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Legends Never Die

Some things never get old in the world of music. That is what I think. It may have been around for decades or less than a decade and yet I still love it. Some may not agree because they are tired of it after all those years. Perhaps the reason why I still love it is because it makes me happy no matter how many times I see it or hear it. It could be a band or a song in this case and no matter how popular, overused, or how much it changes I will always love it. Some may choose to let it go but that is their choice. I prefer to keep it with me forever.

Dark Floors: The Fear is Here

Yesterday on Saturday night seeing that I had the house to myself I thought of doing something scary and what could be even better than watching my favourite horror movie Dark Floors?

Now knowing this is a horror flick the best time to watch it is when it's dark out. I end up watching it at times like after 10pm and I make the room dark to enjoy the movie more.

Star Trek Into Darkness: An Intense Masterpiece in Outer Space

So today was a fine day to see a movie with a friend so I did and we saw Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon. Now I shall tell you what I think about the movie.

Over all I think it was great. Intense action is what I look for; you know explosions, lasers, spaceships and all that cool shit.

Hard Rock Hallelujah! Pizza and Lordi surprises

A perfect end to a good day and what's a better way to do it with Lordi and pizza? So I had literally nothing to do today because I got my homework done on the weekend so I spent most of today web-surfing and playing Skyrim. When my mom got home she handed me a package and when I opened it I found The Monsterican Dream inside! Yes! Finally I have all of Lordi's studio albums!

Endings Are Not Everything

As a fan of Mass Effect I have to say that well the fandom is really fucked up since 2012 and maybe I don't have enough experience to fully state this because even though I've played through the trilogy at least three times to get an idea about how things are I just wish people would stop complaining the way things are and move on because nothing is going to change.

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday! I am officially 20 years old. I feel old! Nah just kidding, I still have so much in life ahead of me. I logged onto Facebook this morning and some people who left me birthday wishes made cute Lordi photos for me. Those are such sweet birthday presents!

Skyrim Stories

As promised dear readers I was gonna write to you about my experiences in Skyrim and what I enjoy about it. So here you go!

As a Dark Elf I never thought I would make it this far. I told myself there's so much to do and see that I don't know where to start! Skyrim's a big place, you could probably spend 24 hours straight running around there and still not discover everything there is to see there.

I for one have not been everywhere there yet but there's so many places to go so. You could either do a whole bunch of things and not touch the main quest until you feel like it or vice versa. So now onto my experience with it.

I'm wearing light armor, excelling in one-handed weapons and destruction magic. Pretty good right? I would like to at least get to glass armour real soon. Increasing smithing can be a real pain but you can always save up money and pay Eorlund Gray-Mane to train you but it gets pricier as you go. The first faction I joined was the Companions because…

A week of Hellbender Turbulence

So come May come hell or high water I have so much shit to do next week both leisure and education. The week starts with Canada's Wonderland opening. Lucky for me I got a season pass to that park this year as an early birthday present. So I can go as often as I want this summer! Woot!

Lordi The Riff: A Big Blowout

So when I saw the music video for Lordi's single "The Riff" I have to say what is going on here? This is totally not like the previous music videos. I became quite attached to the previous ones where the band was actually involved in the scary event occurring whether it's a zombie apocalypse, or a monster marathon. Now they just are seen elsewhere just playing their song like any other band which is good yeah but most of us miss the time when Lordi was a little more involved.

One Chaotic Battle

So ever since my sophomore year of high school I got into the trading card game called Chaotic. Not so popular today unfortunately because its TV show had only three seasons. I started collecting the cards a few months after watching the show. At first I didn't like the show because just like Bakugan I thought that there wasn't enough girl power in it. I was right. If you watch the show and watch the players transform into the creatures most of them are male.

There's one main female but you don't really get to see her do anything like battle and she's supposed to be one of the brave and open-minded ones. Sure there's the journey into Perim to look for a scan or two and that's it. Sometimes I wish that these shows had an equal amount of male and female characters battling and doing other exciting things. Surprisingly you can look around and see lots of other people in the background and there were be many girls there but most of them don't even talk or b…