Dedication to Mr. Lordi: Waiting For You

You won't read this, I know you probably won't ever see this in your life but I've been saving a special entry on this blog of mine just for you. I don't care if you don't ever see this ever, I won't be hurt by that. If you do see this don't take this the wrong way.

You mean a lot to me, if it weren't for you I would not be the person I am today. You're amazing, funny, kind, caring, talented, and unique. That's why I admire you so much. I think you know you have many other people like me who are willing to say the same thing.

I know you're so far away, overseas from where I am. I just wanted to let you know that I'm waiting for you. It's not easy to come over here yes, it being the band's management and financial situation and all; I totally understand that. But I'm always waiting for you no matter how long it takes.

It's funny, the first time I saw you in a music video from 2006 I went head over heels for everything Lordi and I still get that shaking feeling of excitement when I look at you. Every time I hear you sing I am swept away instantly just like that. It's hard to explain it's kind of strange I know, but I think that everyone gets that feeling when they see their musical idol do something inspiring, be it singing, playing guitar, drums, bass or whatever.

However the real thing that made me start to love you is this: It was not your beautiful monster appearance or singing voice that made me look up to you the most. Instead it was your personality, I remember the very first time I saw an interview of you from the R2W festival you were so social, humorous and friendly in that interview and every other interview. I love you for who you are inside and the way you care about your fans near and far. You have a cute laugh, a kind heart, and you are very friendly to fans. I'm happy to know that you are not the type of star with a bitchy attitude. I can still remember the day we talked for the first time, it was wonderful. I'll never forget that day.

Stay true to yourself and never stop doing what you're doing. You are and always will be my inspiration. I hope you come here one day. I will always wait for you.



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