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Christmas Wishes of the Year

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't blogged that much this month, I was super busy with shopping, and family stuff that I almost forgot about this place! Well here I am!

In case you're wondering, I had a great Christmas this year. Things had their ups and downs. On the weekend before Christmas, a serious ice storm hit the area and we woke up on Sunday morning to find half of the branches on the trees broken off from the weight of the ice.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2014: It's Finally Happened!

Photo credit:
We all thought it would never happen, the moment they became superstars. For forty years we remained strong in the KISS Army as we continued to listen to the hottest band in the world and let them influence us.

The Results Are In...

Fan votes for the nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction of 2014 ended yesterday. I'm looking forward to find out the declaration of the winner. KISS managed to pull ahead of Nirvana just before the deadline.

Mustaine a Heavy Metal Memoir Book Review: Metal & Relapses *Spoiler Alert*

With more time off on my hands I still enjoy reading, so the next book I decided to read was Dave Mustaine's memoir. I finished it yesterday, now here are my thoughts.....don't read this entry if you haven't read this book yet okay?

Thor: The Dark World Twisting Dimensions

It's been a while since I did a movie review. Earlier this month Thor the Dark World was released on November 8th. Thor is my favourite Marvel hero, and I finally saw the new movie last weekend, now I'll share my thoughts with you.

Transformers Age of Extinction First Look and Thoughts

It's finally happened. There's finally been some view on what things are going to look like in the next Transformers movie coming out sometime next year. 
Here are my thoughts: Optimus Prime's new look will take some time for me to embrace because his previous movie look is what made me fall in love and idolize him since I was 16. I'm not sure how long it will take to love his new look, but we'll see. I have seen that Bay has not disposed of the kick-ass flame pattern, but you can barely see it in robot form. Some fans don't want Optimus to have lips underneath his mask this time. Am I the only person who wants him to have a mouth, nose and other human-ish facial features? Sure as hell looks like it to me. Now I am going to speak Prime-Lover language here: His facial features are attractive.

My Bucket List

Greetings everyone, I feel like sharing with you the things I must do before I die. A good friend of mine named Jason inspired me to share this. I read his blog and I saw him list his own bucket list. He and I became friends through our common interests in KISS, Lordi, and Nightwish. You can read his blog here: Random Rants | The Blog
Also, earlier he asked me to assist him in writing his entry on what it's like to be fans of the three bands we both love and dealing with the changes. I believe he was inspired to write this after he read my story about my experience in the KISS Army. You can read his entry with my assistance here: The Difficulty In Loyalty

Now onto my own bucket list, I've been hoping to share it soon and now I shall:

5 Things KISS "Fans" Need to Stop Complaining About

It's really sad that one of my favourite bands has a fandom that's full of fans that dislike too much change. You've already read about how much it bugs me, so I'm thinking that the KISS Army would be an even better place if the fans stopped complaining about the following and only then will I consider them fans in my view.

1. Paul Stanley's voice: I don't get what's so lost about it. Paul needed vocal surgery, what's the matter with that? Also, you can't expect him to sound exactly the same the way he did live in 1974. It's been 40 years, voices change as people get older. Mine will even sound different when I sing as I get older. Whatever the reason was for his vocal surgery I'm sure I could ask him myself via Twitter and maybe he would tell me if he's willing to. When I went to see KISS live this year, I had no issues with the way he sang. I thought he sounded great, but idiots just miss his old voice too much.

Long Time No See?

Hello, I think it's been quite a while hasn't it?

I just haven't thought of anything to write about recently. My term is over in about four weeks, and I'm already thinking about next year where I shall be full-time again and taking a program out of town with a load heavier than what I have now in college.

Nothin' To Lose The Making of KISS Book Review: KISStory at its Best

I love a good read and what's better than reading something about one of your favourite bands? Well this year in August, KISS released their newest book that tells the story about how they rose to superstardom. I just had to buy it, and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It is written by Ken Sharp along with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. I finished reading this masterpiece last week and now I'll tell you what I think.

Random Fangirl Moment

Hi, I have nothing to do today. No homework for a change, so I can't stop gazing at this hot picture of Gene. I'm melting staring at it. I don't know why, it's just so perfect. The Ax bass, the blood dripping on his mouth and he's got that evil smile on his face which is just as melting to me as looking at picture of him when he's got his tongue hanging out, or he has as serious face. I need help cause I find him so hot hahahaha!!!!

Pacific Rim: Monsters vs. Monsters Showdown

You know what I love as much as I love heavy metal? Monsters and robots, that's what, and Pacific Rim was the best movie I saw this year containing those things that I truly love. Turns out this movie had more than what I was expecting which is more than just good enough for me, it's perfect.

Happy Birthday Tommy Thayer

I would like to take this moment to send special birthday wishes to Tommy Thayer. Happy birthday Tommy, you are one incredible guitarist, and very kind to the fans. People need to give you a break on this day. Scratch that, they need to leave you alone permanently.

Starting Over

I know it seems so sudden. I stopped playing Skyrim for almost two whole months because of recent distractions. Just like my brother I found myself starting the whole game over again, but he's done it way more times than me! I'm the same race as I was before but not pursuing as many skills as earlier. One thing I've learned from my brother is that if you manage too many things at once it can be harder to level up faster which in my perspective, leveling up a lot is a good thing.

Earlier I was focusing on one handed weapons, light armour, destruction magic, restoration magic, alchemy, sneak, archery, and enchanting from what I can remember. I found that that was a little too much so I restarted and narrowed it down a little by taking out the alchemy and magic. Now it's one handed weapons, light armour, archery, sneak, and enchanting which I guess is a little better but only time will tell as I progress further this time.

This time I'm actually hoping to complete the…

Halloween 2013: The Devil is Me

Happy Halloween! Today was a filled with loads of fun. It started off crappy because the morning just had to be started off with pouring rain. I decided today I would go to my college today for a small party with some friends. I arrived early with my costume hiding under my coat and put on the makeup when I arrived. The great thing about college is that you are not the only one who dresses up on Halloween. There were lots of students in costumes today.

Screemers on Saturday Night

I didn't get a chance to write about this event the day after it happened because I slept in and got distracted with other stuff during my reading week.

Last week, me and my friends were planning to go to the Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland but due to the rainy weather we decided to go to Screemers at the Canadian National Exhibition because it was an indoor event.

Tommy Thayer's Haters Cross the Line/The Original Line up Not in the RRHOF

As much as it pains me to have to put up with all the crybabies on the Internet that can't get over the fact that Tommy Thayer is the new spaceman things can get even worse sometimes. I find myself literally blocking the idiots on Facebook who continue to bash this totally awesome guitarist just because he's wearing face paint that used to belong to Ace Frehley, that way I don't have to see their comments when a picture of Thayer or Singer appears on the page.

War for Cybertron: Dark Energon Corruption

It's been five years now since Transformers entered my life. I am an owner of most of the video games the franchise has released in the last few years, but of all of the ones I have played, War for Cybertron has been my favourite. I was never any of the top players in its online multiplayer mode, but I was good at the story mode depending on what difficulty it was at. The story fascinated me the most and that's what often strikes my interest in a certain game is a good story. Now I'll tell you what I think.

KISS vs. KISS Phantoms in the Park

Who would've thought that KISS would get their own motion picture one day? I don't think anyone believed it at first but it happened. This movie KISS is in was made before Detroit Rock City. A few weeks back I went over to my friend's house to watch it with him. Now I'll tell you what I think.

KISS Needs the RRHOF

On most recent events, KISS has been nominated along with several other bands to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. What is my reaction to this? My reaction is, give to them they deserve this fame through all their success. Many people have also complained about why this has not happened to the band yet and that it needs to happen like, now let's say. Well it should shouldn't it? I have voted for them and they have my full support as always.

Good Weather Incoming?

Hey it's been a while. Sometimes I think I forget to blog on here regularly. I still have to write about "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" on here but I can't find a good image to go with that entry so that entry has been postponed until then.

Fallen in Love with a Metal God, We Must Learn to Share

I've fallen in love with so many metal legends and some unknown over the past year and a half: Mr. Lordi, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Tommy Thayer, Mick Thomson and Andreas Deris. I know there's more to the list but I decided to put in just a few. Now most people would often see this particular thing more common among teenage girls ages 14 - 18 who are single, rather than it being common for younger women ages 20 - 30 or even higher in some cases who are either single or married with children.

Adapting to Change: the Negative Metalheads

Being a Metalhead has it's bumps along the road as the years go by, as you continue to be one in this small faction in society. Especially if you are new to it. I have been part of the faction called heavy metal since I was eighteen. It has been a good two years but things are not always at its best.

Memorable Movies: The Secret of NIMH

With nothing to do on a Sunday night like last night, after spending a day at Wonderland with a friend I decided to sit down and watch a classic movie that I used to love as a child. So I turned to The Secret of NIMH.

Nightwish 1-Year Anniversary Concert Experience

I just realized that today: September 20th is actually a day that brings back memories from the same day last year. Last year on this very day I went to see Nightwish live in Toronto. I was just getting in to Nightwish around that time and my friend who is a really big symphonic metal fan heard they were coming to Toronto so he invited me to go with him.

Think Before You Judge....Listen Before You Hate

In the typical world of heavy metal lots of people want everything to be perfect. As honest as I can put this there is no need for such a thing. It should be about as long as you enjoy it that's all that matters. So what if the sound changes a little because the band decides to go from classic hard rock to a heavier sound? Or the band members change, or even the band itself has a strong visual images and they're either a new band or a legendary band that has been around for decades.

Let me put it to you with the most recent thing I've been noticing.

This is Black Veil Brides. New band I'm guessing, don't know when they came out. They remind me a lot of Motley Crue but a more Gothic version of Motley Crue.

Megadeth Super Collider Album Review

As a new fan of Megadeth and now an owner of three of their albums: Countdown to Extinction, Rust in Peace and Super Collider. I have already began to love the music by Megadeth no matter which album it is and I am hoping to get all the albums in the future.

Society's View on Certain Rock Bands: It Sucks

You know what really bothers me? Society, that's what. Society is has been fucked up ever since I started high school five years ago and it remains bad today. Society has such a bad way of viewing things that are not in the mainstream and since I'm a total lover of my music I'm going to use music for this.

KISS Army Soldier: A Strong Bond

I think it's time I tell you what it's like being a KISS fan. I've told you my story of what it is like being a Lordi fan so now I will go into how I became a KISS fan.

I was twelve years old and in my visual arts class in 7th grade.

Here We Go Again

Well it's back to school for everyone tomorrow. Don't you just hate it when the summer comes to an end? At first it felt like it was going by slowly in July when I was waiting to see KISS. But after the concert the rest of the summer whizzed by so quickly.

Dreams of Reluctance

I get the feeling that I always have dreams lately where I see someone I know, look up to or even a fictional character I love but they never notice me in that dream. Sometimes when I dream about them for the first few times they do notice me and then they talk to me. But then after a while they rarely appear and almost never interact with me in that dream anymore. Either that, or they want to interact me or I'm too reluctant to approach them.

Wait For It....

If there's one source I rely on for Lordi news faster than ever it's Lordi Army. Been following that organization for almost a year now. There are times when I don't look at their news and there are times when I want to but only if it means something I can be a part of when it comes to Lordi. Tour news? I stay out of it unless it includes my country. News of a new song? Sure, I'll participate because it'll be available to everyone.

A Prime to Dream About

It has been so long since I had a dream about him. Three years ago I was always wishing inside that I would dream about him every night because my heart was all about him at this time and my heart still beats for him today. Who? Optimus Prime, that's who.

I Was Made For Lovin' KISS

What a night! What an epic night of KISS at the Molson Canadian Ampitheater in Toronto! Probably the most epic night of my entire life! Or the most epic night so far there could be other nights as epic as this one!

Tomorrow and Tonight

Greetings to you all sickos! Tomorrow is the big day! KISS is waiting! To celebrate tonight, I watched Detroit Rock City, and sang a few KISS songs. I've been counting the days since the start of June and now it's right around the corner!

KISS Monster Album Review

Hello everyone, with only four days left until I see the hottest band in the world: KISS. (YAY!!) I'll give you a review of the Monster album. I know what you're thinking, some of my past reviews have been shorter than others. Well if you're a bigger fan of what it comes from you'll be a better critic. But I'm more of a positive critic. So here we go.

More Strange Dreams

I still get the feeling I'm having those dreams again. The ones where I am seeing someone I know or something that doesn't make sense and then it becomes something later on. You know what I mean right.

Cute Kittens

Isn't this adorable?

I just love kittens! Also I have no idea why people think this video is racist. It's not! It's cute! Just felt like sharing it today that's all!


Inner Demon


Been a while hasn't it? Well everything's going good right now, except for the fact that I have a psychology test in a few days. Study, study, study. It's not my best subject so I want to do the best that I can.

The Lost Empire with a Crystal Power Source

Ever watched a Disney movie with a plot you couldn't understand at first when you were young? Have you ever watched it again when you're older and then now you understand what's happening like, oh so that's why they did that, or oh yeah that's why that character decided to turn evil.

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm getting really concerned about the weather here right now. It's not like the way it was last summer. Last summer it was sunny, occasionally rainy, and almost every day I would walk outside and hear the sound of the cicadas chirping and it's like an oven outside.

Unleashing Your Anger with Blood, Gore, and Dead Grubs

I don't do this very often but I love to rely on certain video games to let out my frustrations without hurting anyone. Works even better if the game has more gore and profanity.

I play Gears of War and have the second and third games in the series. Best part is the many ways you can brutally kill an enemy whether you slice them with a chainsaw or blow them to bits from the rockets on a Brumak that you hijacked.

Falling for Starchild and Spaceman

Happy Canada day! 25 days until I get to see KISS! I think I'm becoming a ball of fire everyday because of that! Days seem to go by so slowly when you're waiting for something exciting to come like a concert, your birthday, Christmas or whatever it is.

Caveat Emptor

Alright I'm back. I told myself I would take a break from buying records for maybe a few months or the rest of the year.

Gene Simmons was right. There will be pop-up KISS stores in this country called KISS Army Depot I believe. There will be one in Toronto and I can't decide whether I should try to go down there and check it out or not.

Enduring and Missing Out

I've successfully survived about half of missing out on Lordi's tour. I just need to vent my feelings on here about it right now because I think I should, and this is the only place where I can.

I've been relying on just listening to their music, writing my fanfiction, playing video games, and taking interest in KISS to keep my mind off how I feel. It's the best medicine that prevents sorrow from jealousy. I'm considering sending a letter to Lordi, the old-fashioned way no less because they like letters like that; ones where they can reply with autographs.

Collection Updates/The Demon on Twitter

I'm feeling uptight on Saturday night so here's the latest KISS buzz with me!

So I ended up buying five new KISS albums to add to the ones I got last month and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Can you believe I already have nine of their albums in less than three months? I know, I know their music is so easy to find in a record store.

Rise of the Covenant

Of all the Halo fans in the world I think I'm almost the only one who chooses a different side. You know what I speak of if you play these games. I've always been fascinated with aliens whether they be big and burly, small and scrawny, or tall and fierce. However with all the other fans in the world all they want to do is shoot them.

Bend Over and Pray the Lord

I got my hands on Scarchives Volume 1. last September containing Lordi's unpublished album Bend Over and Pray the Lord which was originally supposed to be their debut until the record label went into bankrupt and the album was never released.

Alduin's Bane

Enemies must be defeated at some point and yeah I think it's time I taught Alduin a lesson. My journey in Skyrim has had its ups and downs since I talked to Paarthurnax and married Farkas. I'm still debating whether to join the Dark Brotherhood; I've started Dawnguard, still haven't started Dragonborn and am slowly progressing in building my own house. Things are going well.

Just recently after finally getting my glass armour I went to the Throat of the World with the Elder Scroll after a helluva lot of fighting just to make sure I was one hundred percent ready to fight Alduin because God knows how tough he will be.

Seeing Paarthurnax again is always an excitement because he is my mentor in the game and without him I wouldn't know what it means to be Dragonborn.

Alduin showed up when I returned to the present after reading the scroll. At first I thought I was gonna have a lot of trouble in the fight. But I was wrong. I used Dragonrend aiming it well and brought hi…

The Funniest Spaceman in the World

I just love a good laugh every now and then and I think there's always at least one person who can make you laugh a little when you're feeling down or there will be other people who will seriously make you laugh until you cry. Sometimes it's not just what they say that makes you laugh sometimes it's the way they laugh themselves like this spaceman here.

Playing the Devil

Sometimes I wonder if the stories are true: If there really will be Lordi action figures this fall. All I know is that Mr. Lordi spoke of it and it was also confirmed by the guy who owns DeConte Figures. I wonder where all the updates are now and why we haven't got any new news recently.

Losing your Mind in Detroit Rock City

You wanted the got the best!!! The hottest band in the world......KISS!!!!!!

That's right. Today I got together with my dear friend Brayden at his house to watch the comedy Detroit Rock City. It was a pretty damn good film if I must say so myself. Hilarious yet exciting.

The Lordi/GWAR War

Band conflicts these days never seem to end. It's almost constant everyday but no this is not between the bands themselves. It's between the fandoms. The argument is mostly things like who's better or who sucks in music, image, concerts, etc.
Why not take a look at Lordi and GWAR?

I would Love a Monsterman and the Demon

We've all got an idol or two or three of even more. Right now I've got two big idols right now that have changed my life and sometimes I owe it all to the genre they come from.
Remember when I said I was going through some fictional love drama online and with my family?

Dressed to Kill

Today I did some shopping. My original mission was to go to the nearby animal clinic to buy some more treats for my two cats Luke & Mianna which I did so but since it's so nice out I decided to take a little stroll down the street to the Party Max store not too far away because I still needed to buy makeup for July's KISS concert so I did.

The Stories Behind Dreams

I've been having lots of strange dreams lately. Whenever I have a dream it's not very realistic and I'm always wondering what the message behind those dreams are. I learned in Psychology class that dreams do have to relate to real life events in a way or some people would say it's really about sex even if you don't realize it. I don't believe that at all for some reason.

Come Hell or Hallelujah Waiting for July

I'm literally staring at my calendar sometimes desperately waiting for July to come. Is it because I want summer to come quickly? Nah, I think it more has to do with the fact that I'm seeing KISS on July 26th this year! I never thought I would be getting to see them. I never gave their music a full listen until now. I think it's because I love Lordi and KISS is Lordi's inspiration so I thought why not give them a listen too?

Legends Never Die

Some things never get old in the world of music. That is what I think. It may have been around for decades or less than a decade and yet I still love it. Some may not agree because they are tired of it after all those years. Perhaps the reason why I still love it is because it makes me happy no matter how many times I see it or hear it. It could be a band or a song in this case and no matter how popular, overused, or how much it changes I will always love it. Some may choose to let it go but that is their choice. I prefer to keep it with me forever.

Dark Floors: The Fear is Here

Yesterday on Saturday night seeing that I had the house to myself I thought of doing something scary and what could be even better than watching my favourite horror movie Dark Floors?

Now knowing this is a horror flick the best time to watch it is when it's dark out. I end up watching it at times like after 10pm and I make the room dark to enjoy the movie more.

Star Trek Into Darkness: An Intense Masterpiece in Outer Space

So today was a fine day to see a movie with a friend so I did and we saw Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon. Now I shall tell you what I think about the movie.

Over all I think it was great. Intense action is what I look for; you know explosions, lasers, spaceships and all that cool shit.

Hard Rock Hallelujah! Pizza and Lordi surprises

A perfect end to a good day and what's a better way to do it with Lordi and pizza? So I had literally nothing to do today because I got my homework done on the weekend so I spent most of today web-surfing and playing Skyrim. When my mom got home she handed me a package and when I opened it I found The Monsterican Dream inside! Yes! Finally I have all of Lordi's studio albums!

Endings Are Not Everything

As a fan of Mass Effect I have to say that well the fandom is really fucked up since 2012 and maybe I don't have enough experience to fully state this because even though I've played through the trilogy at least three times to get an idea about how things are I just wish people would stop complaining the way things are and move on because nothing is going to change.

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday! I am officially 20 years old. I feel old! Nah just kidding, I still have so much in life ahead of me. I logged onto Facebook this morning and some people who left me birthday wishes made cute Lordi photos for me. Those are such sweet birthday presents!

Skyrim Stories

As promised dear readers I was gonna write to you about my experiences in Skyrim and what I enjoy about it. So here you go!

As a Dark Elf I never thought I would make it this far. I told myself there's so much to do and see that I don't know where to start! Skyrim's a big place, you could probably spend 24 hours straight running around there and still not discover everything there is to see there.

I for one have not been everywhere there yet but there's so many places to go so. You could either do a whole bunch of things and not touch the main quest until you feel like it or vice versa. So now onto my experience with it.

I'm wearing light armor, excelling in one-handed weapons and destruction magic. Pretty good right? I would like to at least get to glass armour real soon. Increasing smithing can be a real pain but you can always save up money and pay Eorlund Gray-Mane to train you but it gets pricier as you go. The first faction I joined was the Companions because…

A week of Hellbender Turbulence

So come May come hell or high water I have so much shit to do next week both leisure and education. The week starts with Canada's Wonderland opening. Lucky for me I got a season pass to that park this year as an early birthday present. So I can go as often as I want this summer! Woot!

Lordi The Riff: A Big Blowout

So when I saw the music video for Lordi's single "The Riff" I have to say what is going on here? This is totally not like the previous music videos. I became quite attached to the previous ones where the band was actually involved in the scary event occurring whether it's a zombie apocalypse, or a monster marathon. Now they just are seen elsewhere just playing their song like any other band which is good yeah but most of us miss the time when Lordi was a little more involved.

One Chaotic Battle

So ever since my sophomore year of high school I got into the trading card game called Chaotic. Not so popular today unfortunately because its TV show had only three seasons. I started collecting the cards a few months after watching the show. At first I didn't like the show because just like Bakugan I thought that there wasn't enough girl power in it. I was right. If you watch the show and watch the players transform into the creatures most of them are male.

There's one main female but you don't really get to see her do anything like battle and she's supposed to be one of the brave and open-minded ones. Sure there's the journey into Perim to look for a scan or two and that's it. Sometimes I wish that these shows had an equal amount of male and female characters battling and doing other exciting things. Surprisingly you can look around and see lots of other people in the background and there were be many girls there but most of them don't even talk or b…

Talking to Fictional Characters in Video Games and the Excitement it Brings

It's funny you know that I'm writing about this, but as a gamerchic I might as well write about it anyway! I know that lots of people say that in RPG games and sometimes even shooting games they only enjoy the cut scenes and dialogues if they are playing through the game's campaign for the first time and then when they do it the second time and more after that they just want to skip all that stuff and get straight back to playing again.

Transformers: More Robots in Action

As a Transformers fan for about five years now I have to say that the way the movies have been set up now are somewhat unsatisfying. There are only a few bits and pieces that actually are good the way they are but the rest of it could use some changes. A LOT of changes.

My thoughts on the Lordi albums

I thought about doing some of my thoughts/reviews on the Lordi albums I own. I own all of them except The Monsterican Dream (sad reality yes but maybe I'll get it for my birthday this year which ought to be good but you're probably expecting me to write something about it so I will anyway. Okay here's what I think.

Bakugan the old Brawlers are better

It's sad really on the fact that the only season of Bakugan that was actually worth watching was season 1 because the other three seasons had completely different sets of characters. I became so attached to the characters in the first season; the humans and their Bakugan and the main villain Naga which I admit....I fantasize about him sometimes but in that fantasy we are enemies. They didn't get rid of Dan and Drago (obviously) or Shun and Marucho but their previous Bakugan rarely played a part.

A Previous but still Existing Love

It was about three years ago, the day I saw so many robots in disguise fighting, and transforming; and some were good and some were evil. That was when I was a big Transformers, fan and that love in me still exists today, just not very over the top as it used to be.

It was summer 2009, I was watching the first Transformers movie from 2007 on TV and I think it was Optimus Prime and Megatron that got my attention the most.

All that hip-hop shit

Five years of my life I had to endure the most annoying thing in the world. Those five years was high school and I was hoping that it would be worth it but now I'm out of it and I think not. Whatta hell is with a place like that? I thought people would be different but turns out that they were not.

Lordi Monstermaniac: A Rough Ride

So, now you know that I'm a big fan of the Finnish hard rock band Lordi. I'll go into more detail about my place in the fandom. I've only been a fan of them for about a year now. It was February last year around the time of the drummer Otus's death when my friend and I were sitting in the cafeteria watching metal music videos.

We watched the music video for the Lordi song "Would You Love a Monsterman" 2006 version. The song was intense, melodic and catchy: the kind of rock music with the melody and vocals that I like. Also the music video was pretty cool.

Seeing all those monsters (it took me a while to get all their names) I caught the name of the one on vocals first: Mr. Lordi. Then later on I began to hear about OX, Awa, Amen, and then I learned about Otus's death and then the other previous members. I was really intrigued. So after watching the music video a few times with my friend, the song found its place on my iPod in no time at all.

Soon I took…

Girls singing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal just for the hell of it

I like to sing, and I owe it all to Mr. Lordi; the lead singer of Lordi who inspired me to sing. I will write more about him in later posts. Because of him, I developed the confidence to sing, share it and, sing whatever I want. That is why I started vocal covers; Lordi songs mostly and shared it on my YouTube account. I also did one cover of my favourite Nightwish song. Everything went pretty well, for about six months I think.

Introduction: My life, my choices

Hello everyone.

Yeah this is my first blog, I haven't written one in ages; not since I used to have one on my Hotmail account but that got upgraded to another website, so I lost all the stuff I published. Here I am now; my name's Emily and I am just a regular Canadian young woman with priorities.