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Talking to Fictional Characters in Video Games and the Excitement it Brings

It's funny you know that I'm writing about this, but as a gamerchic I might as well write about it anyway! I know that lots of people say that in RPG games and sometimes even shooting games they only enjoy the cut scenes and dialogues if they are playing through the game's campaign for the first time and then when they do it the second time and more after that they just want to skip all that stuff and get straight back to playing again.

Transformers: More Robots in Action

As a Transformers fan for about five years now I have to say that the way the movies have been set up now are somewhat unsatisfying. There are only a few bits and pieces that actually are good the way they are but the rest of it could use some changes. A LOT of changes.

My thoughts on the Lordi albums

I thought about doing some of my thoughts/reviews on the Lordi albums I own. I own all of them except The Monsterican Dream (sad reality yes but maybe I'll get it for my birthday this year which ought to be good but you're probably expecting me to write something about it so I will anyway. Okay here's what I think.

Bakugan the old Brawlers are better

It's sad really on the fact that the only season of Bakugan that was actually worth watching was season 1 because the other three seasons had completely different sets of characters. I became so attached to the characters in the first season; the humans and their Bakugan and the main villain Naga which I admit....I fantasize about him sometimes but in that fantasy we are enemies. They didn't get rid of Dan and Drago (obviously) or Shun and Marucho but their previous Bakugan rarely played a part.

A Previous but still Existing Love

It was about three years ago, the day I saw so many robots in disguise fighting, and transforming; and some were good and some were evil. That was when I was a big Transformers, fan and that love in me still exists today, just not very over the top as it used to be.

It was summer 2009, I was watching the first Transformers movie from 2007 on TV and I think it was Optimus Prime and Megatron that got my attention the most.

All that hip-hop shit

Five years of my life I had to endure the most annoying thing in the world. Those five years was high school and I was hoping that it would be worth it but now I'm out of it and I think not. Whatta hell is with a place like that? I thought people would be different but turns out that they were not.

Lordi Monstermaniac: A Rough Ride

So, now you know that I'm a big fan of the Finnish hard rock band Lordi. I'll go into more detail about my place in the fandom. I've only been a fan of them for about a year now. It was February last year around the time of the drummer Otus's death when my friend and I were sitting in the cafeteria watching metal music videos.

We watched the music video for the Lordi song "Would You Love a Monsterman" 2006 version. The song was intense, melodic and catchy: the kind of rock music with the melody and vocals that I like. Also the music video was pretty cool.

Seeing all those monsters (it took me a while to get all their names) I caught the name of the one on vocals first: Mr. Lordi. Then later on I began to hear about OX, Awa, Amen, and then I learned about Otus's death and then the other previous members. I was really intrigued. So after watching the music video a few times with my friend, the song found its place on my iPod in no time at all.

Soon I took…

Girls singing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal just for the hell of it

I like to sing, and I owe it all to Mr. Lordi; the lead singer of Lordi who inspired me to sing. I will write more about him in later posts. Because of him, I developed the confidence to sing, share it and, sing whatever I want. That is why I started vocal covers; Lordi songs mostly and shared it on my YouTube account. I also did one cover of my favourite Nightwish song. Everything went pretty well, for about six months I think.

Introduction: My life, my choices

Hello everyone.

Yeah this is my first blog, I haven't written one in ages; not since I used to have one on my Hotmail account but that got upgraded to another website, so I lost all the stuff I published. Here I am now; my name's Emily and I am just a regular Canadian young woman with priorities.