Dedication to Gene Simmons: You're the Demon in Me

I don't think you'll ever see this Gene, I'm not expecting you to read it at all. If you do though I'll be flattered if you like it.

I never thought I would look up to you ever, it was not until I was about twelve years old when I first heard about you and your band. Then a few years later I saw your reality show with you and your family and I was intrigued. It was not until this year that I actually became a KISS fan and then I began to admire you.

I admire your talent and your personality. You're not afraid to speak your mind (like on Twitter for instance) and even though society and my family views you as someone serious, greedy, and all that nonsense, I've found out that you're not as bad as they say you are. You're actually quite nice sometimes and caring to others. I wish more people would see you that way. Not just fans like me but also society in general. You're a great bass player and if it were not for you I would not be a die-hard KISS fan. Over the years as I grew up, KISS kept popping up in front of me. It was almost like it was destiny that I was to become a fan. So here I am now, a KISS Army soldier that looks up to you a lot.

You know, I always thought that you were so serious all the time but, now that I know you better you're not so bad after all and also quite social especially when you started answering us fans on Twitter. My family doesn't understand why I look up to you and perhaps the whole point of me looking up to you. They think you're just a business man who makes millions of dollars by going out on stage as the Demon that you are, making tons of merchandise and, doing nothing to contribute to society with the millions of bucks you make. They think that you and the rest of the band make a ton of money and that's all you care about. I refuse to believe that. Yes money-making is important in a business even if that business is a rock band that loves to dress up with a big show on stage, and make millions of souvenirs for the fans to purchase. But that doesn't mean you don't or shouldn't care for the love of the music and the fans. I know you speak of your enjoyment out of making music, putting on a big show, and maybe even making merchandise like KISS Hello Kitty; believe me I've seen it on Twitter and it seems that you are one hundred percent honest on there, like me. My parents think you don't care for the fans or the love for music and haven't been since the last album in the 80s I think, all the way to the release of Sonic Boom and then Monster years later. But I know that what they say is not true. You're much more than that. One of my friends I met at the concert claimed to have met you in person a couple of years ago and you were kind to her when she came over to you. If you didn't care about us fans then you would have brushed her off and she would have been devastated. And if you didn't care about the music you would have either stopped making it entirely thus not releasing Sonic Boom and Monster, or continue making it but record it with less enthusiasm and I believe that the more enthusiasm you have in playing music the better it sounds and the more we fans will love it. Your paid to do all that stuff I understand, but I still believe that on the inside you are kind, successful, caring, and smart. Remember what I told you on Twitter? Do what makes you happy.

I'll never forget the night I saw KISS live, you did a great performance with the boys and I almost lost my voice screaming when you did your bass solo. I was waiting for that moment just to see you spit blood, and hear you sing God of Thunder and I was singing along with you even if you didn't hear me I was singing so loud. Rock on don't change who you are! I hope we meet again someday and with luck maybe I'll be a lot closer to the stage so you might even notice me during the show, or I'll be backstage! Who knows?


P.S. Happy birthday! I know, I know, I wrote and published this dedication to you one day before your birthday and, I was originally gonna publish it on your birthday but I just couldn't wait anymore to publish it! Love you so much!


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