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First Night With Lordi - All Inclusive

At last, after five years of long waiting for an event I thought would never come, it has finally happened! Last night was the most epic night of my life, the most epic of all the concerts I've been to. Lordi was amazing beyond words and that makes the entire wait worth it. At last I can check off the top item on my bucket list.

So, how was it? I went out of my way to prepare for this concert, even if it meant getting ready and eating early so that nothing would come up to distract me, and that's what I always seem to do when I attend concerts that are general admission for everyone.

We arrived at The Opera House at a reasonable time and surprisingly there was no lineup except a few people hanging outside the doors, so we stood near them chatting for hours until it was time for all VIP attendees to go inside. While most people went for the merchandise stand, I bolted straight for the stage, propped myself up in front center against the railing. I did not budge for the rest of …

Honey Honey

I've been having so many vivid dreams that I forget to write about the past few weeks. There was even one recently that inspired me to write an original story on Wattpad, so if that becomes official, it'll be fun to do.

This one brings back the nostalgia and a subtle sign that I've been playing too much Spyro.

Using the original layout of this particular speedway since I'm playing the games in chronological order and haven't got to this one yet in the reignited trilogy.

If I ever get around to trying to beat the speedways in these games, this one might end up being the one I like the most. Whenever my brother felt like doing the speedways, I was always watching hoping he would go to Honey Speedway because I liked its unique music. After watching a walkthrough, they didn't change the music that much, but the sounds you originally heard when you flew through the beehives were replaced with something quieter.

In this dream I was flying around through a place very …

Creature Horror

It's Saturday, and I wanted to write this last night but the Internet was down, so here I am now.

I have some exciting news to share!

Firstly, it's official, I'm going to build a new desktop PC. I've been browsing PC Part Picker for the pieces I want and put together a list. My brother has helped me modify it from time to time. In general I want it to be powerful, affordable, and silent. Now that my Christmas shopping is done, I can start saving for it!

Am I going to build it myself, no I'm not tech-savvy enough so I'm just going to get Canada Computers to do it for me. I'll buy any parts I can't get there, bring it to them, buy the rest of the parts that I can get there, get them to build it, badda bing badda boom, new PC and I'll be able to run just about anything on it. Hopefully that includes the fourth Dragon Age when it comes out in 2021.

I've decided to call it Teletraan-1 in homage to Transformers named after the sentient computer in the…

Breathing Down Any Decepticon Overlook - Music of November 2018

I really should write a reminder on my phone at the end of every month to make sure I do this on the right day because I like precision!

Anyway, it's another month gone and yesterday was a really busy day at work so, yeah once again writing this today instead.

I can start opening my L'Occitane advent calendar now and I almost bought the NYX one too but then I remembered that I am committed to project Primus which requires a lot of financial sacrifices in order to afford the parts I need to build it. I will share more detail with that in another post.

The problem I have that I think causes me to forget about my monthly music posts is often when I commute places by transit, I'm always listening to my music, but then when there's those months where I'm not travelling much or am a different way, it's the opposite. Without a list of songs in mind, I tend to neglect and force myself to look back at the last minute! So, here we go:

5. Ariana Grande - Breathin

Two month…

In My Prime Of Need

I wonder if this dream is supposed to be related to the Bumblebee film due to be out for the holidays. The only difference is this dream is about Optimus instead, but it goes in a similar direction in terms of story that we've seen so far via the trailers with Bee.

I really wish I could have more Transformers dreams and yes, I've probably said this in every post when these dreams do happen.

This dream began after another one ended, and in this dream, I was starting a new job at the Peterbuilt truck company (mind you, that's not my job in real life. I love my real job way more than the ones I have in these dreams, so these dreams you could say, I am under a different identity) and my boss told me to pick out whatever truck I wanted to drive whenever I was on duty. I walked around the lot for a while and all of the trucks looked the same to me until I saw one large red semi in the very corner of the lot that looked like it hadn't been used in years. There was something a…

I Can Do Anything

Okay, so this dream is definitely a trip down memory lane. There's always parts of my childhood that I sometimes forget ever existed as an adult, until I have a dream about it.

It started when I was a toddler and it was something my mom passed down to me. She would read to me all these books that always started like this:

"In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines. Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. In two straight lines they broke their bread and brushed their teeth and went to bed. They left the house at half past nine. In two straight lines in rain or shine. The smallest one was Madeline."

 Ring a bell? I read those books so many times as a kid once I learned to read, I also saw a few cartoons, had a computer game, and watched the live action movie of 1998. I told my mom about this dream and was shocked that she still remembers Madeline. I will admit in the books and the movie, she [Madeline] gets into a lot of mishaps such as catching appendi…

Ranching For Living

I nearly forgot to make this post a month ago due to work commitments so here it is now! I am hoping this'll bring you Slime Rancher fans lurking about.

I told you that I was going to order the Collector's Edition because hey why not? I also decided to get the guidebook as well and it arrived last month.

This is just the cover, it falls to you to see what's inside, but I have to say that I love referring to it now when I play the game. The cutest thing about it are the little doodles added to each page! There are plenty of things in here that I already know like the favourite food of each slime and I learned some new things like the importance of shooting leftover food into an Incinerator if you have fire slimes making a home there.

Of course, it doesn't teach you everything. I'm still trying to learn how to breed enough chickens and figure out the intervals the auto-feeder has. Now, I just need to wait for the rest of the goodies to arrive!

It's fun to read th…

How the Fall 2017 Ontario College Faculty Strike Affected Me

This is the first time I am being completely open about this, and now that it has been a year since the event, I feel more comfortable talking about it on places like the Internet.

One year ago, all the college faculty in my province went on strike after the union and employers failed to reach an agreement at the bargaining table in mid-October. The faculty had more contract workers than full-time, yet the pay was low and both sides didn't talk for weeks, locking me and half a million of other students out of class.

It began shortly around the start of October when I first heard of it. My anxiety got the better me and I started to lose sleep because of it. My parents said that if it happened, there was nothing I could do; but see that's the problem, anyone who suffers from anxiety we hate not having control over things.

As the deadline loomed closer I kept watching the news for updates and praying that the sides would reach an agreement. It was a very bad time for a strike to …