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First Night With Lordi - All Inclusive

At last, after five years of long waiting for an event I thought would never come, it has finally happened! Last night was the most epic night of my life, the most epic of all the concerts I've been to. Lordi was amazing beyond words and that makes the entire wait worth it. At last I can check off the top item on my bucket list.

So, how was it? I went out of my way to prepare for this concert, even if it meant getting ready and eating early so that nothing would come up to distract me, and that's what I always seem to do when I attend concerts that are general admission for everyone.

We arrived at The Opera House at a reasonable time and surprisingly there was no lineup except a few people hanging outside the doors, so we stood near them chatting for hours until it was time for all VIP attendees to go inside. While most people went for the merchandise stand, I bolted straight for the stage, propped myself up in front center against the railing. I did not budge for the rest of …

What's This Thing Do?

Oh hi!

I recently found a nifty little blogging app that syncs to the site. It's close to brilliant considering the fact that Google has not updated their Blogger app in a bazillion years! We'll see how it works out.

It might make it easier for me to publish my dream articles while they are still fresh in my mind.

Well, now that I have graduated, it's time to start my journey in the next step. There's only one part of it that I find daunting and it's the very last part of the journey. Why worry when it's so far away? Well, if it's something you should start preparing for way ahead in advance and it's very high stakes like three strikes you're out sort of thing then of course you'd be scared! 

But wait, I faced this on before and I can do it again; knock it out a the park. I'm reminded of what Garrus says to Shepard post-Thessia:

"We'll get through this, we always do." 

If every other technician-to-be at that time made it out alive th…

Uh-Oh More Aliens

I'm having so many dreams about aliens lately. Not just any aliens but THE Alien.

That's what I get for playing a lot of Alien: Isolation since last week. I literally finished up my Mass Effect run the day before grad and started up Isolation.

I told myself I wasn't going to pick it up again because I'm not the stealthy type, but I did and made it as far as trying to reach APOLLO core. I can handle the Alien, it's the android I hate.

After spending two hours trying to evade the Alien in the hospital to get back to that cowardly doctor, I had a dream about it.

I walking slowly and crawling under the gurneys at every sound. There were several moments where the Alien almost found me. Like the time I crouched between two chairs without moving and it walked past me twice and didn't see me.

Then there was the time I hid in a patient's room and curled in the corner. I disabled the air purification to make it harder for the Alien to detect me. It came right into the roo…

Bumblebee Trailer Reaction

Hi hi everyone, or should I say: Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

I've been in the dark about anything Transformers for almost two years for personal reasons, not just the fact that I was dissatisfied with the direction Bay had taken things, therefore my only comfort was the video games I owned on Steam (which I thankfully still have after Activision pulled them from the markets), and my box of Transformers Prime DVDs.

But now, I think I might just be making a comeback when this dropped.

I knew that Bumblebee, one of the most beloved Autobots of all, would be getting his own movie after Bay made his last film for the franchise. I was willing to give it a chance because I think the only thing that could save it was a reboot, and plus despite the recent disappointment, I still love my robots in disguise dearly.

So, here are my reactions to the trailer itself.

I heard references to the 2007 Transformers film when Sam Witwicky picked out Bee. Only this time, it's an unnamed…

Colossus Maze

This has got to be one of the weirdest dreams I've had since that one years ago where I was on that elevator that went on a crazy loop through all these dimensions.

This one not only features myself as Dragon Master, but this one also involves a subtle trip down memory lane, yes please tolerate this one talking like a hanar.

It began with me flying towards an air field and landing to meet several people who had unique powers like they were all mutants from X-Men. The leader said we were to venture inside Colossus and disable the robot camera deep within that killed on sight.

Upon looking at this "Colossus" I was expecting a geth but instead it looked like one of those inflatable structure you can crawl around in. I squeezed my way in and had my wrist blades ignited. Also, why is it that every time I breathe fire in my dreams, it doesn't shoot the great distance of most grown dragons like it should? Oh, because I'm smaller.

This is where the nostalgia comes in.


Leaving the Cat and Man to Dance for Victory - Music of May 2018

Hello hello hello, how I miss this so much! I was all ready to do you last month's edition but some problems came up at the last minute that I had to take care of. I was in a bad mental state unable to write my songs of April so now you'll get them for May instead!

Luckily, bumping this to May has given me a chance to reflect on my original choices and there have been some new songs out recently that I can use to this month!

So, let's move pyjak.

5. Mass Effect 3 OST - Leaving Earth

Starting with this, because firstly: I am doing another Mass Effect run and at this moment I am reprising the Shepard I started with on my very first playthrough, and then after that I will start experimenting: not just with military specializations but romance, looks, and choices.

This beautiful and powerful piano music gets me every time when I leave Earth in the game, I want to learn how to play it.

Not only does it represent leaving Earth as the Reapers begin to annihilate everything, but al…

Demons Are My Best Friend

Ever since Powerwolf had posted names of the songs daily for their upcoming album The Sacrament of Sin. I was desperate to find out which one would be released as the first single.

After being preoccupied with Lordi, I came back to the pack's den to learn of the first single's release.

Of course, not much has changed, this still sounds like Powerwolf's typical sound to me. So regarding the song, it sounds rather good,

So, about the video, this is definitely not what I'm used to seeing from the band. They don't have a lot of music videos, but it isn't the first one that I have seen that featured a girl or a group of them.

We only see Falk and Attila in this one and mainly Attila approaching a group of ladies dressed as nuns, and eventually they shed their clothes and swarm him like groupies.

Like I said, not what I'm used to seeing but it's a pretty accurate representation of the song! Although I'm always skeptical and try not to let my inner-feminis…

Lordi - Sexorcism Track by Track Review

It's time Monstermaniacs, another album released by the band I cherish deeply, I have not done one of these since 2016 and I want to do them more often, because I love what I do.

Lordi's back and just as the way I love them. I remember the first time I saw the title for the album: Sexorcism, along with its track list, I was worried the band was becoming more pornographic. No, they're not actually, Lordi's been doing this all along. What's funny is that in a recent interview on SoundCloud with Mr. Lordi, the album isn't really controversial, that's just the media talking.

But enough of that, I was lucky to have my copy of the CD arrive on the day of release date, so I spent my afternoon listening to it and wow, it was actually better than I expected! So, without any further ado, let's talk about the album track by track.


So, let's start with the title track, I felt like this one served as an appropriate intro with the priest chanting the word…