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Memorable Movies: The Secret of NIMH

With nothing to do on a Sunday night like last night, after spending a day at Wonderland with a friend I decided to sit down and watch a classic movie that I used to love as a child. So I turned to The Secret of NIMH.

Nightwish 1-Year Anniversary Concert Experience

I just realized that today: September 20th is actually a day that brings back memories from the same day last year. Last year on this very day I went to see Nightwish live in Toronto. I was just getting in to Nightwish around that time and my friend who is a really big symphonic metal fan heard they were coming to Toronto so he invited me to go with him.

Think Before You Judge....Listen Before You Hate

In the typical world of heavy metal lots of people want everything to be perfect. As honest as I can put this there is no need for such a thing. It should be about as long as you enjoy it that's all that matters. So what if the sound changes a little because the band decides to go from classic hard rock to a heavier sound? Or the band members change, or even the band itself has a strong visual images and they're either a new band or a legendary band that has been around for decades.

Let me put it to you with the most recent thing I've been noticing.

This is Black Veil Brides. New band I'm guessing, don't know when they came out. They remind me a lot of Motley Crue but a more Gothic version of Motley Crue.

Megadeth Super Collider Album Review

As a new fan of Megadeth and now an owner of three of their albums: Countdown to Extinction, Rust in Peace and Super Collider. I have already began to love the music by Megadeth no matter which album it is and I am hoping to get all the albums in the future.

Society's View on Certain Rock Bands: It Sucks

You know what really bothers me? Society, that's what. Society is has been fucked up ever since I started high school five years ago and it remains bad today. Society has such a bad way of viewing things that are not in the mainstream and since I'm a total lover of my music I'm going to use music for this.

KISS Army Soldier: A Strong Bond

I think it's time I tell you what it's like being a KISS fan. I've told you my story of what it is like being a Lordi fan so now I will go into how I became a KISS fan.

I was twelve years old and in my visual arts class in 7th grade.

Here We Go Again

Well it's back to school for everyone tomorrow. Don't you just hate it when the summer comes to an end? At first it felt like it was going by slowly in July when I was waiting to see KISS. But after the concert the rest of the summer whizzed by so quickly.