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First Night With Lordi - All Inclusive

At last, after five years of long waiting for an event I thought would never come, it has finally happened! Last night was the most epic night of my life, the most epic of all the concerts I've been to. Lordi was amazing beyond words and that makes the entire wait worth it. At last I can check off the top item on my bucket list.

So, how was it? I went out of my way to prepare for this concert, even if it meant getting ready and eating early so that nothing would come up to distract me, and that's what I always seem to do when I attend concerts that are general admission for everyone.

We arrived at The Opera House at a reasonable time and surprisingly there was no lineup except a few people hanging outside the doors, so we stood near them chatting for hours until it was time for all VIP attendees to go inside. While most people went for the merchandise stand, I bolted straight for the stage, propped myself up in front center against the railing. I did not budge for the rest of …

Betrothal Going Under

I'd like to think of this dream as a continuation of the Golden Fortress even if it didn't leave off directly taking Chaor's hand and following him out of my own cell.

I think that's because I saw Chaor briefly towards the end of this dream and it's a short one.

I was standing in the center of a bedroom with two maids who were clearly creatures from the Underworld. I was surprised that Skithia was one of them since she was loyal to Lord Van Bloot, and Takinom was the other. I have both of them in my collection of Chaotic cards, and it apparently says those two are enemies.

Takinom was doing my hair while Skithia did my makeup. At one point Takinom started talking about how she knew I was nervous because I apparently did not ask to be betrothed to anyone since I never met him. It shows that nobody likes an arranged marriage..... unless you're that rare type of person who will give it a chance and perhaps come to like your partner over time like Cateyln and Ned d…

Growing Brains

Well, I'm 25 now, can you believe it? That is the age when the brain is supposed to finish developing. It feels like a milestone and with that coming up, I decided to spend some time reflecting on my development and things I could improve myself.

There are personal goals I would like to reach, and I know that it will take time to achieve them. But, they are things I would like to start down the path towards now that the time has come and I am FINALLY graduating.

1. Stop using my mom's L'Occitane products on my skin. Buy my own bottles of those products.

I know, it sounds funny to start off with something like this! But, it ties into a habit of mine, and my ability to choose what I think is right for me when it comes to personal care. Throughout my life, my mom would always choose what I would use in my hair or on my skin, but now that I'm an adult, I want to make that choice myself.

Sometimes, when I see something my mom uses, I try it and then when I like it, she begin…

Far Far Range

When my life is tough, I like to rely on some aromatherapy to calm myself down, but I've recently found another excellent stress reliever, and a cute one too!

Sometime last month, I logged onto Steam and it was time for another sale just before Easter and there was one game on sale called Slime Rancher that caught my eye. I think it was the cute faces of those slimes, so I watched a couple of videos and bought it.

I definitely don't regret it taking the chance.

Seriously, Slime Rancher is the most adorable game I've ever played since my days being addicted to the Kirby franchise. All those cute little slimes bouncing around and making cute noises is enough to lure you in with no turning back.

You play as Beatrix who has come to the Far Far Range to start a new life by making a living raising slimes. All you have to do is build your ranch, catch some slimes, feed them, and make money with the plorts they produce. It feels like I'm playing those simulation games all over…

Chains, Whips, and Blood

Long time no see, ah now I have to write another Lordi ramble about what the band has been up to. I do try to do this every time because I love writing about anything Lordi.

Due to some unexpected changes this week, I didn't pay as much attention other than the pictures that were posted each day counting down. But, I knew a music video was coming, and this time it's another single: Naked in my Cellar.

In short regarding the song, it's decent, I don't like it as much as Your Tongue's Got the Cat, but it might grow on me overtime when the album comes out.

So, the music video. I think it's a slight improvement than the one from the previous era. We have this lovely girl dreaming and then she finds herself trapped in a cage in a cellar and each of the Lordi monsters are playing BDSM with her. I guess it goes and shows behind every sweet girl is dirty thoughts and dreams like this one..... unless she's not into that stuff and therefore it's a nightmare she&#…

Ancient Magister

Two posts in one day! How often do I do that? I think the last time I did that was a few years ago when I was using the basic theme for this blog, but we're all in for a treat so yeah.

I have just completed the Legacy DLC, so now it's time to babble about it!

It can be played at any point in the game, so once I started it, it felt like the events of the main story were still happening. Having brought Anders and Aveline along for this one, those two kept bickering about how mages should be controlled!

So, in this DLC, a gang known as the Carta are hunting us because they want our blood to free...... wait for it..........


I'm sorry, I had to, because I'm just getting instant flashbacks from the first time I played Inquisition and the epicness of the first time I saw Corypheus in the game. He's being held in a tower in the middle of the Vimmark Mountains which is only accessible through the Deep Roads.

Corypheus was captured during the first Blight when the…

Heart of the Many

Well, one DLC down already! There is only two of them after all that were left after completing the main storyline.

I decided to start with Mark of the Assassin. It was surprisingly quite short that I completed it in less than a couple of hours.

So, remember when I mentioned in the main game review about a companion named Tallis that I never met? Well, this is where we meet her!

I feel like this DLC's story is meant to take place after the events of Act II, even though you can start it at any point in the game. We meet Tallis in hightown and night and she wants us to help her steal a jewel known as the Heart of the Many from the hands of Duke Prosper from Orlais.

That's right, we're going to Orlais for this! One thing I've always liked about this part of Thedas is how elegant everything is; even a knight's armor. I still don't understand why they all wear masks, but I guess it still adds to what makes everything...... elegant. 

Anyway, Tallis, she's pretty …

Dragon Age II - The Tale of a Champion

It's time for another review, this time of Dragon Age II, having completed the game recently, I have to say I was met with a mixture of satisfaction, but also confusion.

This game is a little different from the other two based on how the story is. It remains with the same RPG style as its predecessor only this time you are playing as a set character. As always, this review will be based on my first playthrough and I will have to split everything based on the three acts on the game, so shall we begin?

In this game, we are playing as Hawke, who can be either male or female and a class of our choice. I had not tried the rogue class yet, so I decided to make my female Hawke a rogue archer. The story is told by Varric as he is interrogated by Cassandra who is searching for the Champion of Kirkwall and their involvement in the mage-templar war. He tells it based on the choices we make in this game. When I found out this was going to be about that war, I was happy that the pieces were co…