Dedication to Tommy Thayer: You're Outta This World with my Respect

I know you're not gonna see this Tommy. I would be flattered if you read it but even if you don't that's okay.
I got into KISS during the point when you are now in the band for ten years. I know there are many fans out there like myself who like you too but sometimes I feel like there are still too many out there that hate you.
I am becoming tired of people disrespecting you just because you are wearing makeup that was on someone else first before you. I don't think you need your own identity. I think you do just fine as a Spaceman like Ace. Every time I see people calling you an imposter like "Fake Ace" for example it makes me want to scream because most of these fans who disrespect you are thirty years old and up. They should know better. Missing the original line up is okay but it's not okay for them to bash hatred at you and Eric for it all the time.

You made KISS sound better and that's what I like. I still love the 70s KISS music but the music from today that has you in it. When you sang "Outta This World" on the album I was surprised. But when you sang it on stage when I saw you in Toronto it was the night of my first KISS concert ever, that was when you took me outta this world when you sang that song. I sang along to that song that night and I'll never forget that moment.

You inspire me because you love us (the fans) no matter what you go through. You always do what you love to do and you never let haters get to you. I really wish more fans would respect you.....or better yet, they should learn to love you like I do. Keep on doing what you're doing Tommy, you are one great rockin' guy!



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