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I Was Made For Lovin' KISS

What a night! What an epic night of KISS at the Molson Canadian Ampitheater in Toronto! Probably the most epic night of my entire life! Or the most epic night so far there could be other nights as epic as this one!

Tomorrow and Tonight

Greetings to you all sickos! Tomorrow is the big day! KISS is waiting! To celebrate tonight, I watched Detroit Rock City, and sang a few KISS songs. I've been counting the days since the start of June and now it's right around the corner!

KISS Monster Album Review

Hello everyone, with only four days left until I see the hottest band in the world: KISS. (YAY!!) I'll give you a review of the Monster album. I know what you're thinking, some of my past reviews have been shorter than others. Well if you're a bigger fan of what it comes from you'll be a better critic. But I'm more of a positive critic. So here we go.

More Strange Dreams

I still get the feeling I'm having those dreams again. The ones where I am seeing someone I know or something that doesn't make sense and then it becomes something later on. You know what I mean right.

Cute Kittens

Isn't this adorable?

I just love kittens! Also I have no idea why people think this video is racist. It's not! It's cute! Just felt like sharing it today that's all!


Inner Demon


Been a while hasn't it? Well everything's going good right now, except for the fact that I have a psychology test in a few days. Study, study, study. It's not my best subject so I want to do the best that I can.

The Lost Empire with a Crystal Power Source

Ever watched a Disney movie with a plot you couldn't understand at first when you were young? Have you ever watched it again when you're older and then now you understand what's happening like, oh so that's why they did that, or oh yeah that's why that character decided to turn evil.

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm getting really concerned about the weather here right now. It's not like the way it was last summer. Last summer it was sunny, occasionally rainy, and almost every day I would walk outside and hear the sound of the cicadas chirping and it's like an oven outside.

Unleashing Your Anger with Blood, Gore, and Dead Grubs

I don't do this very often but I love to rely on certain video games to let out my frustrations without hurting anyone. Works even better if the game has more gore and profanity.

I play Gears of War and have the second and third games in the series. Best part is the many ways you can brutally kill an enemy whether you slice them with a chainsaw or blow them to bits from the rockets on a Brumak that you hijacked.

Falling for Starchild and Spaceman

Happy Canada day! 25 days until I get to see KISS! I think I'm becoming a ball of fire everyday because of that! Days seem to go by so slowly when you're waiting for something exciting to come like a concert, your birthday, Christmas or whatever it is.