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Christmas Wishes of the Year

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't blogged that much this month, I was super busy with shopping, and family stuff that I almost forgot about this place! Well here I am!

In case you're wondering, I had a great Christmas this year. Things had their ups and downs. On the weekend before Christmas, a serious ice storm hit the area and we woke up on Sunday morning to find half of the branches on the trees broken off from the weight of the ice.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2014: It's Finally Happened!

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We all thought it would never happen, the moment they became superstars. For forty years we remained strong in the KISS Army as we continued to listen to the hottest band in the world and let them influence us.

The Results Are In...

Fan votes for the nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction of 2014 ended yesterday. I'm looking forward to find out the declaration of the winner. KISS managed to pull ahead of Nirvana just before the deadline.

Mustaine a Heavy Metal Memoir Book Review: Metal & Relapses *Spoiler Alert*

With more time off on my hands I still enjoy reading, so the next book I decided to read was Dave Mustaine's memoir. I finished it yesterday, now here are my thoughts.....don't read this entry if you haven't read this book yet okay?