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Thor: The Dark World Twisting Dimensions

It's been a while since I did a movie review. Earlier this month Thor the Dark World was released on November 8th. Thor is my favourite Marvel hero, and I finally saw the new movie last weekend, now I'll share my thoughts with you.

Transformers Age of Extinction First Look and Thoughts

It's finally happened. There's finally been some view on what things are going to look like in the next Transformers movie coming out sometime next year. 
Here are my thoughts: Optimus Prime's new look will take some time for me to embrace because his previous movie look is what made me fall in love and idolize him since I was 16. I'm not sure how long it will take to love his new look, but we'll see. I have seen that Bay has not disposed of the kick-ass flame pattern, but you can barely see it in robot form. Some fans don't want Optimus to have lips underneath his mask this time. Am I the only person who wants him to have a mouth, nose and other human-ish facial features? Sure as hell looks like it to me. Now I am going to speak Prime-Lover language here: His facial features are attractive.

My Bucket List

Greetings everyone, I feel like sharing with you the things I must do before I die. A good friend of mine named Jason inspired me to share this. I read his blog and I saw him list his own bucket list. He and I became friends through our common interests in KISS, Lordi, and Nightwish. You can read his blog here: Random Rants | The Blog
Also, earlier he asked me to assist him in writing his entry on what it's like to be fans of the three bands we both love and dealing with the changes. I believe he was inspired to write this after he read my story about my experience in the KISS Army. You can read his entry with my assistance here: The Difficulty In Loyalty

Now onto my own bucket list, I've been hoping to share it soon and now I shall:

5 Things KISS "Fans" Need to Stop Complaining About

It's really sad that one of my favourite bands has a fandom that's full of fans that dislike too much change. You've already read about how much it bugs me, so I'm thinking that the KISS Army would be an even better place if the fans stopped complaining about the following and only then will I consider them fans in my view.

1. Paul Stanley's voice: I don't get what's so lost about it. Paul needed vocal surgery, what's the matter with that? Also, you can't expect him to sound exactly the same the way he did live in 1974. It's been 40 years, voices change as people get older. Mine will even sound different when I sing as I get older. Whatever the reason was for his vocal surgery I'm sure I could ask him myself via Twitter and maybe he would tell me if he's willing to. When I went to see KISS live this year, I had no issues with the way he sang. I thought he sounded great, but idiots just miss his old voice too much.

Long Time No See?

Hello, I think it's been quite a while hasn't it?

I just haven't thought of anything to write about recently. My term is over in about four weeks, and I'm already thinking about next year where I shall be full-time again and taking a program out of town with a load heavier than what I have now in college.

Nothin' To Lose The Making of KISS Book Review: KISStory at its Best

I love a good read and what's better than reading something about one of your favourite bands? Well this year in August, KISS released their newest book that tells the story about how they rose to superstardom. I just had to buy it, and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It is written by Ken Sharp along with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. I finished reading this masterpiece last week and now I'll tell you what I think.

Random Fangirl Moment

Hi, I have nothing to do today. No homework for a change, so I can't stop gazing at this hot picture of Gene. I'm melting staring at it. I don't know why, it's just so perfect. The Ax bass, the blood dripping on his mouth and he's got that evil smile on his face which is just as melting to me as looking at picture of him when he's got his tongue hanging out, or he has as serious face. I need help cause I find him so hot hahahaha!!!!

Pacific Rim: Monsters vs. Monsters Showdown

You know what I love as much as I love heavy metal? Monsters and robots, that's what, and Pacific Rim was the best movie I saw this year containing those things that I truly love. Turns out this movie had more than what I was expecting which is more than just good enough for me, it's perfect.

Happy Birthday Tommy Thayer

I would like to take this moment to send special birthday wishes to Tommy Thayer. Happy birthday Tommy, you are one incredible guitarist, and very kind to the fans. People need to give you a break on this day. Scratch that, they need to leave you alone permanently.

Starting Over

I know it seems so sudden. I stopped playing Skyrim for almost two whole months because of recent distractions. Just like my brother I found myself starting the whole game over again, but he's done it way more times than me! I'm the same race as I was before but not pursuing as many skills as earlier. One thing I've learned from my brother is that if you manage too many things at once it can be harder to level up faster which in my perspective, leveling up a lot is a good thing.

Earlier I was focusing on one handed weapons, light armour, destruction magic, restoration magic, alchemy, sneak, archery, and enchanting from what I can remember. I found that that was a little too much so I restarted and narrowed it down a little by taking out the alchemy and magic. Now it's one handed weapons, light armour, archery, sneak, and enchanting which I guess is a little better but only time will tell as I progress further this time.

This time I'm actually hoping to complete the…