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Caveat Emptor

Alright I'm back. I told myself I would take a break from buying records for maybe a few months or the rest of the year.

Gene Simmons was right. There will be pop-up KISS stores in this country called KISS Army Depot I believe. There will be one in Toronto and I can't decide whether I should try to go down there and check it out or not.

Enduring and Missing Out

I've successfully survived about half of missing out on Lordi's tour. I just need to vent my feelings on here about it right now because I think I should, and this is the only place where I can.

I've been relying on just listening to their music, writing my fanfiction, playing video games, and taking interest in KISS to keep my mind off how I feel. It's the best medicine that prevents sorrow from jealousy. I'm considering sending a letter to Lordi, the old-fashioned way no less because they like letters like that; ones where they can reply with autographs.

Collection Updates/The Demon on Twitter

I'm feeling uptight on Saturday night so here's the latest KISS buzz with me!

So I ended up buying five new KISS albums to add to the ones I got last month and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Can you believe I already have nine of their albums in less than three months? I know, I know their music is so easy to find in a record store.

Rise of the Covenant

Of all the Halo fans in the world I think I'm almost the only one who chooses a different side. You know what I speak of if you play these games. I've always been fascinated with aliens whether they be big and burly, small and scrawny, or tall and fierce. However with all the other fans in the world all they want to do is shoot them.

Bend Over and Pray the Lord

I got my hands on Scarchives Volume 1. last September containing Lordi's unpublished album Bend Over and Pray the Lord which was originally supposed to be their debut until the record label went into bankrupt and the album was never released.

Alduin's Bane

Enemies must be defeated at some point and yeah I think it's time I taught Alduin a lesson. My journey in Skyrim has had its ups and downs since I talked to Paarthurnax and married Farkas. I'm still debating whether to join the Dark Brotherhood; I've started Dawnguard, still haven't started Dragonborn and am slowly progressing in building my own house. Things are going well.

Just recently after finally getting my glass armour I went to the Throat of the World with the Elder Scroll after a helluva lot of fighting just to make sure I was one hundred percent ready to fight Alduin because God knows how tough he will be.

Seeing Paarthurnax again is always an excitement because he is my mentor in the game and without him I wouldn't know what it means to be Dragonborn.

Alduin showed up when I returned to the present after reading the scroll. At first I thought I was gonna have a lot of trouble in the fight. But I was wrong. I used Dragonrend aiming it well and brought hi…

The Funniest Spaceman in the World

I just love a good laugh every now and then and I think there's always at least one person who can make you laugh a little when you're feeling down or there will be other people who will seriously make you laugh until you cry. Sometimes it's not just what they say that makes you laugh sometimes it's the way they laugh themselves like this spaceman here.

Playing the Devil

Sometimes I wonder if the stories are true: If there really will be Lordi action figures this fall. All I know is that Mr. Lordi spoke of it and it was also confirmed by the guy who owns DeConte Figures. I wonder where all the updates are now and why we haven't got any new news recently.

Losing your Mind in Detroit Rock City

You wanted the got the best!!! The hottest band in the world......KISS!!!!!!

That's right. Today I got together with my dear friend Brayden at his house to watch the comedy Detroit Rock City. It was a pretty damn good film if I must say so myself. Hilarious yet exciting.

The Lordi/GWAR War

Band conflicts these days never seem to end. It's almost constant everyday but no this is not between the bands themselves. It's between the fandoms. The argument is mostly things like who's better or who sucks in music, image, concerts, etc.
Why not take a look at Lordi and GWAR?

I would Love a Monsterman and the Demon

We've all got an idol or two or three of even more. Right now I've got two big idols right now that have changed my life and sometimes I owe it all to the genre they come from.
Remember when I said I was going through some fictional love drama online and with my family?

Dressed to Kill

Today I did some shopping. My original mission was to go to the nearby animal clinic to buy some more treats for my two cats Luke & Mianna which I did so but since it's so nice out I decided to take a little stroll down the street to the Party Max store not too far away because I still needed to buy makeup for July's KISS concert so I did.

The Stories Behind Dreams

I've been having lots of strange dreams lately. Whenever I have a dream it's not very realistic and I'm always wondering what the message behind those dreams are. I learned in Psychology class that dreams do have to relate to real life events in a way or some people would say it's really about sex even if you don't realize it. I don't believe that at all for some reason.

Come Hell or Hallelujah Waiting for July

I'm literally staring at my calendar sometimes desperately waiting for July to come. Is it because I want summer to come quickly? Nah, I think it more has to do with the fact that I'm seeing KISS on July 26th this year! I never thought I would be getting to see them. I never gave their music a full listen until now. I think it's because I love Lordi and KISS is Lordi's inspiration so I thought why not give them a listen too?