was this big hole in the middle of the city now where that come from? Oh, I know....a BUG!

Scare Force One: Lordi's Back for More

After a long wait since the last New Year's Eve, Lordi's new album has finally come out.

The Re-Mastered Halo Universe

I seriously can't wait for November 11th, not only shall I show my support for our soldiers but also to experience Halo in a whole new way.

Achievement Hunting: Is it Really Worth it?

As an Xbox gamer I think it's only fair that I share this. Xbox is known to give you these little things called achievements which you unlock when you complete certain things within games. We've had this introduced to us ever since the 360 came out, and now the Xbox One too. You could unlock an achievement for killing 10 enemies with a certain weapon for example and you get gamer points for it. Those points are added to your total amount on your Live profile. But how does it affect you? It doesn't really do much for you in a way.

The Rise and the Fall of the Chaos Bringer

After putting this off all week I finally got to it today, the season finale for the first season of Transformers Prime. I thought it was going to be epic considering every episode had something exciting to bring and it was.

No Trouble in TF Paradise

Had another Transformers dream over the long weekend. I've got a lot on my mind right now so maybe writing about it will clear it up a bit.

It started on a tropical island. We were Ground-Bridged to it. I was OP's Sparkmate of course. Now normally in a situation like this, he wouldn't want me coming along on missions like these but in this dream let's just say that my family was out somewhere else and he didn't want me left alone so he brought me along. Ironhide remained patroling one side of the island. OP and Ratchet dropped me off at the beach and told me to remain there until nightfall. The beach wasn't very crowded, and sometimes I don't understand why he wanted me to stay on the beach; out in an open place, no where to hide if any Decepticons came along. OP and Ratchet went scouting the area.

Enter Vulvatron & Blothar

Gwar's lineup has changed recently and it looks like I'm with the current now. Back in Gwar's early days they had a frontwoman alongside of Oderus but due to his untimely death we've got a new singer as well and a new frontwoman. Here are my thoughts:

Double the Transformers = Double the Love Part 2: Transformers Prime

And now, onto the second part of this entry. While getting to know the G1 series better I decided to start watching Transformers Prime too. There have been a few times where I wanted to watch the series but didn't even finish the prequel mini-series that goes on to the first season but I will finish the series, I really mean it this time.

Double the Transformers = Double the Love Part 1: G1

I've been neglecting to expand my horizons in the Transformers universe due to other interests and committments popping up lately but with a little more free time I've finally branched out more in the franchise. Now I'm watching two series, and so far they impress me more than I thought.

Since this is about two series, I figured it would be best to split this into two entries starting with the most classic of all that everyone has seen except me until now: The G1 series.

 Better late than never in watching this series right? As you can see both sides clash. It seems that most of the time, Megatron and his Decepticons are looking for power sources on Earth so they can harvest Energon with it and return to Cybertron. The Autobots will stop at nothing to prevent Megatron from taking over Earth and Cybertron. Are there human allies? Yes in fact, but finally those human allies have their place and do not take over. This is what I came to see when I started watching this series:…

The Madness at the Core of Time......

I'm trying to find the words to describe this situation. But all I can come up with is Bloody Mary.

Stucifer in my Dreams

I haven't blogged about dreams in a long time and I love writing about the dreams I've had. This dream was a while ago, I was planning to write about it but never got the chance because I got sidetracked well here it is.

Lately I've got a new metal musician crush to join my list of hot rock/metal musicians. Stu Block of Iced Earth:

You Win or You Die

For the past 5 months my mother and I decided to try watching something new. At one point we were watching Revolution until the series was cancelled. Then Defiance and Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D followed but then we lost interest in those two series. Finally we've come across a series that we've actually committed to and like enough to keep watching:

I started watching Game of Thrones at the start of my program's second semester and we've been hooked ever since. The show itself there's something exciting and sometimes disturbing or disappointing that happens. That's what kept me interested. At times I'm not always paying attention because there's sometimes too much talking and not enough action but this is drama isn't it. You can learn something you didn't know at first, especially if you re-watch an episode to understand something you missed.
Every episode appears to end with something shocking or something you were waiting for to happen. I …

Age of Extinction: Same Shit Every Year Son

You know I love Transformers, I've loved them for 5 years. I finally sat down to watch Age of Extinction when it hit theaters in June. This entry has been put on hold because I was still piecing together what I wanted to say about the movie. Well now here's the whole damn truth about it and I've got to warn you I've got a bit of negativity to say so get ready:

Return of the Finnish Monsters

It's a few days late that I'm writing this but better late than never. I haven't written about Lordi in ages! Maybe that's because there's not much I can think of to write about them. Anyway guess what? They're back!!

Concert Timeline

I think it's time I share all the gigs I've been to so far in my life. Including the ones that may not be heavy metal so be prepared, and I'll give you a basic summary. Some of them may include special memories that I've mentioned before but I'm going to mention them anyway regardless of what people think.

Dave Brockie Gone; New GWAR Frontman Approaches

As now part of the Gwarmy I think it's time I open up to what impact Dave Brockie's death has had on me. I haven't written in a while since last week. Okay that's not long at all but I think it's time I talk about this. I heard the news about his death on a few metal news pages I follow, starting with I was like "what? Seriously? Why him?" Since I was only starting to become a fan around the time of his death I think it makes sense that my reaction to this is not as emotional as some of those who are long-time fans.

The Goddess of Thunder Rises Again

I am so sorry this entry is a little late. I was on vacation but here it is now. I never thought I would get a chance to see KISS again in my life because I thought that their career would be over soon. But turns out I was wrong. WAY wrong. August 12th was just fucking AWESOME!!! Seeing KISS again, being introduced to Def Leppard and getting slightly more fun experience out of a KISS concert than last time, and now here is the story:

In a Time Before Time

I've been meaning to write about this for a long time now but I've always delayed it cause I have no idea what I'm going to say about it. Well, no holding me back now here it comes.

I've never really talked about my childhood interests on here, let alone anything that I still love now that I loved a decade ago. This is definitely the longest passion I've ever had: Bionicle.

Today in KISStory

One year ago I remember my heart racing as I was jumping up and down watching the stage from afar waiting for my heros to emerge. The black curtain with the words "KISS" written on it. I waited. I heard the sound of drums beating, and then I heard that familiar chant: "Alright Toronto!!! You wanted the GOT the best!! The hottest band in the world...KISS!!!" That was when I started screaming as the curtain came down and KISS hit the stage. A magical and memorable night.

TFCon 2014: Transformers Heaven

Well, as I sit here and write this you can say that I can officially check off one item on my bucket list: Go to a Transformers convention. At first I thought BotCon was the only TF convention that existed but thanks to a fellow fan from college I learned that there was TFCon, another convention much closer to where I live. Took some time off from school last weekend to attend. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

The Meaning behind the name KISSLordiAngel

Sometimes you may ask, why did I call this blog by the name KISSLordiAngel?

Well I think it's time I tell you.

Lordi and KISS were the first two bands in my life to inspire me. Now I have many more bands that I love, but I owe it all to those two bands that started it all to shape my place in the world of metal. Think of it as the name of my blog is a tribute to Lordi and KISS. You know, like how some of Lordi's acts on stage are a tribute to KISS eg: Mr. Lordi's wings are a tribute to Gene Simmons.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

And last but not least the final chapter in the Star Wars saga:

The first part is mainly just saving Han from Jabba the Hutt and putting an end to the bounty hunters. But while they are distracted doing that the Empire is secretly building a new Death Star that will be more powerful.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

And now it's time for the next review in the original Star Wars trilogy. Honestly, I think this one was the one my brother and I watched the most out of the last three in the saga.

If you wanted me to sum it up (this one's easier to do) the Empire's out for revenge.

Episode IV: A New Hope

The first episode ever made in the whole saga and the first I ever watched. I remember I was only 6 years old when I saw it, and after seeing it I liked it. I wish I could remember what it was that caused me to instantly become a fan after seeing this one.

So it's probably been like, I don't know. 1 or 2 decades since the events of the last episode. A whole new story, new enemies, new characters and all that shit. Yeah you get it.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Third one's the charm. Now it's time to share my thoughts on Revenge of the Sith, which was the last installment to complete the saga. I caught this one in theaters and it was like the ultimate film that puts it all together. If you're wondering how this started or that concluded this one is not something to miss for any fan.

Even though the last movie seemed like the start of a war and a happy wedding ending, there were still questions I had that needed answers.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Next up in the Star Wars marathon during my reading week. Attack of the Clones. This was the first one I saw in theaters. I never thought there would be a lot of character evolution and changes in battles in this one so here we go:

To sum it up, we've got a new threat here. A group of Separatists led by former Jedi Master Count Dooku who has turned to the dark side.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Starting with the first episode of the Star Wars saga. I think this is the one that I used to watch every Friday night for some reason when I was a kid. Who knows why, my memory is whacked for some things and not for other things. Here are my thoughts:

If you're looking for something with a start of what happens before a war then this is how it should began.

Sci-Fi Marathon


I get some time off next week (finally!) I feel like blasting shit up so here's what I'm gonna do.

I've been a Star Wars fan since I was about 6, long story short my parents got me in to it and I've been in love with the saga ever since. I don't wanna go into super long details.

So basically next week I'm going to watch each movie in order and give you my thoughts on them. Plot, characters, action, all that shit you name it.

Stay tuned.


Tired of the Talk, Tired of the Lies

Hello all. I've been wanting to write this for quite some time now, especially after some things started to go downhill in my place in the KISS fandom. This entry has been put on hold due to midterms but I might as well write about it now.

Right now I feel as if there are too many challenges being a KISS fan. Has there ever been a time where there's peace and I'm left alone to just love them and get on with my life? Not recently in the past few weeks this spring.

Gwar: Battle Maximus Review

I've been in to Gwar for quite some time now and I think it's time I share my thoughts on their latest album Battle Maximus which came out a year before the death of Dave Brockie. May he be forever missed.
The whole album I found to be one of the most kick-ass stuff I have ever listened to so far this year. I'm thinking, Gwar is not so bad after all....cause remember I used to hate them at one point when I realized, maybe I should give them a chance before I start any dislike of something.

An Honour Serving, 40 Years of Nonstop Rock & Roll

I've had this entry on hold for at least a month now, I was originally going to publish it in April but with so many other demands and other things to write popped up, I'm sorry if this one is really late.

On April 10th, KISS was officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The Ruining of Science Fiction and People's Childhood.

As you may be aware of there will be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out this year. I didn't grow up with any of the animated series, comics, classic movies, etc. but I saw a few episodes of one of the series on Teletoon and thought it was cool. (the time when that channel actually had the good stuff on it.) As far as I'm concerned the trailer looked awesome until my arch nemesis appeared in it: Megan Fox.

My 21st Birthday and Random Thoughts

Yes you guessed it. Today's my birthday! I'm 21 now, a milestone indeed.

Went out to dinner with my family tonight, had some chocolate cake now I'm in my room in my nightgown lying down.

Two KISS fans I know on Twitter were persuading Gene to send me birthday wishes (by tagging me and him in the tweets) but he was too "busy" retweeting other fans (he was online when they were sending them!. I did get birthday wishes from Lordi's lead guitarist Amen. This is the second year in a row he has sent his wishes to me only this time it was more special. I would have DIED if Gene sent me birthday wishes even if it was just a simple "happy birthday" in caps lock (he replies with that nowadays for some reason) but I'm not mad at him for not responding. Life goes on, but it still would have meant the world to me if he did that, you know how much I love him.
Speaking of KISS I was planning to write about their induction ceremony but it has been delayed due t…

Welcome Year Zero: I have Ghost, so I have Everything

I had the most wonderful night seeing Ghost. It was totally worth the wait. I barely got any sleep last night when I got home because I was still thinking about it! Now here's the story.

As soon as I got home from class that day I immediately started getting ready. Then blasted a Ghost marathon just like with KISS. I think I went a little over the top with cleaning myself but I wanted to look my best:

On This Night of Ritual

Hello fellow children of the clergy!

I can't believe it's already here! Tomorrow night I will finally be seeing Ghost! After three months of waiting it's finally here!

Joining the Scumdogs of the Universe

You thought I would never become a fan of them. You though that I was going to be against them for life. Well, turns out you're wrong. Way wrong.

So it's Gwar alright, and it's official. I am now a fan of them. I always told myself in the past that I would never like them because of their bad attitudes towards things in life and towards other bands I loved. It's not that I spent my moments hating on them like stupid people do.

Twice in a Lifetime Rocking and Rolling All Nite

I have great news everyone! I was going to write this last Saturday but I've been really busy lately since the semester is almost over. You know what that means: A few more papers and presentations due, and exams. It sucks but if I maintain a schedule and a positive attitude I will survive.

So, what's this big news? I think the title gives it away, well on August 12th at the Molson Amphitheater, once in a lifetime........of rocking and rolling all nite and partying everyday will become twice in a lifetime!

Frozen: A Musical Icy Masterpiece

I really should watch Disney movies more often. So I decided to see the movie that everyone was talking about: Frozen.

I gotta say, I loved this movie. Many of my friends where talking about how much they loved it, and now I joined them. I found the movie to be very well animated, the plot well done, and the music is the best. Now I'll share my thoughts with you:

Staying Strong

It's March now and I'm started to feel like I'm under a heavy cloud. My first semester is more than half over now and usually by this time around, there are more demands; more assignments possibly worth more, preparations for finals can come up faster than you can say "test" and then of course there's a lot of lectures which I wish professors would do more than just that.

Double Idol Dreams

Have you ever had one of those dreams where two of your idols appear in it? I now have, and whenever I have a good dream I love to write about it to remember it.

The dream started off with Optimus Prime. (surprise, surprise because he almost never appears in my dreams anymore) I was sitting on his shoulder and he had his jetpack from the third movie.

Optimus Prime's New Look: A Change of Heart and the New Trailer

I thought I'd never say this but I think Optimus Prime's new look may not be so bad after all.

\ Two of my friends from high school who have known me for years and my place as a Prime-Lover posted this on my Facebook and when I finished working for the day I saw it and thought it was gorgeous. I know it's almost nothing compared to his previous look but there are still some parts of it that remain.

News and Time Off

Happy Hump-day! It's my reading week in college right now, and I'm making the most of it by catching up on some assignments and making notes for the next midterm. The challenging thing about being in a pharmacy program is the amount of assignments and load you have to do every week, but if you know what you're doing and manage to get it done right you should be fine. Also there's the online work which I often get started on right away the moment it's been posted.

The Difficulty in Jealousy

I'll admit, there have been a lot of things in life that I wish I could do and I want to do more than anything. Over the past few years a lot of those things have been popping up that have left me feeling envious, but the biggest one is the following:

Hollywood is Blind: Thor chose the Wrong Woman

You know how I feel about Thor and Jane's relationship. I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't like it, even though the truth is that I'm not. Well, last night I stumbled upon an article about Thor's love life in the movies, and after reading it I found myself to agree with just about everything the author has written, and now here's what I have to say:

4th Anniversary as a Lover of Optimus Prime

Today is February 13th. A special day for me, while for others it's just a regular day of the year but it all depends on what happens to you on a day like this. I became a Transformers fan in 2009, but at the start of 2010 things were changing, and I didn't realize these changes until the 13th of February that year.

KISS & Make Up Review: Gene Simmons Reveals the Truth about KISS

I finished reading Gene's autobiography in mid-January after settling into my college workload. I was going to write a review about it, but it was delayed because I've been really busy with school lately. I have some down time right now, a perfect time to write this so here you go.

Albums by Ghost and my Thoughts

So you know I'm a Child of Ghost now, I have both their studio albums and I will get the EP next. I would post two big reviews on each album but since it's only two I think I'll give you all my thoughts on both of them in just one entry so here you go:

Thoughts of 2014

Now that a new year is here, my mind is all on the major events of this year that I will either be participating in, not participating in but want to be a part of. This comes up for me naturally and I'm sure it does for loads of people once 2014 started so here are my thoughts of the year.

Passing 5,000 Views

So it's 2014 now. I got home from Whistler on Friday at 4am in the morning and you can imagine how tired I was!

I just realized I have had 5,000 visitors come by, well what a surprise! Before you know it, it'll be 10,000! Thanks everyone for coming by to read the diary of a Monsterlady, and Goddess of Thunder.

I'll keep you all posted throughout 2014 when I have the time. I'm really not looking forward to going back to college tomorrow, but the program is one of my possible career choices so let's hope things go well. Between you and me it's the hands-on stuff that's going to be helpful the most.