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Dedication to Gene Simmons: You're the Demon in Me

I don't think you'll ever see this Gene, I'm not expecting you to read it at all. If you do though I'll be flattered if you like it.

I never thought I would look up to you ever, it was not until I was about twelve years old when I first heard about you and your band. Then a few years later I saw your reality show with you and your family and I was intrigued. It was not until this year that I actually became a KISS fan and then I began to admire you.

Dedication to Tommy Thayer: You're Outta This World with my Respect

I know you're not gonna see this Tommy. I would be flattered if you read it but even if you don't that's okay.
I got into KISS during the point when you are now in the band for ten years. I know there are many fans out there like myself who like you too but sometimes I feel like there are still too many out there that hate you.

Dreams of Reluctance

I get the feeling that I always have dreams lately where I see someone I know, look up to or even a fictional character I love but they never notice me in that dream. Sometimes when I dream about them for the first few times they do notice me and then they talk to me. But then after a while they rarely appear and almost never interact with me in that dream anymore. Either that, or they want to interact me or I'm too reluctant to approach them.

Wait For It....

If there's one source I rely on for Lordi news faster than ever it's Lordi Army. Been following that organization for almost a year now. There are times when I don't look at their news and there are times when I want to but only if it means something I can be a part of when it comes to Lordi. Tour news? I stay out of it unless it includes my country. News of a new song? Sure, I'll participate because it'll be available to everyone.

A Prime to Dream About

It has been so long since I had a dream about him. Three years ago I was always wishing inside that I would dream about him every night because my heart was all about him at this time and my heart still beats for him today. Who? Optimus Prime, that's who.

Dedication to Mr. Lordi: Waiting For You

You won't read this, I know you probably won't ever see this in your life but I've been saving a special entry on this blog of mine just for you. I don't care if you don't ever see this ever, I won't be hurt by that. If you do see this don't take this the wrong way.